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Issue: 2527

Dated: 25 Oct 2016

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The real solution to the refugee crisis in Calais—open the borders

Authorities in France began removing migrants and refugees from the Calais “jungle” camp on Monday. Some 8,000 refugees, including 1,500 children and young people, are being thrown to the wind.

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Durham teaching assistants in huge vote to strike against Labour council pay cut

Teaching assistants have voted by 93 percent to strike against huge pay cuts being pushed by County Durham Labour councillors.

Southern rail owners trouser millions in public money despite failed service

the Tories’ favourite rail firm stands to pocket another £48 million despite its woeful Southern rail service.

The battle against health cuts is on in Devon as 4,000 demonstrate to save services

Attacks on acute services in Devon are part of a wider assault on the NHS—and campaigners want to see a united fightback, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

'Let's fight for more,' says Sheffield striker as bosses make offer in bin dispute

Refuse workers employed by Veolia in Sheffield struck for half a day over pay on Tuesday.

Workers at Glasgow council strike back

Hundreds of workers employed by Glasgow City Council-run firms are taking action this week over conditions at the Labour council’s “arms-length” companies.

News round-up - join 19 November protest in London to defend education

Students and lecturers will unite for education and march through London on Saturday 19 November. They will be saying no to cuts, no to fees and no to debt.

Fight against victimisation at Edinburgh college


Time is ticking for Post Office chiefs as workers set to deliver package of strikes

Around 3,500 Post Office workers in the CWU union are set to strike on Monday of next week.

Reports round-up: Kinsley cleaners win backing in Barnsley

Also: Forced redundancy pushed back at Hull College | Coventry University contracts victory for union | Firefighters strike at nuclear plant | Protest at John Lewis poverty pay | Solidarity event for people in Turkey | Organising for free labour movement

'White Lives Matter' Nazis are booed, jeered and outnumbered in Margate

A “White Lives Matter” (WLM) march took place in Margate in Kent last Saturday.

French officials threaten Calais clear out will get harsher as Tories do nothing

French cops sow confusion and chaos with camp clearance—but it could have all been avoided

Ballot on rigs as oil barons on attack again

Oil and gas industry workers covered by the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) agreement are holding a consultative ballot on the latest insulting deal from employers.

'Peril and opportunity' at Labour Assembly Against Austerity

Around 300 people joined the Labour Assembly Against Austerity in London last Saturday.

Newsquest journalists 'even more resolved' to carry on fighting

Striking journalists at regional newspapers produced by Newsquest South London are battling on in their fight against job cuts.

Brid Smith on the growing fight for abortion rights in Ireland

People Before Profit TD (MP) Brid Smith challenged the Irish government to prosecute her for possessing tablets which can be used to cause an abortion. She held up the tablets during a debate on a bill calling for a referendum to repeal the state’s anti-abortion constitutional amendment.

Labour MPs refuse to oppose civilian bombings in Yemen

More than 100 Labour MPs refused to back their party’s own motion against bombing civilians in Yemen at a vote in parliament last night, Wednesday.

Police spotter failed to report Nazi hooligans, Rotherham 12 trial hears

A police “spotter” failed to report seeing Nazi troublemakers on the day of a big anti-fascist protest, a court has heard.

Campaigners slam Tories for ruling out Orgreave inquiry

There will be no inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave, home secretary Amber Rudd has announced.


South African student revolt grows amid repression from cops

South African authorities are trying to criminalise a wave of protests on campuses, writes Charlie Kimber

Women refugees protest as Calais clearance puts hundreds at risk

Hundreds of refugees—including many children—still face uncertainty and danger in the Calais “jungle” two days after the authorities declared it gone.



How the Suez crisis sank an empire

Britain invaded Egypt sixty years ago—a brutal response to the resistance against its decaying empire. The result was humiliation. Historian John Newsinger tells the story


Don’t miss out on the best of new African cinema

The Royal African Society presents its sixth film festival showcasing its pick of the best new African film and filmmakers this month.

What We Think

Tories' Heathrow runway expansion plan is a flight of fantasy

Any expansion of London airports is bad news for public health and the planet—and a third runway at Heathrow is perhaps the worst.

Corbyn must reach out to the movement

Jeremy Corbyn’s trouncing of the Labour right in the leadership contest showed the potential to build a movement against austerity and racism.

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Gerry Jones 1945-2016

Comrades in Coventry and Warwickshire, and Newcastle Socialist Workers Party (SWP) districts were saddened to hear of the death of Gerry Jones last Sunday after a short battle with cancer.

Gerry Jones 1945-2016

Gerry Jones, a socialist, trade union activist and migrant rights' campaigner, has died at the age of 70.

Gavin MacFadyen 1940-2016

Gavin MacFadyen, who has died aged 76, was an American socialist filmmaker, journalist and activist who made a major contribution to the development of investigative journalism in Britain.

LETTERS: We dug through the night to help people in Aberfan

The Aberfan disaster of 1966 happened on a Friday (Socialist Worker, 19 October), and broadcasts told people to keep away. But by the Saturday evening, they’d put out an appeal for people to relieve those who were there.

Ukip candidates fall out over ‘homosexual donkey’ banter

The Ukip leadership battle is underway and candidates are on the offensive—against each other. Suzanne Evans, Paul Nuttall, Raheem Kassam and John Rees-Evans had announced their plans to stand as Socialist Worker went to press.

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