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Issue: 1924

Dated: 23 Oct 2004

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Don't let them murder Fallujah

GEORGE BUSH and Tony Blair are preparing another war crime.

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Secret deal with Bush that will make us all a target

TONY BLAIR has made a secret deal with George Bush to site US missiles in Britain as part of the US’s "Son of Star Wars" programme. The deal was revealed by the Independent on Sunday.

Tourist brochure could lead to Guantanamo

Not so long ago British hostage Ken Bigley was killed. His brother Paul said that the British government was responsible for his death.

Another step, but many more ahead

The issues of neo-liberalism and war dominated the ESF—they were themes running through the whole event, including the "Assembly of the social movements" on the final Sunday.

News in Brief

Prison guards reveal torture US GUARDS subjected detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp to torture, ex-workers at the camp have admitted. In interviews for the New York Times military guards, intelligence agents and others revealed the horrific treatment dished out to detainees.

Who says?

"Congress was right to give the president the authority to use force to hold Saddam Hussein accountable... We must do everything in our power to complete the mission and get the job done." John Kerry, Democratic presidential candidate speaking on foreign policy at New York University earlier this month

BNP member stays, Muslim gets the sack

YOU CAN stand as a candidate for the fascist BNP and still be welcome at Richard Branson’s Virgin Trains. But if you’re Muslim you’d better watch your step.

Ukraine is pulling out...

UKRAINE will begin withdrawing troops from Iraq regardless of the outcome of its presidential election at the end of next week.

Poverty pay: The growing inequality Labour can’t hide

THERE’S A myth that, while there’s trouble in Iraq, the government is doing well over poverty and equality at home. So what do people in Britain earn?

Beware, the heat is on

I HAVE a question for radical and progressive people in the West. What are we going to do to save the world? I know that many of you have marched and demonstrated against Bush and Blair’s war in Iraq.

Connecting the activists across European unions

THE DISCUSSIONS at the European Social Forum (ESF) in London on building workplace resistance showed significant progress compared with last year’s forum in Paris.

Warm reception at ESF

THE BALLOT of 290,000 civil service workers in the PCS union is set to end on Friday of this week.


‘On Saturday evening a group who have not participated in the ESF stormed the stage of the anti-fascist plenary session of the ESF, punched the chair and stole his mobile phone.

In brief

Bus workers driven to strike SOME 73 bus drivers in the TGWU union at Heathrow airport struck for one day on Monday of this week. The drivers work an average of 45 hours a week shuttling airport staff across the four Heathrow terminals.

Vote against—don’t leave anyone behind

BALLOT PAPERS have gone out to Unison union members in the NHS for the vote to decide whether to accept Agenda for Change—the government’s plan for sweeping changes to health workers’ terms and conditions.

More than academic victory

PARENTS, pupils and teachers in Doncaster have forced the local authority to scrap plans to hand over a school to the businessman Sir Peter Vardy.

FE lecturers

MEMBERS OF the Natfhe lecturers’ union at Blackburn College have voted to ballot immediately for strikes against up to 180 redundancies planned over the next few months.

Still time to book for Respect conference

We anticipate there will be around 300 to 350 delegates, who are elected on the basis of one for every ten Respect members locally.

Liverpool: a chance to show workers’ solidarity

STRIKING SOCIAL workers in Lib Dem controlled Liverpool council are appealing for wider support and backing for a national demonstration in the city called by their union, Unison.

Managers get lessons in how to be polite

THE SOAPWORKS dispute in Glasgow has ended with management conceding a marginal increase in their original pay offer.

Rail workers

STAFF AT Eurostar have voted by 242 to 25 to accept a deal that sets a pay rate for customer service jobs at Waterloo and a similar rate for office staff, as well as addressing staff travel.

Migrant workers

A BENEFIT night to commemorate the Chinese cocklers who died on Morecambe Bay in February this year was packed out on Thursday of last week.


Secret police ‘invited’ me in for interrogation

FROM 11 to 14 October the Nigerian working class showed its potential to lead the rest of the oppressed and exploited in the fight to win a better world.

Bank workers in the frontline of new strike wave

A strike wave is under way in Brazil, reflecting growing discontent with President Lula’s Workers Party government elected in January 2003. An ongoing strike by bank workers, and action by other powerful groups, suggests the resurgence of working class struggles after years of quiet.


Great success of London ESF

SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY happened during the long weekend of 15-17 October. The beautiful, crazy, creative chaos of a great social forum—which I have witnessed in Porto Alegre, Florence, Paris and Mumbai—came to rainy, grey north London.


‘We are not prepared to risk our lives for this’

According to accounts provided to family members, 17 enlisted members of the 343D Quartermaster Company have refused to perform a recklessly dangerous mission.

‘43 troops died in the war—800 have died since’

I AM bloody angry with the British government. After the 1991 Gulf War a Tory MP said that the country owed British soldiers a debt of honour.

They send workers to kill

THERE IS a scene in the film Gangs of New York where one of America’s elite worries about the riots against the draft during the American Civil War of the 1860s.

Huge changes have not brought women's equality

Marx’s collaborator Frederick Engels argued that women’s oppression was as old as class society. It arose from the structures of the privatised family which pushed women out of the economic centre of society.

‘This is a fight that can turn the tide’

"We’re at a crossroads," says Alan Walter, chair of Defend Council Housing (DCH). "The government is on the back foot and isolated, with a broad alliance supporting the ‘fourth option’—direct public investment in council housing."

Vladimir Mayakovsky: the poet of the revolution

There were two revolutions in Russia in 1917 - the first in February, the second in October. The February Revolution swept away the thousand-year rule of the Tsar.

Exploring new ways of living and loving

Radical theatre is back with a vengeance, but your play takes this radicalisation a step further.

The system that keeps women in chains

Lindsey German I WAS born in 1951. For someone of my generation, the changes in women’s lives throughout the world have been absolutely astonishing. Perhaps most remarkable is the change from women being centred in the home to working outside the home.


Avant-garde revolution that swept the art world

Avant-Garde Graphics 1918-1934

58 | The Exception to the Rulers

58Philippe Cherbonnier Appalled by the news of the 58 Chinese people who suffocated in a lorry on the journey to Dover in 2000, Philippe Cherbonnier set out to explore the immigration debate in Britain.

MusicK/Rearranging the 20th Century

MusicK/Rearranging the 20th Century

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Daniel Ansell 1986-2004

IT WAS with great sadness that we learnt of Dan’s death from leukaemia on Friday, but it is with happiness that he shall be remembered.

They said I would fail

THANKS TO your paper my eyes have been well and truly opened. I didn’t realise there was so much that they don’t tell the general population.


Joel Bakan is the director of what promises to be one of this winter’s big movies, The Corporation, which features Michael Moore, Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky, among others.


Friday 29 October Defend Council Housing national conference, 11am-4.30pm, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London. Go to

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