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Issue: 2538

Dated: 24 Jan 2017

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Women’s Marches showed we can resist the right and fight for a radically different world

The Women’s Marches last Saturday were a brilliant boost to everyone struggling for a better world.

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Esther Brunstein remembered

Holocaust survivor Esther Brunstein died last week. Claire Dissington, an anti-Nazi activist, remembers Esther's courageous contribution to the continuing fight against fascism

Spies not blamed over Kincora in a ‘travesty’ of a child abuse inquiry

Children suffered decades of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in homes run by the state, charities and churches in Northern Ireland, an inquiry found last week.

‘It’s time for a shake-up’ after the fall of Northern Ireland’s sectarian assembly

New elections in Northern Ireland are an opportunity for ‘real, tangible change’ say candidates for People Before Profit

Inquiry into police killing of Anthony Grainger opens

A public inquiry into the death of Anthony Grainger, a mechanic and father of two from Bolton, began last Tuesday.

Brighton protest shows anger at NHS cuts

Over 1,000 people joined a march for the NHS in Brighton last Saturday, organised by the Sussex Defend the NHS campaign.

Why did TUC snub Southern guards in talks with bosses?

Striking train guards on Southern rail are furious that TUC-brokered talks between train drivers’ union Aslef and management, which resumed on Monday, do not include their RMT union.

Organise to get left wing candidate on ballot paper in Unite general secretary election

A week into the nominations process for the Unite union’s general secretary election, at least seven nominations had been made for left challenger Ian Allinson.

Nuclear cover-up misfires for Theresa May

Was Theresa May’s first act as prime minister last year to cover up a nuclear missile gone haywire? 

Reports round-up: Anger at death of Trans woman in prison

Also: Unison Black Members vote for free movement | London university cleaners fight back | Nuclear strike for pensions | Tip-top win at Harrods | Solidarity halts disciplinary at Edinburgh College | Simon O'Hara returns to work | Defending community halls in south London | Stop Nazi EDL in Rotherham | Peterborough post workers may strike | Fire bosses send home firefighters | Climate refugees conference planned | New offer at Fujitsu | Don’t slice our jobs, say pizza workers

Millions worldwide reject Trump’s sexist bigotry

Over 5 million people globally marched for women’s rights and against Donald Trump last Saturday, according to the official Women’s March organisers.

Savagery and splendour under the Tsars

After the Tsar’s fall in 1917, a whole industry sprung up to paint his dynasty as martyrs. In reality, they were brutal dictators

‘We’re here to stay,’ say EU migrant workers as Tories look to end freedom of movement

Nick Clark spoke to migrant workers about how they’re organising to defend their freedom of movement

Resistance fills streets of London as 100,000 join Women's March

Around 100,000 people joined the Women’s March in London last Saturday, rejecting Donald Trump and the bigotry he represents and thrives on.

Glasgow council IT strikers show how to defend conditions

Glasgow council IT workers voted last week to accept a deal that protects their jobs, terms and conditions and current employment status in the event of privatisation.

EHRC strikers have bosses bang to rights over job cuts

Civil service workers at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) struck on Wednesday of last week against layoffs.

Harrods restaurant boss resigns after workers’ successful fight for tips

Workers at the posh department store Harrods in London celebrated another victory this week.

Striking cleaners take on KCL bosses

Cleaners at Kings College London (KCL) began a 48-hour strike today, Thursday, in response to massive workloads and understaffing.

Voting suppression in the US while Trump gives "alternative facts"

Millions were not allowed to vote in the US presidential elections. There is a long history of rigged elections and voter suppression and it's designed to target the working class.



After Supreme Court ruling on Article 50, fight for a left wing, anti-racist Brexit

Brexit raises the question of what sort of society we want to live in

Stop playing the Labour right’s Brexit game

The Labour Party is getting itself into yet another pickle. This time it’s over Theresa May’s plan to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and start the two-year countdown to Britain leaving the European Union (EU).


Never again! The horror of the Holocaust

Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at what created the Nazi genocide—and how to make sure it’s not repeated


The Lower Depths shows a society that’s ready to burst

Arcola Theatre’s production of Maxim Gorky’s play captures the contradictions of pre-revolutionary Russia and the potential for change, writes Julie Sherry

The magnificent unknown bluesman—Hayes McMullan

This release ought to ensure McMullan’s rightful place among the better-known Delta greats such as Patton, Robert Johnson, Son House and Willie Brown.

What We Think

Trump plans right wing horror show for world

As millions marched against him over the weekend, Donald Trump and his coterie of jackals have reminded the world why he is so despised.

Left whispers in France

After five years in office hammering workers, the Labour-type Socialist Party in France looks set to pick an outspoken opponent of its own policies as presidential candidate.

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High-flying strikers take on low-down bosses at BA

‘Mixed fleet’ British Airways cabin crew are waging an inspiring battle against poverty pay. Dave Sewell spoke to workers at London Heathrow airport

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