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Issue: 2543

Dated: 28 Feb 2017

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Unite for our NHS—blame Tories not migrants

Patients’ lives are being lost as relentless Tory attacks have pushed the NHS past breaking point.

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Strikers defend suspended rep as college bosses ram through jobs attack

Workers braved stormy picket lines at the College of North West London (CNWL) today, Thursday, as they struck to defend their union rep.

The truth about the '£1 million of taxpayers' money to an Isis fighter'

The scandal is not that Jamal al-Harith may have received some money. The scandal is Guantanamo and the much wider crimes of invasion, occupation, torture, imprisonment and murder.

After Stoke and Copeland by-elections, how can Labour move forward?

It is very welcome that Labour defeated Ukip in last night's Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election. But the defeat in Copeland is a severe setback.

DHL strikes stick a spanner in Philip Green's profit machine

Warehouse workers in Solihull and Leeds struck back against disgraced tycoon Sir Philip Green today, Friday.

Cinema workers strike ahead of Oscars

As the rich prepare to dish out gongs to those at the top of the film industry—cinema workers struck to get decent pay for those at the bottom.

Two big marches take on the fracking bosses

Hundreds of people rallied against fracking giant Cuadrilla near its Preston New Road site in Lancashire last Saturday.

Right wing has itself to blame for a Labour loss in Copeland

The right wing of the Labour Party has stepped up its attacks on leader Jeremy Corbyn and the left after the party’s defeat in the Copeland by-election last week.

Corbyn must fight against the Labour right, not placate them

There have been a series of veiled threats to Corbyn’s leadership. Corbyn’s only hope lies in breaking from his foes—not placating them

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell spoke to Socialist Worker on the recent by-election results

As the Labour right gear up to attack Corbyn again, John McDonnell talks about Copeland and Stoke, and the way forward for Labour

Racist liar Paul Nuttall is humiliated in Ukip defeat in Stoke

Paul Nuttall leader of Ukip was defeated in the Stoke by-election after a series of scandals over lies about his residence and Hillsborough

Nationwide strike for Fujitsu workers

Workers at IT services firm Fujitsu struck for 24 hours this Tuesday with pickets in London, Manchester, Crewe, Wakefield, Stevenage, Bracknell and Belfast.

Rotherham unites against the racist EDL

Also: anti-fascist protests in Telford, Hackney and Alloa

Bigots launch drive to silence students’ Palestine societies

Friends of Palestine societies at universities across Britain are coming under what appears to be a coordinated attack from pro-Israel pressure groups.

After woman is deported from Britain - resist the Tory wave of racism

Deportations, attacks on refugees and plans to end European Union freedom of movement rules show the Tories true face—but they can be challenged, writes Dave Sewell

British Airways cabin crew call a fresh week-long strike

It would bring the running total of strike days to 26 in the Unite union members’ fight against poverty pay. Also: unofficial walkout in the post and other stories

FE lecturers defend reps in London and Edinburgh

Workers braved stormy picket lines at the College of north west London on Thursday of last week and struck to defend their union rep. It follows a 24-hour walkout last month.

Fighting council cuts in Manchester and London

A council on the march

Pensions bonanza for the bosses

Companies are pouring a packet into directors’ retirement funds. This at a time when the government paved the way for firms to slash the pension payouts of 11 million workers.

Teachers refuse to bow down in Bowdon

Teachers at Bollin Primary School in Bowdon, Cheshire, struck on Thursday of last week.

New Stand Up To Racism groups set up ahead of mass demos on 18 March

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) meetings are taking place across Britain. Activists aim to combat Tory attacks, keep up the fight against Donald Trump and build for protests on 18 March.

Sounds of resistance at Love Music Hate Racism in Birmingham

A new sound of the rising movement against racism rung out in Birmingham last Friday night. More than 300 people packed into The Crossing at Birmingham South and City College for a Love Music Hate Racism gig.

School staff protest in Durham

Around 200 teaching assistants (TAs) protested outside Durham County Hall on Friday of last week. It was the culmination of a week of protests during half term.

Glasgow janitors are back out

Glasgow janitors began another two-week strike last Wednesday.


Racist raids rise as US movement faces tests

Union leaders are wrong to back Trump and should join the fight against him, writes Alistair Farrow

Socialists stand for a ‘different type of politics’ in Stormont assembly poll

The Northern Ireland assembly at Stormont is heading for a period of “administrative devolution” following an election this Thursday, with the assembly operating without an executive.

South Korea: a fierce political struggle gets fiercer

One million people took to the streets of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, last Saturday to demand the immediate resignation of the President, Park Geun-hye. But right-wingers are also mobilising.


Ukip in crisis again as hard racists blame 'wet' racists for by-election defeat

Open warfare has broken out in the racist Ukip party. Ukip leader Paul Nuttall’s failure to win the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election last month has provoked a fresh round of infighting.

Theresa May’s stitch-up over Brexit could unravel

Since the Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central by-elections last week, the media have paused in their condemnations of Jeremy Corbyn only to sing the praises of Theresa May.


Moazzam Begg—'The state targets Muslims’

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg spoke to Alistair Farrow about the deep Islamophobia at the top of society—and how resistance to it gives him hope

How troops refused orders and joined the Russian Revolution

A mutiny by soldiers was key to forcing out the Tsar in Russia—and a mass revolt of ordinary people made their rebellion possible

Antisocial Tories create an uncaring society

The Tory attacks on both the NHS and social care leave vulnerable people with nowhere to go. Workers spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about two sets of cuts that are creating a crisis—with a real effect on patients’ lives


Hidden Figures offers a high hope that the sky is the limit

Against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement, three women in the US space programme defy bigotry in this beautiful film, writes?Saba Shiraz

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‘Centre ground’ offers no way to beat right

If you’re on the left it can feel like there isn’t much to be cheerful about. But it isn’t true that everything is going one way.

Defy the Trade Union Act

Workers’ rights were rolled back this week as rules in the Trade Union Act 2016 came into force.

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Ian Paisley 1951-2017

Ian Paisley, who died last week, was a revolutionary socialist for over four decades in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

LETTERS: Students’ solidarity flushed transphobia down the toilet

A friend of mine, a 16 year old transgender woman at college in London, recently had major problems with transphobic bathroom rules.

Tories’ spiteful attack hits 150,000 disabled people

Tory ministers have rewritten the law to deny increased benefit payments to more than 150,000 people.

Tories slash our state schools but splash out on their free schools

The Department for Education is splurging on land for privatised free schools while neglected state schools fall into disrepair, Sadie Robinson reports

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