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Issue: 2533

Dated: 06 Dec 2016

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Slash, Trash, Privatise—what Tories' STP health cuts plan really stands for

The Tories’ Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) will axe health services and could push the NHS past breaking point.

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Post Office workers strike to stop job losses—and could step up action before Christmas

Post Office workers struck across Britain today, Saturday—one of the busiest days of the year—in a fight against privatisation and job losses.

Cowardly Labour MPs vote to protect Tony Blair over the war in Iraq

Tory and Labour MPs united last week to stop any further investigation into Tony Blair’s war crimes in Iraq.

New images from the mass protests on the streets of South Korea

Protests demanding the resignation of president Park Geun-Hye have spread

Glasgow IT workers fear strike busters will undermine action against Labour council

Evidence of illegal strike-breaking has emerged amid an IT workers’ walkout, reports Raymie Kiernan

Yarl's Wood detainees speak out during protest in solidarity with refugees

A big protest in defence of refugees made links with detainees locked up at Yarl’s Wood, reports Freya Blake

Louise Casey's segregation report will whip up racism and demonise Muslims

A new report sparked headlines that migrants are not “integrating” into British society.

Skirmishes in battle for more rights at Crossrail

Construction workers on one of Britain’s biggest infrastructure projects downed tools after bosses tried to move a union rep off site.

Silver service workers can scupper the supper rush

RMT union members at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool are balloting to strike on 23 December.

Guards' strike and drivers' action hit Southern rail but bosses run to the courts

Southern rail was hit by a three-day train guards’ strike and a drivers’ overtime ban from Tuesday of this week.

Tube workers in dispute as bosses’ cuts take their toll

Tube drivers’ strikes on London Underground’s Piccadilly and Hammersmith & City lines, set for Tuesday, were suspended by the workers’ RMT union.

Reports round-up

Workers at Debenhams department store in Manchester scored a victory after bosses tried to push their December pay back until after the Christmas holiday.

Durham TAs' strikes force council into retreat—but union officials call off action

Durham teaching assistants (TAs) have forced council bosses to retreat. But a chance for a clear cut victory was snatched away from them by union officials.

Don’t let the bosses sack Simon O’Hara

Bosses at Birmingham’s Small Heath School have sacked former NUT union rep Simon O’Hara.

Distribution workers go into battle for higher pay

Distribution workers in Solihull, Birmingham, planned to walk out for higher pay on Thursday this week and next Monday.

Students’ action on rents wins victory

Students at Goldsmiths University celebrated a victory last week as the university agreed to wave some £650,000 in rent for halls of residence.

Fighting against racism

More than 40 people joined a Stand Up To Racism vigil in Barking, east London, last week in support of Imran Khan.

Reports round-up: demo will defend Tina Rothery

Anti-fracking activists were set to gather in Preston on Friday in defence of Tina Rothery

NHS needs a movement to stop Tories’ cutbacks

The fight against Tory plans to axe hundreds of hospital departments and services is gaining momentum.

Tory plan to close half of Glasgow's jobcentres needs to be fought

Tory plans to close half of all jobcentres in Glasgow are just the beginning of a massive attack on jobcentre workers and users, PCS union activists have warned.

Tata steel deal comes at a heavy price—and should be rejected

Bosses at Tata Steel and trade union leaders have agreed a deal over the closure of the Port Talbort steelworks in south Wales.

Southern rail bosses lose court bid to ban strikes—now workers must turn up the heat

A High Court judge threw out a request from Southern rail owners Govia Thameslink Railway to ban train drivers’ industrial action today, Thursday.

Victory for anti-fracking campaigners as charges against activist dismissed

In a major victory for the anti-fracking movement, a judge dismissed charges of contempt of court against activist Tina Rothery today, Friday.

Scottish FE workers win pay battle

College bosses in Scotland have admitted defeat and agreed to pay further education support staff the same flat rate pay rise won by lecturers earlier this year.


Anti-fascist movement stops Nazi election win for Norbert Hofer in Austria

Nazi Norbert Hofer failed to win in a re-run of the Austrian presidential election, writes Sadie Robinson

Referendum revolt in Italy fells prime minister Matteo Renzi

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi announced his resignation after suffering defeat in a referendum on constitutional reforms last Sunday.

Doing Israel’s dirty work is taking its toll on Fatah

Displays of unity thinly mask a profound crisis in the party that runs the Palestinian Authority, writes Nick Clark

Mass demos in South Korea could end president’s life of plenty

Protests demanding South Korea’s president resigns are deepening, writes Workers’ Solidarity

Greek workers gear up for a general strike

A general strike of public and private sector workers was set to take place in Greece on Thursday.


Labour must choose a side on migrants

How much longer can the Labour Party keep disagreeing with itself about immigration? Pressure on the party—and the tensions inside it—over immigration are growing.


Remembering Rock Against Racism—how music helped to fight the Nazis

Rock Against Racism (RAR) was formed 40 years ago. A new book, Reminiscences of RAR, gives voice to some of those involved. Sadie Robinson looks at some of those voices.


Chi-Raq—an entertaining but superficial look at gun violence in US

Spike Lee’s new film Chi-Raq takes a swipe at the gun industry and stereotypes of black people but it is not always clear cut, writes Moyra Samuels

Documentary The Council’s focus on cuts doesn’t go deep enough

The Council, a new three-part documentary, follows the experiences of workers at Scotland’s third largest council in Fife.

What We Think

Britain is segregated - between rich and poor

Racists have seized on a new report on segregation in Britain.

In tough times - some reasons to be cheerful

In tough times, it’s important to celebrate when our side wins. In Italy, Austria and the US, ordinary people recorded heartening victories this week.

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LETTERS - Parents value the Durham TAs - even if bosses don't

Durham County Council has left itself open to the “threat of equal pay claim” from other employees—but our teaching assistants (TAs) are paying the price.

The single market is a tool for the bosses

Ordinary people are told that it is in their interests to support the European Single Market. In reality the single market was designed to nurture and protect giant corporations.

The things they say

‘The best thing that’s happened’

Cops get new shock weapon as evidence of fatal use rises

Police officers across Britain are expected to be issued with a new and more powerful Taser gun.

How Standing Rock protesters stood up to the US state

Native Americans have won their struggle at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Alistair Farrow looks at how they defied police violence, corruption and cronyism to defend their water supply

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