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Issue: 1884

Dated: 17 Jan 2004

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We can't afford Tony Blair

THE GOVERNMENT is arrogantly pushing ahead with its plans for university top-up fees.

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Shot down by British soldiers

IT COULD have been a scene from the darkest chapters of the British Empire.

Conspiracy against safety

A BARELY noticed campaign by right wing papers and business lobbyists to turn Britain's workplace safety watchdog into a toothless poodle has caught the ear of New Labour.

Top up the resistance to Blair's student fees

\"WE ARE now at the beginning of a journey which will replace the concept of a public service with a free market in higher education, a journey towards the Americanisation of English higher education.

Defend women's right to choose

ANGER IS growing over the French government's plans to ban the Muslim headscarf, known as the hijab, from schools.

Stop 'terror' raids, council tax, fire threat, NHS

OVER 150 representatives and activists from across Birmingham's Muslim community attended an emergency meeting on 4 January in Birmingham's central mosque.

In the movement, selling the paper

ARCHIE FROM south London says that a sale at a student hall of residence was a big success. Three people sold 14 copies of the paper in just one block of residences used by art students from across London.

Camden victory rocks government privateers

COUNCIL TENANTS in Camden, London, have dealt a major blow to the government's strategy to privatise council housing.

Will Blair kick out the RMT?

THE LABOUR Party has threatened to disaffiliate the RMT rail union for allowing union members to decide on where their subs go.

Council workers - Newham, Hackney

UNISON MEMBERS in Newham council look set to get the go-ahead for an official strike ballot to fight the New Labour authority's attack on their union.

Should we merge with Amicus?

MEMBERS OF the GPMU print union are voting on whether their union should merge with Amicus or open negotiations with the TGWU.


AROUND 400 workers on the Tyne and Wear Metro were to start a strike this Sunday in a dispute over working hours.

Defending refugees

AS NEW Labour steps up its attacks on refugees, campaigners have been organising protests.

Pensions protest

FORMER WORKERS at firms which have gone bankrupt staged a sit-down protest in central London last Saturday over their lost pensions.


ON THURSDAY this week the High Court was due to consider the lawfulness of police containment tactics before an anti-war demonstration last March.

In brief: Nurses strike, Telegraph, Buses, PCS, Taxis

Strikes planned over care and pay

Postal workers

THE CAMPAIGN to defend postal worker Paul Turnbull from the sack has got off to a tremendous start.

Land Rover

A TOTAL of 800 Land Rover workers picketed the firm's plant in Solihull in the West Midlands last Saturday and Sunday morning.

Superstore of power

AROUND 750 warehouse workers at a huge distribution centre of the supermarket chain Sainsbury's held a 24-hour strike from Wednesday night last week. Further action was set to take place this week.

Rail union leader makes schoolboy threat of union busting

THE THREAT of strike action has forced the general secretary of the train drivers' Aslef union to withdraw a shocking union-busting letter he issued to his own staff.

An angry new mood sweeping the union

CIVIL SERVANTS are gearing up for a major pay battle. More than 100,000 members of the PCS union are voting to take strike action over their appallingly low pay.



AROUND 50 representatives of the Kashmiri solidarity organisation Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK met in Alum Rock, Birmingham, last week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the UN resolution calling for a plebiscite so that the people of Kashmir can determine their own future.


Big step in the wrong direction

KEN LIVINGSTONE'S return last week to the Labour Party was hardly a surprise. It had been trailed in the media for months.

Nothing but contempt for Kilroy-Silk

FROM THE front pages of the Sunday Express Kilroy-Silk whines that he's \"angry with the BBC for suspending him\".


There's an exciting spirit in struggle

A RECENT headline in the Financial Times read, \"Blair No Longer In Control On Two Fronts\". The two fronts are the Iraq war, in particular the Hutton report, and the vote that will take place shortly on top-up fees for universities.

A new chapter in the resistance

OVER 100,000 activists and trade unionists will come together to join the debates and discussions at the World Social Forum (WSF), which is taking place in the city of Mumbai (Bombay), India.

Ten years since the Zapatista uprising

ON 1 January 1994 the presidents of Canada, Mexico and the US called a press conference to announce the creation of the North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA).

New Labour puts us on the road to disaster

THE CATASTROPHE threatened by global warming was thrown into sharp relief last week. Scientists warned that a quarter of all land animals and plants face extinction within 50 years.


Hit squad

ALL THOSE who oppose the US war on Iraq should try to get to a performance of the play Pugilist Specialist. Performed by US theatre ensemble Riot Group, the play has just begun an extensive tour of Britain and Ireland.

What We Think

Cornered Blair attacks our civil liberties

NEW LABOUR has lost the argument over the war on Iraq. Blair admitted that last week when he said weapons of mass destruction may never be found.

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Cecilia Prosper 1960-2004

CECILIA PROSPER died last week of an aggressive cancer only diagnosed in the summer of last year. She was an exceptional person.

Challenging arguments over headscarf issue

MANY OF us here have watched with disgust how the French government has said it wants to ban Muslim women from wearing the headscarf in schools. However, we should not be complacent about Britain.

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