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Issue: 2541

Dated: 14 Feb 2017

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Welcome refugees—not Donald Trump

A tide of hatred for US president Donald Trump has isolated Theresa May in her insistence on bringing the bigot-in-chief to Britain.

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Revolt in France over police violence and rape

Protests have shaken France this week after the brutal actions of police assaulting and raping a young black man with a truncheon.

Turkey steps up attack on workers in education

New decree in Turkey gives president Erdogan even greater powers already resulting in mass suspensions and dismissals of workers

Take heart from the hospital cuts protests and take fight to the Tories

Anger at Tory attacks on the NHS is fuelling protests to beat them back.

Tory ‘gentleman’s agreement’ shames the nasty party that slashed social care

Tory ministers made a dodgy deal to increase social care funding with the leader of a Tory-run county council that includes several top MPs’ constituencies.

Wider action needed after forced sackings by EHRC

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have sacked ten workers with only a days notice while they were on strike against budget cuts and redundancies

Reports round up—Southern rail dispute, housing campaigns and abortion rights

Why was there no second worker on these trains?: Copeland council strikers confront the fat cat mayor: Fight against eviction threatened by a charity: Now step up the pressure after another Tory attack: New challenges in the battle for abortion rights.

Striking for eight days—BA cabin crew escalate the fight in pay struggle

British Airways “mixed fleet” cabin crew have called eight days of strikes in nine days—escalating the fight against their employers' poverty pay.

Bosses in AWE of workers power in pensions dispute

Strikes took place at the Atomic Weapons Establishment’s (AWE) two sites in Berkshire and workers are not going to take having their pensions slashed

Clive Lewis backs off, but the Labour right is out for Corbyn’s blood

Labour MP Clive Lewis appears to have backed down from challenging left wing party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Sexual liberation in the Russian Revolution

The 1917 Russian Revolution saw many gains for LGBT+ rights. These were inseparable from the fight for socialism

Attacks on abortion in the US meet resistance

Activists are fighting Donald Trump’s new attacks on abortion rights, writes Eleanor Claxton-Mayer

Left winger set for election challenge to Unite union leader Len McCluskey

Unite union general secretary Len McCluskey looks set to face an election contested from the left as well as the right.

All out for Stand Up To Racism demos on 18 March

Anti-racists are building for demonstrations called by Sand Up To Racism in London, Glasgow and Cardiff on 18 March.

Protest on Monday 20 February as MPs discuss the petition against Trump's state visit

On Monday 20 February MPs will discuss the petition against Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain - and mass protests can turn the heat on Trump and Theresa May. Join these demonstrations in your area to say Trump isn't welcome here.

In Ireland movement grows for a referendum on abortion rights

The 8th Amendment in Ireland makes abortion illegal but there is growing support for repeal and safe access to abortions

Reports round up: activists protest at Labour assault on libraries

More than 100 library campaigners packed a council planning committee meeting in Lambeth, south London, last Tuesday.

‘We need a stronger union’ say UCU Left candidates

UCU Left candidates are fighting to win big votes in the lecturers’ union.

Climate campaigners to march for refugees

Campaigners for the environment have vowed to form a block on the Stand Up To Racism demonstrations on 18 March.

Labour council pushes ahead with massive attack on council housing

A Labour council in north London took a step closer to launching a massive attack on council housing tenants last night, Tuesday.

Activists hail York's largest anti-racism meeting in living memory

As many as 175 people packed into the York Stand up to Racism rally

After Southern drivers reject shoddy deal—unions should turn up the heat on Tories

Southern Railway train drivers have rejected the deal cooked up over ten days of talks by the TUC union federation, rail bosses and their Aslef union officials by 54 percent to 46 percent.

Cops used out of date profile of Anthony Grainger, inquiry into his death hears

A police officer who built a profile of Anthony Grainger did not intend firearms officers to use it, a public inquiry has heard.

Campaigners vow to build the fight against Trump at forum in London

A united call to organise against the racist, sexist bigot Donald Trump went out from a national conference in London today, Saturday.

Oldham 'Trojan Horse' claims boost racist agenda

A racist witch hunt is underway in Oldham, Greater Manchester. The Sunday Times claims Muslims are trying to take over state schools.


Mass protests after Trump's deportation raids

Raids on immigrants by border guards provoked big protests across the US

Movement in South Korea radicalises—but the right prepare to take to the streets

Some 750,000 people took to the streets of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, last Saturday to demand the immediate resignation of the President Park Geun-hye.

Thousands take action across the US as problems mount for Donald Trump

US president Donald Trump is facing serious problems. He has not yet been able to fill key positions and the protests against him are deepening.


Trump’s turnaround can’t solve US imperialism’s Palestine problem

On the surface of it, Donald Trump seemed to make a huge shift in the US imperialist policy in the Middle East yesterday, Wednesday.

Tories should be in trouble over Brexit

On the face of it, the Tories should be more divided than Labour by the vote to leave the European Union.


What do we mean by class?

Britain is divided into “two distinct classes—those who own property and those who are getting poorer”.

The intensive scare around ‘health tourism’ is helping the Tories kill the NHS

It’s not migrants who are draining the NHS - and laws to deny them free care are costing lives

When we wrecked rulers’ state visits

Before Trump, there was Bush. When Tony Blair rolled out the red carpet for his hated mate in the White House, mass protests ruined their royal tea party

Was the Russian Revolution completely spontaneous?

Workers and soldiers spontaneously rose up against the Tsar many times—but it took organisation to carry this through to victory


Despite the curator, Russian artists shine in new exhibit

The Royal Academy’s revolutionary Russian art exhibition is impressive, but the working class is rarely seen as fully active within history

What We Think

United struggle can defend free movement

Defending freedom of movement and migrant workers’ rights is a key dividing line in British politics.

Smash this dam system

The Oroville dam in California is a grotesque metaphor for US capitalism. The dam—the largest in the US—is ready to burst.

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Danny Jardine, 1925-2016

Danny Jardine, who has died after a long period of ill health, was a life-long socialist.

Letters: Building Stand Up To Racism has created a buzz at school

We’ve had a great experience in building Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) in the school where I teach.

Racist, lying bandwagon-jumper Nuttall should have stayed at Tranmere Rovers

Unlike Paul Nuttall, Roy Bentham was at the Hillsborough disaster that cost 96 Liverpool fans their lives. He responds to the Ukip leader's lies

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