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Issue: 2536

Dated: 10 Jan 2017

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The NHS is on life support with a severe case of Tory cuts

The British Red Cross declared a “humanitarian crisis” in the NHS after it was drafted in to stop the health service breaking down.

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How can the movement win in South Korea?

Around 600,000 people took to the streets of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, last Saturday to demand the immediate resignation of President Park Geun-hye. Protests have been rocking the country for 11 consecutive weeks—including the five weeks since parliament voted for Park’s impeachment.

SWP annual conference - anti-racism frames the wider issues in politics

Revolutionaries debated the political situation and how to shape it at the 2017 Socialist Workers Party conference

Activists take the fight to fracking bosses

Fracking company Cuadrilla began building its new drilling site at Preston New Road near Blackpool, Lancashire, last week—and local activists are already resisting.

Teaching assistants walk out in Derby

Teaching assistants (TAs) in Derby struck for two days last week in their battle to reverse pay cuts.

Can charity sit-in rescue Aylesbury estate from the wreckers?

Activists and residents have occupied the Thurlow Lodge community hall on the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark, south London.

Reports round-up: Nazis have a wet weekend in Maidstone

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Defeat for government over higher education bill should encourage resistance

Lords voted against the government yesterday, Monday, to support an amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill.

New protests as activists demand justice for man murdered by police, Yassar Yaqub

Angry protesters blocked the M62 motorway on Monday evening to mark a week since police shot and killed Yassar Yaqub.

No to retreat on freedom of movement

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn made a dangerous and serious concession to anti-migrant racism on Tuesday.

Transport shutdown shows the power of workers

The power of the working class was clearly on display this week. Strikes by Southern Rail, London Underground and British Airways cabin crew workers showed their ability to bring the system to a standstill.

EU abandons refugees to freeze to death

Refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos had their thin summer tents covered in snow this week, as a deadly cold spell swept across Europe.

British Airways walkout off to a flying start

Almost 3,000 workers kept in poverty by millionaire bosses kicked back at one of Britain’s biggest firms on Tuesday and Wednesday. British Airways’ (BA) “Mixed Fleet” cabin crew walked out after they were offered a raise of just 6p an hour.

Fujitsu IT workers launch new wave of strikes against bosses' attacks

IT workers in Manchester are resisting a multinational firm's attack. Fujitsu is holding down pay, robbing pensions and planning mass layoffs.

GP slams May's comments on the NHS crisis

The Tories are trying to scapegoat GPs for the NHS emergency 

Frontlines shift in the fight to stop fracking

The frontlines in the fight against fracking have moved to just outside the village of Little Plumpton, near Blackpool.

Broad support for Stand Up To Racism protest against Donald Trump

Over 50 MPs, trade unionists, anti-racism campaigners, faith leaders and others have signed a statement calling for support for the Stand Up To Racism demonstration this Friday on the day that Donald Trump is inaugurated.


'Trump will not keep us hiding in the shadows' vow activists ahead of protests

The racist, sexist billionaire’s election as president has galvanised opposition, says?Sadie Robinson

Israel launches a violent crackdown in East Jerusalem

Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem fought a “crackdown” by Israeli forces, Mexico’s ‘gasolinazo’ revolt grows I Support workers in Egypt

Bad Monday for Northern Ireland coalition

The power sharing government in Northern Ireland has collapsed. Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness resigned as deputy first minister on Monday, triggering an election.


You won't believe the truth about Trump and fake news

US president elect Donald Trump screamed "fake news" at a press conference last week in response to some piss taking allegations.

How the left can win amid global turmoil

Last year was remarkable. In some ways the election of Donald Trump in the US summarises many trends.


Was Russia too backward for a socialist revolution?

The Russian working class was a minority in a backward society, but it wielded power disproportionate to its small size

Migrants—part of our class

As left wing figures claim that bringing down immigration is a working class question, Dave Sewell argues the choice is between workers uniting or turning on one another

Robert Burns—an auld radical

The ruling class loves to claim the 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns as its own. Yet through Burns’ poetry, Charlie McKinnon uncovers his real, revolutionary legacy


From punk to Trump—a compelling introspective

Gee Vaucher’s extensive body of work spanning 50 years reveals one of the best and most political collage artists of the century, writes?Jeff Jackson

Revolting takes aim at Tory privatisation and cuts

This sketch show is pitched as “satirising the state of the nation”.

What We Think

Seize on Tory splits to build the struggle

In her latest attempt to appear in control, prime minister Theresa May has unveiled her vision of the “shared society”.

Spooky schemes and Israel

Israeli ambassador Mark Regev (Pic: International Maritime Organisation)

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Chopper close shave shows why offshore workers' fight for safety is needed

A helicopter shuttling workers between the Elgin and West Franklin platforms ran into difficulties resulting in the chopper coming inches away from falling into the sea, an offshore worker writes

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