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Issue: 2540

Dated: 07 Feb 2017

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As tens of thousands march—we can keep Trump out

Anger at Donald Trump’s assault on Muslims, migrants, women and others burst onto the streets of Britain last Saturday.

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BA cabin crew escalate their fight against poverty pay

A week of strikes against poverty pay by British Airways cabin crew began today, Sunday.

TUC calls for workers to join Stand Up To Racism protest on 18 March

A TUC official has called for “one of the biggest turnouts of trade unionists on an anti-racism demonstration there’s ever been” on Saturday 18 March.

Reports round up—Protests force Ineos bosses to frack off

Workers at the posh Harrods department store celebrated another victory in the wake of their successful campaign to retain their tips.

Newcastle joins the fight to stop STPs and to save the NHS

Chants of “Save our NHS” rang through Newcastle city centre as over 1,000 people joined a march against the Tories’ assault on the health service last Saturday.

South Korea: mass movement returns to the streets

Around 400,000 people took to the streets of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, last Saturday to demand the immediate resignation of president Park Geun-hye.

Teaching assistants step up fight against pay cut

Some 1,250 Derby teaching assistants (TAs) escalated their dispute with their Labour-run city council this week.

Locking people out to drown or starve is our rulers' rotten response to climate change

Campaigners were set to meet in central London on Saturday to discuss climate change and refugees.

Support UCU Left in union elections

Elections are underway in the UCU union, where UCU Left candidate Jo McNeill is challenging Sally Hunt to become the union’s next general secretary.

Over 450 US airstrikes go unrecorded in 2016 in Afghanistan

An investigation by US armed forces magazine Military Times has suggested official statistics of bombing raids are incomplete.

Southern Rail deal should be rejected

Southern Rail are proposing a deal to end the long dispute with Aslef and RMT unions but the promises fall well short of what is needed.

US federal court rejects Trump’s racist travel ban

US president Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and Muslims was deemed illegal at the beginning of this week. But the thuggish bully immediately hit back.

Tory housing policy papers over the cracks and won't solve the crisis

The Tories’ Housing White Paper released this week marks a shift away from the pretence that everyone can buy their own home.

Care crisis 'not our problem' minister tells families after slashing funding

After fuelling a crisis in social care by slashing billions in funding, the Tories have said children should be responsible for looking after their elderly parents.

Labour MPs turn Tories’ Brexit crisis into a bid to oust Corbyn

A crisis in the Labour Party over the European Union (EU) has led to renewed speculation that left wing leader Jeremy Corbyn could resign or be

Backing the bosses’ EU won’t win Scottish independence

One senior Tory minister last week told Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon to “forget it” when it came to demanding a second independence referendum.

Jeremy Hunt's racist clampdown in the NHS will cost lives

Prime minister Theresa May and health minister Jeremy Hunt ramped up the assault on migrants and the NHS this week.

Don't play into Labour right's attempt to divide left over Brexit

Labour MPs rebellion against left wing party leader Jeremy Corbyn last night, Wednesday, was probably smaller than what the right wing had hoped.

Lord Dubs slams Tory decision to shut out child refugees

The same Tory government that’s opening the door to bigot-in-chief Donald Trump slammed it in the face of lone child refugees this week.

A show of confidence as workers walk out at four Picturehouse cinemas

Hundreds of workers took part in the biggest cinema strike in British history today, Saturday.

Protests in Romania call for the government to go

A government decree watering down punishments for corruption has sparked large scale protests with thousands taking to the streets.


Mass protests demand Romanian prime minister steps down over 'corruption law'

Over 200,000 people took to the streets of Bucharest in Romaniaon Sunday night.A further 300,000 marched in towns and cities across the country, including 40,000 in Timisoara and 45,000 in Cluj-Napoca.

The revolt to stop Donald Trump spreads into the workplace

Protests over new US president Donald Trump’s racist policies continue into their third week.

Egyptian textile workers' strike shows growing anger at regime's austerity

Around 3,000 textile workers in Mahalla, northern Egypt, walked on Tuesday out in a sign of growing discontent at spiralling living costs. 

Resistance spreads on US campuses as Trump plans fresh attacks

US activists are celebrating the decision by a panel of judges that continues the suspension of President Trump's Muslim ban. But there are many more battles to come.


Donald Trump and big business - greed collides with fear for top bosses

It's a cliche that markets are driven by fear and greed. The same is true of the attitude of big business in the US towards Donald Trump.


Why it’s better to be Bolshie

Revolts repeatedly break out, but they don’t always win. The Bolshevik party in Russia showed how socialist organisation plays a critical role in driving revolutions forward to victory

Who were the Mensheviks?

The Mensheviks were revolutionaries, but ended up siding with forces opposed to the Russian Revolution. How did this happen?

Broken potteries? What's really going on in Stoke

The racist Ukip party hopes it can win the Stoke-on-Trent by-election as the press feeds an atmosphere of anti-migrant racism, but Nick Clark finds Labour’s problems go deeper than its failure to offer an anti-racist alternative


Shipped off and enslaved to build a new world of wealth

The remake of 1970s TV series Roots personalises the struggles that slaves faced and helps expose the roots of racism today, writes?Antony Hamilton

Poking fun at Egypt's rulers and refusing to be silenced

Anne Alexander looks at Tickling Giants, a documentary film about Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef who refused to be a mouthpiece for the counter-revolution, just one of many award-winning films at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in London next month

What We Think

Syria—revolution drowned in blood

No one should doubt the brutality of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Turn anti-Trump revolt into movement to win

Theresa May is in trouble over her decision to invite US president Donald Trump to Britain. Even the speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, lambasted Trump this week.

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Letters—Fight to defend the NHS, the crisis is the fault of bosses

Racist LBC radio host Nick Ferrari wants a US-style health service to force overseas patients to pay insurance or produce a credit card when visiting A&E or local GP surgeries.

Utterly Nuttall-lie. I can’t believe Ukip isn’t racist! It is

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall seems to be easily confused. He is Ukip’s candidate in the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election due next week

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