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Issue: 2544

Dated: 07 Mar 2017

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Tens of thousands strong NHS demo shows Tory cuts can be beaten

Tomáš Tengely-Evans reports from last Saturday’s huge NHS march and argues that Tory cuts can be beaten

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Senior Unison officials accused of 'deceit' and 'subterfuge' during general secretary election, hearing told

Did former Unison Greater London union regional secretary Linda Perks hijack an official union meeting to influence an election?

Labour Party shouldn't try to 'out-Ukip Ukip,' says MP Diane Abbott

Shadow home secretary and Labour MP Diane Abbott has the labour movement to reject myths about immigration and to march against racism on Saturday 18 March.

Mark Duggan's family challenge inquest ruling

The family of Mark Duggan took their fight for justice to the court of appeal yesterday, Thursday.

Trade Union Act—what do the Tories call 'important public services'?

For workers in some sectors the new Tory Trade Union Act puts up an additional barrier in an attempt to prevent strikes. If workers who usually provide “important public services” are balloted, at least 40 percent of those eligible to vote must vote yes. This is on top of the new rule that a ballot must have a 50 percent turnout

March for NHS could launch movement against Tory health plans

Tens of thousands of people will take to the streets of London today, Saturday, in defence of the NHS

Tens of thousands on national demonstration to save the NHS

Chants of "Whose NHS? Our NHS" are ringing out in central London as thousands gather for the national demonstration to defend the health service today, Saturday.

Huge march for our NHS shows the fury against the Tories

Over 200,000 joined a demonstration in London. It shows there's a mood to fight, and win

Use 18-19 March demonstrations to build the worldwide movement against racism

International Socialist Tendency statement: The bigger and more widespread the demonstrations are, the stronger the basis for future action

'Migrants are saving the NHS'—voices from the Our NHS march

Video footage from the It's Our NHS national demonstration in London

Tories under pressure over migrants and refugees

As the Tories come under increasing pressure to stop using European Union (EU) migrants as bargaining chips, activists across Britain are building for anti-racist demonstrations.

Strike northbound as guards keep rolling

The extension of driver only operation (DOO)—central to the strikes on Southern rail—is set to spread to Northern and Merseyrail next Monday.

British Airways workers rock Brighton

British Airways (BA) “mixed fleet” cabin crew began their latest walkout against poverty pay with a trip to Brighton on Friday of last week.

Assist the teaching workers in their fight

The Labour Party leader of Derby City Council was booed and jeered by angry parents of children with special educational needs last week.

Cheap credit helps keep Trump afloat

As Donald Trump careens from one crisis to another, one thing buttressing his presidency has been the surging stock market. Investors have been pushing up share prices since he was elected last November.

Ukip bigots at war after by-election loss

Ukip is in a “mess” according to party leader Paul Nuttall.

Stop Hammond making us pay

Tory chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget will look after the rich and turn the screw on workers and the poor.

Reports round-up: Oxford drivers walk out

Social work staff in Kirklees Council children’s services held a one-hour walkout last Thursday.

EHRC must escalate fight

Workers at the Equality and Human Rights Commission are determined to keep fighting after seven of them were sacked by email while on strike last month.

‘We need a campaign to defend education’

Parents, teachers and other campaigners joined a public meeting over school funding cuts in Hammersmith, west London, on Tuesday of last week. The meeting was backed by the local council.

College lecturers threaten more strikes in Scotland

Lecturing staff across Scotland’s further education colleges voted resoundingly last week for industrial action. They want to force employers to honour the deal they struck almost a year ago over pay and conditions.

Strong results show mood for a left turn

UCU Left candidate Jo McNeill won an impressive 41 percent vote in the union’s general secretary election. Incumbent Sally Hunt won with 59 percent.

Tories launch school attack

The Tories are throwing another £320 million at expensive free schools in England —and could fund new grammar schools too.

Failing campaign in data buying scandal

The Unite union leadership has accused Gerard Coyne of donating union funds in exchange for Labour Party membership data to help his leadership campaign

Lift the pay cap, says PCS

The PCS union is set to launch a national campaign over low pay with a day of protest on 31 March.

Public inquiry into shooting

The tactical adviser to the police operation that resulted in Anthony Grainger’s fatal shooting said it was not his role to “check the accuracy of the intelligence”.


Confrontation in South Korea, and the chance of a general strike

The supporters of embattled President Park Geun-hye, and the movement seeking to remove her, clashed in the capital

Northern Ireland election won't solve the deep crisis in the system

A polarised election squeezed the left, but what matters more is the movement, says Simon Basketter

‘US migrants are scared to go out’ as Trump's assault steps up

Donald Trump’s assault on migrants stepped up a gear last week with intensified round-ups and evidence of forced labour for people awaiting deportation.

South Korea: 'the week of destiny has begun'

With a key court ruling expected very soon, the forces for and against President Park are mobilising

Protests in Egypt after regime 'steals daily bread' from the poor

Demonstrations swept across several Egyptian cities after the government’s Supply Ministry slashed the amount of subsidised bread available to the poor.


We need to fight for new referendum on Scottish independence

Theresa May has set herself on a collision course with everyone who wants an independent Scotland

Trump, Obama and Watergate—how struggle from below can force crisis at the top

US president Donald Trump has accused former president Barack Obama of bugging his home in the penthouse of Trump Tower during the presidential election campaign


What's behind the NHS crisis?

As tens of thousands of people get ready to march for the NHS in London tomorrow, Blyth Brentnall looks at what’s causing the NHS crisis—and pins the blame on austerity and privatisation

Must the Labour Party move right?

As pundits argue that Labour can only win if it dumps Jeremy Corbyn’s left wing policies, Dave Sewell looks at what is really behind the party’s problems

February 1917 - when workers remade history

A century ago this week in Russia, the February Revolution ended an ancient dictatorship and began the quest for a new society

Orwell was heading leftward along the Road to Wigan Pier

On the 80th anniversary of George Orwell’s classic The Road to Wigan Pier, Simon Basketter looks at his account of working class life and the left


What We Think

The SWP, TUSC and Labour—how do we take on the Tories?

A left electoral challenge to Labour at the moment would be a barrier to building broader resistance to the Tories

Defend women's right to choose

The Daily Mail newspaper launched an attack on abortion rights this week. Its front page on Monday raged against Marie Stopes charity doctors for approving abortions “for women they have never even met”.

Shape the revolts to give the Tories a kicking

In the first ten weeks of 2017, more than 400,000 people across Britain have joined demonstrations against US president Donald Trump, racism and attacks on the health service.

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Allan Borrell: 1947-2017

Allan Borrell, who died last month, was a revolutionary socialist since his early twenties.

Letters: Organising can beat attempts to shut down Palestinian events on campus

As part of Israeli Apartheid Week I was asked to speak at events at universities in Liverpool and Preston.

In their own words

‘PC brigade declare the end of mankind’

The Troublemaker - Labour MPs definitely won't challenge Jeremy Corbyn, honest

A number of Labour MPs say they’re definitely not going to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership. Not right now anyway.

What does the Tory Trade Union Act mean for trade unionism?

As the Trade Union Act comes into force, Sadie Robinson looks at the barriers that aim to stop workers striking—and why the Tories want them

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