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Issue: 2537

Dated: 17 Jan 2017

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Stop this bigot! Inaugurate the resistance to Donald Trump

US socialist Eric Fretz writes from New York

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‘Why I am standing for Unite leader’ - Fujitsu striker Ian Allinson

The nomination period for the Unite union’s general secretary election opens today, Monday. On the Fujitsu picket line, striker Ian Allinson told Socialist Worker why he's standing

Operations cancelled for cancer patients as crisis grows in the NHS

A “large number” of cancer patients have had their operations cancelled due to “severe pressure” in the NHS, a senior doctor warned last weekend.

Tories and privateers caused the chaos in the NHS, not migrants

Nobody can seriously deny the crisis in the NHS. But some want to deflect the blame from the Tories and scapegoat migrants for the problems.

Glasgow janitors show grit as bosses plan to seize houses

Lively action by janitors in Glasgow last week frustrated bosses’ efforts to undermine their strike.

Aylesbury occupation holds off eviction

Campaigners occupying the Thurlow Lodge community hall on the south London Aylesbury estate are the latest stumbling block to Southwark Labour council’s redevelopment plan.

‘I will not be silent after racist attack’

Nahella Ashraf, an activist from Manchester Stand Up To Racism (SUTR), speaks out after being subjected to a racist attack on a trip to Hammersmith, west London, earlier this month

Reports round-up: Harrods feels heat over tips

Restaurant workers at the posh Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, west London, have secured a meeting with management this week.

Socialist teachers debate fightback and trans liberation

Socialist Teachers Alliance (STA) members met in London last weekend.

Safety shame for Southern Railway

A disabled woman was left stranded on a freezing train station platform for two hours by Southern railway, it emerged last week.

Shock and AWE tactics in fight for decent pensions

Workers who develop and maintain nuclear weapons were set to start the first of two new sets of two-day strikes to defend their pensions on Wednesday.

Trade unionists are taking the fight against racism into the workplaces

The Stand Up To Racism trade union conference is a chance to organise against racism, writes Eleanor Claxton-Mayer

Second death in weeks at immigration jail

Also: refugees drown trying to reach Italy

'We support the free movement of labour' - trade unionists speak out

Free movement of labour has become a key debate. Workers currently have the freedom to travel across the European Union (EU) under current rules.

Brutish Airways is bloody awful to strikers

Cabin crew at BA are standing up to intimidation from their bosses, writes Dave Sewell

Corbyn’s ‘populism’ could tap into anger

 Jeremy Corbyn ‘relaunch’ can help—but he must stop backsliding on immigration, writes Nick Clark

Labour council threatens to use Tory law against strikers

A Labour-led council is threatening to use the Tory anti-union laws against a group of its own workers in Kirklees, West Yorkshire.

Top firms give shareholders billions that could wipe out pension scheme deficits

Big firms constantly bleat about how they cannot afford their pension schemes.

Start campaign against school cuts

Six education unions have denounced Tory cuts to school funding as a “national scandal”.

Fight Theresa May’s vision of a racist, nationalist Brexit

Tory prime minister Theresa May came out for a right wing, racist “Brexit” on Tuesday. May scapegoated migrants for the problems that people face.

Retired cops will not be disciplined over Hillsborough

Every former police officer under investigation over allegations of misconduct relating to the Hillsborough disaster will escape disciplinary proceedings.

It’s official—Tories’ new hospital cuts will cost lives, admits Devon NHS boss

Shocking new footage shows Laura Nicholas making the admission at a public meeting

'We're not moving': revolt against plans to wreck council estates

Tenants and residents in Haringey, north London, are fighting plans that could bulldoze seven council estates.

BA strikers hit back at bosses who keep them on poverty pay

Up to 3,000 “mixed fleet” cabin crew began their second strike at British Airways (BA) today, Thursday.

London protest rages against Trump

Chants of "dump Trump" echoed outside the US embassy in London tonight, Friday, as 2,000 people came to oppose the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president.

Demonstrations around Britain say ‘Dump Trump'

In towns and cities across Britain protesters gathered to oppose Donald Trump tonight, Friday, as the racist, sexist billionaire was inaugurated US president.

100,000 join Women's March in London

Tens of thousands of people joined the Women's March from the US embassy in Grosvenor Square to Trafalgar Square in London today, Saturday. They were rejecting Donald Trump and the bigotry he represents and thrives on.

Eyewitness report from the Women's March in Washington

The streets of Washington DC were rammed full today, Saturday, in an inspiring show of strength against US president Donald Trump.

Weekend of protests against Donald Trump hits London

Video report from protests organised by Stand Up To Racism and Women's March on London at Donald Trump's inauguration as US president.

Two days of revolt in the United States

Donald Trump has a fight on his hands, reports Sadie Robinson in Washington DC


Anti-racist protests in every US state

Demonstrations hit around 50 states across the US last Saturday as protesters showed solidarity with migrants, refugees and Muslims.

In Washington DC, a tremendous protest rains on Trump’s parade

Protesters from across the US told Sadie Robinson, on location in Washington DC, why they are marching against Donald Trump


Obama must take his share of blame

Barack Obama departs the US presidency amid a cloud of praise and nostalgia.


President Evil on the rampage—a guide to Donald Trump, monster in the White House

As Trump’s inauguration looms closer, Alistair Farrow takes aim at the boss of bigotry

Mutiny and rebellion in the shadow of a world war

The brutality of the First World War and shortages at home meant Russian soldiers were ready to rise up in 1917


Splinterlands—we need to fight to write a new ending

Also: This House at the Garrick Theatre

What We Think

The single market is no solution for workers

Theresa May’s programme for Brexit is steeped in toxic nationalism and xenophobia.

The infamous eight

Eight men have been revealed to be worth as much as the poorest 50% of the world.

Other Categories

Letters: My story shows why all of us should back Southern strike

What happened to me illustrates perfectly one of the issues at the heart of the dispute with Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR)—Southern’s owner—and the Aslef and RMT unions.

Letters: What free movement is and how we can fight to defend it

Socialists defend refugees’ rights and argue for open borders in principle. Therefore it is often accepted as obvious that we support the freedom of movement inside the European Union (EU).

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