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Issue: 2547

Dated: 28 Mar 2017

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Sick I.D. checks must go says GP

Health workers have slammed moves to make them check foreign patients’ IDs as racist and dangerous.

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Calls grow for crackdown on Muslims after Westminster attack—we need unity against the racists

Anti-racists and socialists have to act now to make sure the attack in Westminster on Wednesday isn’t used to deepen racism, bolster police powers and justify more wars.

The movement against brutal Tory cuts to school funding is spreading

The revolt to stop the Tories’ attacks on school funding is growing. Over 100 teachers and parents attended a meeting east London on Wednesday.

Calls for cops to get more repressive powers after Westminster attack

More cops, more weapons and more powers to use them and detain people. That’s what cops and commentators are demanding after Khalid Masood’s attack on parliament on Wednesday.

Durham teaching assistants march, and are determined to win

1,000 teaching assistants and their supporters took to the streets. They are furious at the Labour council that threatens huge pay cuts.

Divisions at the top over Theresa May’s Brexit

Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) was set to start on Wednesday—along with a new round of headaches for the Tories

Backlash builds against Tories' cuts to school budgets

Over 100 people joined an angry meeting in Lancaster on Monday, opposing Tory cuts to school funding. The Tories’ so-called fair funding formula will see England’s schools losing

Fascist flop—anti-Nazis get sieg heiling National Front bussed out of Edinburgh

The fascists of the National Front (NF) were humiliated in Edinburgh last Saturday. The NF was holding a so-called White Pride event in the city but were vastly outnumbered by a counter demonstrations.

New union restrictions test strikers

The limits the Trade Union Act puts on strikes became clearer this week, but so did the resistance.

Rail workers at Southern, Northern and Merseyrail resist scrapping of guards

Round up of rail disputes against driver only operation and fights on London Underground

industrial reports round up

Fujitsu IT services workers struck last Friday and again on Monday to defend their jobs and livelihoods from the firm’s cost-cutting.

Cops raid Birmingham homes as Tories scapegoat Muslims

Cops have targeted areas of Birmingham in the wake of the Westminster terror attack last Wednesday.

Protesters take on a rotten housing redevelopment in Southwark

Around 150 people marched against the proposed redevelopment of vast swathes of Southwark, south London, last Saturday.

Cops can't agree why CS gas was used before shooting of Anthony Grainger

Police failed to record their advice and discussion of tactics before the killing of Anthony Grainger, a public inquiry heard this week.

Hackney teachers prepare for strikes to stop school cuts

Two strikes were set to take place in schools in Hackney, east London, on Thursday.

Reports round-up - hundreds march in Keighley against incinerator plan

Some 800 people marched in Keighley, West Yorkshire, last Saturday to oppose the planned Aire Valley incinerator.

No to unity with the bosses and racists

There has been much talk of “unity” after the attacks last week. When anti-racists talk about unity they mean that we should fight to prevent Muslims or migrants becoming the targets of a witch hunt.

As Holyrood demands new independence vote, campaigners say 'get on streets again'

Theresa May travelled to Scotland on Monday to say again "now is not the time to be talking about a second independence referendum”. But Holyrood is now demanding one


The West's war sees record bombing in Iraq and Syria killing hundreds

Leaders who condemned the attacks in Westminster are sowing terror in Iraq and Syria, writes Dave Sewell

Donald Trump gets beaten on Obamacare as activists get set for new struggles

Donald Trump has been defeated on one of his core election pledges to repeal Obamacare, and now activists are getting ready for further resistance


Racist report used to scapegoat Muslims in Birmingham after Westminster attack

As details of the life of Westminster attacker Khalid Masood emerge, so is a veiled and poisonous type of Islamophobia

Will referendum backfire for the Tories’ friend in Turkey?

A repressive government is holding a biased referendum to increase its powers to silence opposition further—and the Tories are backing them all the way.

'Today some lives seem more valued than others'

Experience tells us that this will be a testing time for the community. The media is in a frenzy.


Power in a union—Unite's warring bureaucrats and their rank and file challenger

As the Unite general secretary election gets underway, Dave Sewell looks at the politics behind the battle for Britain’s biggest union

How war created famine

Famine is part of a system where access to food can be a weapon and millions can die for the profits and power of the ruling class


Incoming - the ‘othering’ of refugees on a heat-seeking camera

by Richard Mosse

Sound System—music and the fight to change the world

Dave Randall spoke to Raymie Kiernan about his book Sound System and about what role music can play in the struggle for a different kind of society

What We Think

After Westminster attack, unite against racism

There will be attempts to use the shock and pain of the killings to divide working people, justify more wars and whip up Islamophobia.

Imperialist wars make terror inevitable

Much of the media was quick to declare Khalid Masood, who attacked people on Westminster bridge last Wednesday, an Islamist.

Divorce this sexist system

Two court rulings have trapped a woman in a “desperately unhappy” marriage after refusing to let her divorce her husband.

Other Categories

LETTERS - unions should not work with fracking firms and the cops

It was shocking to see the GMB union calling for police and judges to take a “firmer line” against people protesting against fracking.

Ukip bigots fall out in latest episode of racist soap opera

The racist Ukip party has no MPs following last week’s resignation of Douglas Carswell. It’s the latest instalment in the ongoing saga that is Ukip.

One Housing's rent hikes are met with tenants resistance

Housing associations wants to raise rents by nearly 40 percent for some east London tenants. Alistair Farrow argues that the way to defend homes and win the fight is to get political

Tory and New Labour sell offs created the housing fat cats

The crisis in housing is growing with working class people threatened with rent hikes or even eviction. But it was the Tories and New Labour who created this crisis

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