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Issue: 2539

Dated: 31 Jan 2017

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Rage erupts across Britain as tens of thousands join demos

Chants of, “Dump Trump” and, “Shame on May” rang out through towns and cities across Britain as tens of thousands joined protests on Monday night.

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Escalate the fight on the streets to beat back the bigots

Debates raged on Whitehall and across Britain on Monday night about where the rising movement against Donald Trump and Theresa May could go next.

Tories’ immigration system is a racist hell for refugees

If people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen arrive in Britain without the right visa they risk deportation or detention.

Bring home the resistance to racism and Trump, says journalist Gary Younge

Guardian journalist Gary Younge called for building a mass movement against racism in Britain this week.

Protests against Trump continue in US - and worry the president

A thousands-strong protest by students at the University of California, Berkeley, stopped a speech by the alt right pundit Milo Yiannopoulos last night, Wednesday.

The Asylum Market—the film G4S don’t want you to see

A new film, The Asylum Market, exposes the dire conditions that asylum seekers in Britain suffer in accommodation provided by security firm G4S.

Muslims in Britain say - join the London protest on Saturday against Donald Trump

Activists are going all out to build for the demonstration against Donald Trump outside the US embassy in London this Saturday.

Get ready to protest against the Israeli prime minister's talks with Theresa May

Protesters are getting ready for a visit to Britain by Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday.

Woolwich ferry workers strike 'for safety and against harassment'

Ferry workers in Woolwich walked out for a second time over allegations of management bullying and sexual harassment today, Friday. They operate the Thames river ferry crossing in south east London.

Tens of thousands gather for day of protest against Trump

Tens of thousands have gathered in central London to kick off a day of protest cross Britain against US president Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban”.

40,000 march in London against Trump and May, and thousands more around Britain

In London 40,000 people marched today, Saturday, against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban—and Theresa May’s support for Trump.

Get ready to protest when Trump comes to Britain

Campaigners have vowed that if US president Donald Trump comes to Britain he’ll be met with mass protests

NHS workers oppose Tory clampdown on migrants

Trade unionists in the NHS are building the anti-racist movement in response to new attacks on migrants who receive health care.

Protests against Trump's Muslim ban sweep the US - and planned in Britain too

Trump's attacks on Muslims and migrants have caused outrage. Full list of protests in Britain here.

List of protests this week in Britain against Trump's attacks on Muslims and migrants

Socialist Worker urges all readers and supporters to join the protests in Britain against Trump’s ban and British complicity with it.

Protests against Trump's Muslim ban erupt across Britain

Towns and cities across Britain erupted in protest tonight, Monday, against Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from seven mostly Muslim countries.

Thousands join protests against Trump's Muslim Ban

Images from just some of the protests in towns and cities across Britain

'We're going to fight NHS cuts,' activists vow as health bosses get worried

Health bosses have hired “bouncers” to shield themselves from growing anger at consultation meetings

Surgical strikers say low pay won’t cut it

The workers who disinfect and sterilise surgical instruments at three south Wales hospitals struck on Wednesday of last week.

Job centres targeted in Tory assault on the poor

The Tories are preparing a fresh attack on the poor, announcing plans to close more than one in ten job centres last week.

TUSC tackles the elephant in the room

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) conference last Saturday debated standing in the May elections

UCU needs ‘a breath of fresh air’ says left candidate Jo McNeill

Ballot papers will go out this week for elections in the UCU union—and the left is winning support.

Donald Trump unleashes racist attack with vicious Muslim ban

Donald Trump’s racist onslaught reached fever pitch last weekend as he placed a ban on people coming to the US from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Woolwich ferry walkout takes on bosses

Ferry workers in Woolwich, south east London, struck for 24 hours in the first of twelve planned walkouts last Friday.

Reports of protests against Trump across the country on Monday

Furious protests filled the streets in towns and cities across Britain yesterday, Monday, against Donald Trump.

Take to the streets against Trump and May this Saturday 4 February

After the great success of Monday's marches, step up the pressure by demonstrating this Saturday

End of the line for Southern rail firm Govia?

Also: new Tube walkout

Striking teaching assistants besiege Derby council to overturn huge pay cut

Around 150 teaching assistants (TAs) descended on Derby Council’s head office on Tuesday blowing whistles, ringing bells and waving flags and placards.

Labour MPs are set to defy leader Jeremy Corbyn over Brexit bill

Corbyn is right to reject Tory plans and trigger Article 50—but Labour rebels weaken him, says Nick Clark

Bristol fights police racism after tasering of Judah Adunbi

Over 200 people packed an emergency meeting in St Pauls, Bristol, last Saturday. It was called in response to an assault on Judah Adunbi by police, which was captured on film.

Richest 0.01 percent dodge more tax as children fall into ‘stark’ poverty

Britain’s super rich have dodged £1 billion more in tax since the Tories set up a new HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) unit in 2009 to make them pay more tax.

Reports round-up: Six days of strikes scheduled to hit British Airways

Also: Benefit cuts kill in Kentish Town | Nominate Ian Allinson in Unite | Peace activists target fighter jets | Nuclear bosses attack pensions | No justice over Marikana | Picturehouse strike vote | EHRC layoffs | Fracking protests | Housing campaigns


Big anti-racist demos welcome refugee children into Greek schools

Big demonstrations welcomed around 500 refugee children to school in the port city of Piraeus, near Athens in Greece, last Tuesday.  

Bombed then banned—US crimes in travel-ban states

Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” order applies to seven countries—all of them hammered by the US war machine and its allies such as Britain. The effect is to stop desperate refugees fleeing the chaos that US bombs and bullying created.


Theresa May's gamble on Trump will surely backfire

Theresa May must have thought it was a smart move to become the first foreign leader to meet Donald Trump in the White House.


1905—a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the Russian Revolution

Twelve years before the 1917 Russian Revolution, another uprising shook the Tsarist regime to its core

Why marching matters: the power of protest

After two weeks of mass resistance to new US president Donald Trump, Simon Basketter looks at the power of protests and where it can lead

How do we beat Trump?

After huge protests against Donald Trump, activists from across the United States told Socialist Worker about how they’re organising to bring down the monster in the White House


Denial—‘Take the gloves off and call it lying’

Director Mick Jackson told Tomáš Tengely-Evans about his film Denial, the David Irving case it dramatises and the issues it raises today

What We Think

Time to get rid of this sick capitalist system

Donald Trump is not just “business as usual”. He represents something more overtly and aggressively racist, sexist and undemocratic than most politicians.

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LETTERS - Let's sink Tories' Trident lies like Dalyell took on Thatcher

Former Labour MP Tam Dalyell, who died last week, should be remembered as a principled opponent of the lies used to justify wars.

Tenants outraged as Labour council drives through Tory demolition

Haringey residents are taking on the council over “redevelopment” that would destroy seven estates in north London writes Alistair Farrow

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