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Issue: 2534

Dated: 13 Dec 2016

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Solid Southern train drivers' strike shuts down routes into London

A powerful train drivers’ strike shut the Southern rail network on Tuesday as the Aslef union members began a two-day walkout. They planned another 24-hour strike this Friday.

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Hospital bed overcrowding five times worse than in 2010

The Tories’ NHS plans are going to make the current ‘bed crisis’ worse

Cops ‘sexually abusive and corrupt’ report says

Over 300 police officers and staff in England and Wales are accused of using their position to sexually exploit people, including crime victims.

Residents left without food as care crisis grows

Some care home residents face hefty bills as the quality of care gets worse, says Raymie Kiernan

Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists respond to killing of Copts

 The murder of 24 Copts shows the bankruptcy of terrorism but also the poisonous nature of the Egyptian regime

Tory 'counter-terrorism' and Prevent has driven up Islamophobic racism

Activists slammed the Tories’ “Prevent” strategy at an Islamic Human Rights Commission’s (IHRC) event last Saturday.

Convoy to Calais delivers much-needed solidarity

A convoy of over 100 students and trade unionists travelled to Calais last Saturday to deliver solidarity and over £10,000 to the Care4Calais charity.

Scottish Labour and the SNP bicker over who’s to blame for council cuts

Cuts to council budgets in Scotland could total £700 million by the end of this parliament according to a new report.

RMT members say, ‘this station is non-operational’ as dispute gets serious

RMT union general secretary Mick Cash has slammed London Underground management for allowing London’s tube stations to descend into chaos as a result of job cuts.

Derby TAs call more strikes over pay cut

Teaching assistants (TAs) in Derby have called six days of strikes in their battle against a 25 percent pay cut.

Hillsborough documentary reveals more lies by state

The referee on duty during the Hillsborough football disaster has said his statement was changed to “give support” to “police actions”.

Electric Fujitsu strike campaign makes people join union

Fujitsu workers in Manchester began three days of strikes last Saturday. They are fighting attacks on conditions and against the threat of 1,800 redundancies in Britain.

Post Office workers announce a Merry Strikemas for the Tories

Post Office workers were set to strike for five days from Monday of next week.

Social workers get strike ballot at Kirklees council

The Unison union has agreed to ballot social work staff at Kirklees Council.

Reports round-up

Some 30 people from the Medway Justice for Homeless People held a protest at the Dickens Festival in Rochester last Saturday.

Fight to defend jobs at University of Aberdeen

Also: Equality watchdog strikers fight against redundancies

Picturehouse revolt grows

Ritzy cinema workers in Brixton, south London, were set to strike on Friday from 4pm as the new Star Wars film is released.

Royal Mail strike in Accrington takes on bullying boss

Postal workers in Accrington, Lancashire, walked out for the second time today, Saturday, in a fight against bullying bosses.

Post Office strikers step up their fight—but more attacks are in the post

Post Office workers stepped up their fight against closures, privatisation, job losses and pension attacks with the start of a five day strike today, Monday.

As Tories call for crackdown, solidarity with the rail strikes

"Don't they know it's Christmas?" seems to be the level of the media's debate over the group of strikes set to take place during the holiday period.

South Korean protests continue despite MPs' impeachment of president

For the past eight weeks mass protests have rocked South Korea demanding the resignation of the president Park Geun-hye. The protests continue and many people will not accept half measures.

Open letter from blacklisted construction workers

Unions have won important gains. But questions remain that a newly merged Ucatt/Unite union should investigate

Anti-racists rally against Islamophobic attacks in east London and Edinburgh

Some 200 people protested in solidarity with a Muslim who was attacked in Chingford, north east London, last night, Wednesday.

South Korea: protesters want the president and all the 'accumulated evils' out now

Around 700,000 people took to the streets of South Korea last Saturday, Christmas Eve. It was the third mass protest after the parliamentary vote to impeach president Park Geun-hye. 


Workers in Greece launch general strike as bosses demand brutal austerity

A general strike in Greece brought the country to a standstill today, Thursday. The strike came in advance of the Greek parliament meeting this Saturday to vote on the conditions of the next bailout.

Anti-choice bigots launch new attack on abortion rights after Trump's election

We are already feeling the effect of Donald Trump’s election in the US. The war on women’s rights has started.

Protests get rid of corrupt president in South Korea

The South Korean parliament voted to impeach president Park Geun-hye last Friday after weeks of protests and strikes. But workers are not stopping there, writes Workers’ Solidarity

Syria—the tragedy of defeated revolution

Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad’s forces have seized the whole of the city of Aleppo. This was no liberation.

General strikes hit Northern Cyprus

A series of general strikes in Northern Cyprus are turning into a revolt against the government following a fatal road accident last month.

Tories defend Saudi Arabia after it admits dropping British-made bombs on Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s military has finally admitted that it has used British-made cluster bombs in its assault on Yemen. The truth has been dragged out of the regime after an attempted cover-up lasting over six months.


How could Labour have done better in Sleaford?

There’s no reason for Labour to be squeezed between a racist Brexit and a neoliberal defence of the European Union

Anger at the system rattles the ruling class

Mark Carney warned last week that politicians had to tackle the growing “isolation and detachment” that working class people feel towards capitalism. The Bank of England governor is just the latest figure in the ruling class to feel the ground shifting beneath his feet.

Is this the end for national strikes?

Will we see a national strike by large numbers of workers ever again?


Striking back just in time—meet the workers taking on Sir Philip Green

Workers in Solihull near Birmingham are facing down the super-rich and super-hated BHS boss Philip Green. They work on the minimum wage filling orders for his Arcadia Group. For years they accepted poor pay and conditions. But not any more...

Labour, Ukip and workers

Labour politicians claim the party has to be ‘tougher’ on immigration—or risk losing workers to Ukip. Nick Clark argues that aping the racist party will only fuel its success


The Bronte sisters strove to be judged on their own terms

To Walk Invisible is a thoughtful TV drama but the turmoil and struggle of the time Charlotte, Emily and Anne wrote about doesn’t get a look in, says Sadie Robinson

There are better reads than 1919 on Britain’s year of revolution

The 1917 Russian Revolution was a flaring beacon of hope for working and oppressed people across the globe.

What We Think

Tories split on Brussels—it's time to sprout resistance

One thing will be certain in 2017—the Tories will continue to tear one another apart over Brexit.

We need mass mobilisations on the streets to push back the fascists—not state bans

The government is to ban the fascist group National Action this week. It will be the first fascist group to be proscribed as a terrorist organisation.

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Ken Montague 1946-2016

Ken died after a short struggle with pancreatic cancer. His death—so quick and sudden—leaves many of us who knew him shocked by his loss.

Letters: How we're turning the tide on racism on the South coast

The Stand Up To Racism (SUTR)campaign has really caught the mood of people wanting to fight racism here on the West Sussex coast.

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Farepak rip off continues a decade after firm’s collapse

Ten years on from the scandalous collapse of Christmas hamper firm Farepak, its victims are still out of pocket

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