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Issue: 2531

Dated: 22 Nov 2016

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Racist NHS passport rules will kill

Some patients are being forced to show their passports before receiving NHS treatment—and the attack could spread to other areas.

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Thousands join march to stop attacks on education

Students and lecturers marched together in central London today, Saturday, in defence of education.

Activists to take to the streets to defend the NHS

As Tory assault is unveiled, Labour’s NHS day needs to start a movement

As the Labour right holds its ground, the left has to look beyond the bureaucracy

The Labour right has defeated the left in recent battles inside the Labour Party—ensuring it holds its grip on party structures.

Millions trapped in poverty as class still divides Britain

Right wing MPs fear falling social mobility could undermine support for the free market system, writes Sadie Robinson

Equality and Human Rights Commission workers strike against devastating cuts

Civil service workers at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) struck for the second time last week against plans to slash jobs.

Scabs are the real beasts for fantastic strikers at Picturehouse cinemas

Workers at Picturehouse cinemas in Brixton and Hackney in London struck last week in their long-running fight for decent pay.

Durham teaching assistants fight pay cut - and split the local Labour Party

A revolt by County Durham teaching assistants (TAs) is dividing the Labour Party. The TAs were set to walk out for their second 48-hour strike on Wednesday.

Fresh walkout in Glasgow adds to Labour council’s woes

Council workers in Glasgow opened a new front last week in the battle against Labour council chiefs’ privatising

Teachers march over education funding cuts

Teachers marched through central London on Thursday of last week in protest at cuts to education funding.

Strike to stop victimisation at Edinburgh college

Lecturers at Edinburgh College have voted to strike over the unjustified sacking of a colleague and the victimisation of union rep Penny Gower who represented him.

Reports round-up: IT workers say ‘nein’ to gender pay gap

Strikers from Fujitsu went to Munich in Germany last week to leaflet the firm’s Fujitsu Forum.

Strike votes on the Tube as workers reel from staff cuts

Four in every five London Underground station staff members feel less safe at work as a result of cuts imposed by bosses on the capital’s Tube stations.

Sandwell workers are ready to fight for children’s services

Also: strike vote over attack on social work teams in Kirklees

‘Pay to stay’ plan for council tenants is dropped, in a blow to Tories’ Housing Act

The Tories’ assault on council housing hit a setback this week when housing minister Gavin Barwell announced that planned mandatory “Pay to Stay” rent hikes were being scrapped.

A thousand more refugees drown this year than in the whole of 2015

A series of mass drownings has brought the number of deaths in the Mediterranean this year to 4,700—20 percent more than the total for 2015.

Guards strike for safer trains on Southern

Also: SNP urged to nationalise Scotrail after one train cuts off Edinburgh

Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement—Tories' plan is still to make us pay

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement boosts the rich at the expense of the poor.

Durham teaching assistants' strike grows as Labour council shows contempt

Some 2,000 teaching assistants in the Unison and ATL unions began a second 48-hour walkout yesterday, Wednesday.

Labour must defend migrants—not attack them, says Diane Abbott

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has slammed calls for Labour to oppose immigration.


Unions and the left lead marches in South Korea

Workers are central to a movement that could bring down the president, writes Workers’ Solidarity


The Chagos Islands - 'sanitised' by Britain's barbarism

Britain has refused to give the Chagos Islanders the right of return. Nick Clark looks at the history of this great crime

Jo Cox's murderer—a killer Nazi in a racist society

The conviction of Thomas Mair for the murder of Jo Cox MP led to discussion in the media of his links to Nazi ideology and groups.

Labour needs clarity, not slippage, in defence of migrant workers

So much of what’s said about the supposed economic damage caused by migration is driven by xenophobic fantasy that has nothing to do with any genuine evidence


'Self defence is no offence'—Victory to the Rotherham 12

Not guilty verdicts in the Rotherham 12 case represent a landmark victory that has implications for anti-racists across Britain. A group of Asian men in Rotherham has shown that if you fight against injustice, you can win, writes Phil Turner

Zero hours contracts and temporary jobs - is precarious work the new norm?

We are told that the rise of precarious work is changing the world. But Joseph Choonara argues that workers’ potential power to change the world is as relevant as ever


1917 - Russia’s Red Year is inspiring in full colour a century on

A new graphic novel brings the Russian Revolution to life with an emphasis on the role played by ordinary working people, writes Gabby Thorpe

What We Think

Tories’ fears should encourage us to fight

In turbulent times, all the Tories are sure of is that they will keep attacking us.

Mobilise against Trump

US president-elect Donald Trump is putting together a vicious team of reactionaries around him (see page 17). He has also started outlining some of his policies, pretending that they will help US workers.

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LETTERS - Prisons are violent cesspits that the Tories make even worse

Prisons are violent cesspits that the Tories make even worse

The things they say

‘Britain is leaving the EU—OK, I accept that’

Snooper’s charter passed to give the spooks more power

Parliament passed the Investigatory Powers Bill last week

Donald Trump's bad dream team

In New York’s Trump Tower, a vile presidential transition team is putting together a cabinet and filling over 1,000 senior posts. Tomáš Tengely-Evans gets to know our new overlords

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