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Issue: 2530

Dated: 15 Nov 2016

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US elite rallies behind the foul president it created

A racist, sexist thug and billionaire will be the next leader of the world’s foremost imperialist power.

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Why did Trump win?

How has Donald Trump, a thuggish racist billionaire who boasted of sexual assaults on women, won the US presidency? It is a result that sends shockwaves across the world. It must be met by increased resistance.

Claimants strike a blow against the bedroom tax—but there are still battles to be fought

A Supreme Court ruling on the bedroom tax yesterday, Wednesday, was damning for the government. But it set down limits on legal challenges to the hated policy.

Rotherham 12 were defending themselves in the face of an 'unexpected onslaught', court told

Protesters did no more than act in self defence while standing together against a "cauldron of hatred" from Nazi thugs, the Rotherham 12 trial heard.

Hundreds join protest outside US embassy in response to Trump's election

Hundreds of people turned outside the US embassy in London last night, Wednesday to protest against Donald Trump's election as US president.

Unite the Resistance conference debates how to build a fightback in the era of Trump and Corbyn

Up to 300 trade unionists and activists from around Britain gathered in central London today, Saturday, at Unite the Resistance national conference.

Thousands march against fracking in Manchester

Two thousand environmentalists, socialists and trade unionists marched in Manchester yesterday, Saturday, against Tory plans to frack for shale gas all over Britain.

Eyewitness from New York—'The movement against Trump is growing'

In New York and Los Angeles this weekend we saw the largest demonstrations so far. Tens of thousands took to the streets in what was the largest protests yet.

South Korean protests demand president Park Geun-hye's resignation

South Korean protests demand president Park Geun-hye's resignation

School workers wage a class war in Durham

Teaching assistants (TAs) in Durham are waging an inspiring struggle that shows how to respond to council bosses’ attacks.

Stand Up To Racism activists take action for migrants and refugees

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) campaigners joined protests and rallies across Britain last week—from central London to small-town Devon.

Drivers in West Yorkshire strike against bus bosses

over 850 Arriva bus drivers across West Yorkshire struck on Monday of this week in an ongoing dispute about pay and conditions, particularly driver hours.

‘I don’t know’ about Southern Rail says top transport official

As guards on Southern trains prepared for a 48-hour walkout over driver only operated (DOO) trains from next Tuesday, MPs questioned government officials over their role.

Reports round-up: British Airways must pay

IT services workers at Fujitsu in Manchester were set to strike on Wednesday and Thursday, the third round of strikes in a dispute over pay, pensions and job security.

NHS trusts told to hush up damaging new cuts—as Branson grabs £700 million deal

Health bosses have been instructed to keep secret damaging plans that would see hospital departments and services axed across England.

Janitors escalate with mass school pickets

Striking janitors in Glasgow have mounted mass pickets at workplaces that bosses propose to be part of a scheme that could see a quarter of janitors sacked.

Students get set for protest

Students were set to join a march in London this Saturday on a national demo called by the NUS student’s union and the UCU union.

Nuclear strike hits back at the Establishment bosses

Workers at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Aldermaston and Burghfield in Berkshire struck on Monday against the planned closure of their pension scheme.

How Trump won—and who is to blame

Charlie Kimber gives five reasons why the unthinkable happened—and why we should take action

Rotherham 12 jury delivers not guilty verdicts for all Asian men on trial

The jury in the trial of the Rotherham 12 has today, Wednesday, delivered not guilty verdicts for all men who stood trial.

Calls for inquiry into South Yorkshire Police following Rotherham 12 not guilty verdicts

An independent inquiry into policing has been demanded after a landmark victory in the Rotherham 12 case.

'The protests are getting bigger,' say anti-Trump activists in the US

The protests that greeted Trump’s election have grown, spreading across the US.


Who voted for Donald Trump?

We offer a breakdown of the US presidential election results—and look at what they tell us

New movement erupts against murderous regime in Morocco

Anger has burst onto the streets of Morocco after a police murder. Mehdi Rafiq looks at what’s driving the movement

Million-strong protest in Seoul rocks South Korea's president Park Guen-hye

Protest movement is causing a deep crisis for South Korea’s ruling class, writes?Workers’ Solidarity

International news round-up

Student occupations and wider protests have spread across Brazil in response to 20-year public spending freeze, while in France the state is looking to extend its state of emergency


We don't want Trump—but neither do the bosses

Donald Trump's victory is the result of—and a reaction to—more than thirty years of neoliberalism, writes Alex Callinicos


‘The protests have made us feel less fearful’—anti-Trump protesters take their anger to the streets

The election of right wing Republican Donald Trump as US president has led to shock—and sparked protests. Activists across the US spoke to Alistair Farrow about the result, the aftermath and how they are fighting back

The resistible rise of the new right

The politics of the ruling class are in deep crisis as disillusionment with the system deepens. Socialist Worker argues that discontent doesn’t have to go to the right


Setting the record straight on how migrants built NHS

BBC documentary Black Nurses busts the myth that migrants drain our NHS, but it misses out the story of their collective struggle

Searching for the roots of Reggae’s liberatory sound

Roots, Reggae and Rebellion, presented by the politically-charged rapper and poet Akala, is a journey through the rise of the movement.

What We Think

Defend the NHS on Saturday 26 November

The Tories are ramping up their plans to break up and privatise the NHS.

Don’t despair—we can resist the racist right

After the disastrous election of Donald Trump in the US, black people, migrants, LGBT+ people and Muslims fear an increase in racism and attacks. Women’s rights could be weakened.

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Letters: Attack on nursery funding hurts kids who need it most

A big campaign has taken off in Cambridgeshire to defend nursery schools. Last week parents, governors, teachers, support staff, Labour councillors, the local MP and others joined together to launch the campaign.

Gas giants under fire for ‘hidden’ profits

The main energy firms are making much bigger profits than they claim, and other stories about the Tories and the rich

Kamikaze council declares war on Glasgow’s workers

Labour-controlled Glasgow council is pushing through vicious cuts but workers are fighting back. Raymie Kiernan looks at the politics behind the strikes and Labour’s disgraceful record

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