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Issue: 2548

Dated: 04 Apr 2017

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Croydon race hate attack fuelled by Tory lies

A vicious racist attack in Croydon, south London, has left a young refugee with a fractured skull, a fractured spine and a blood clot on his brain.

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Snoopers demand more monitoring powers

Tory home secretary Amber Rudd is on the warpath following Khalid Masood’s attack on parliament last week which left five people dead.

Labour council pays £80,000 a year for consultants to push Haringey demolitions

Haringey council’s plans to demolish seven estates in the north London borough took another step forward this week. The £2 billion redevelopment project is the biggest of its kind in London and will set a dangerous precedent if it’s allowed to go ahead.

Striking teachers battling cuts tell Lewisham councillors to ‘start listening’

Strikers at Forest Hill School in south east London are causing ructions in the local Labour Party in a deepening row over a £1.3 million cuts package that Labour-run Lewisham council wants to push through.

As Theresa May triggers Article 50 activists say 'defend migrant workers'

As Theresa May sent her letter to the European Union (EU) yesterday, Wednesday, campaigners sent her a clear message that they will stand with migrants from EU countries.

Strikers say ‘come and see the difference we make’ before you cut schools team in half

Teachers and school support staff at three London schools are on strike today, Thursday, against cuts.

Forest Hill school strike battles cuts that threaten children's education

Strikers at Forest Hill School in south east London are battling a £1.3 million cuts package and a PFI scheme that drains off £1 million a year from education

Protesters condemn cruel regime of benefit sanctions

Benefit sanctions rob money from people who are already in poverty, leaving them with nothing. But there is resistance.

Workers 'living hand to mouth' hold national protests over public sector pay cap

Civil service workers in the PCS union took part in a national day of action against low public sector pay today, Friday.

Up to 5,000 march in Leeds against Tory health attacks

Up to 5,000 people marched through Leeds today, Saturday, to say “save our NHS” and oppose the Tories' cuts and privatisation of the health service.

Protest called after attack in Croydon leaves asylum seeker fighting for life

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) has called a protest for tomorrow, Sunday, after a young asylum seeker was the victim of a "frenzied attack" by a group of people

Anti-fascists face down Nazi attempts to whip up hatred in central London

Anti-fascists outnumbered two so-called national mobilisations of Nazis in central London today, Saturday.

Shock in Croydon as asylum seeker fights for his life after vicious attack

Anti racists held a vigil in south London this afternoon, Sunday, in the wake of a vicious attack on Friday night which left a 17 year old Kurdish-Iranian asylum seeker from Croydon fighting for his life. Doctors say he is in a critical condition.

Activists take a surprise delivery to racist landlord Fergus Wilson - curry

Anti-racist activists travelled to Kent this week to deliver curries to racist landlord Fergus Wilson. He provoked outrage last week when an email he sent to a letting agent was leaked to the press.

Absurd Gibraltar bluster reveals what ‘kind of people’ the Tories really are

A succession of Tories have threatened to go to war to “defend” Gibraltar, the British possession on the southern tip of the Spanish state.

Rotherham abuse survivor Sammy Woodhouse leads fight for new law

A survivor of the child sexual exploitation scandal in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, is demanding the government does more to help victims.

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film and netfilx

Rail workers set for coordinated walkout after new Network Rail safety threat

RMT union members on Northern, Southern and Merseyrail were set for a coordinated strike this Saturday.

Lecturers defend their UCU union with a strike at Brighton university

UCU union members at the University of Brighton walked out from 1pm last Friday.

Nazis need cops’ protection for a march in London, and plan action later this week

Nazis were outnumbered in London last week by anti-fascist protesters but are planning actions this week in Birmingham and Lanarkshire

Fury against Philip Green on DHL warehouse strikers' picket line

Workers at distribution firm DHL’s warehouse in Solihull near Birmingham struck on Friday and Sunday. of last week.

Bluster and bitterness in Unite leadership race as officials lash out against each other

The Unite union general secretary election reached new depths of bitterness last week with complaints against each of the two senior officials standing.

Anthony Grainger public inquiry—Officers prepared statements together

The public inquiry continues into the death of Anthony by police and last week the inquiry heard from several officers that they were called together to prepare witness statements

Unite members deliver a sky-high vote for more strikes at British Airways

British Airways (BA) “mixed fleet” cabin crew have voted resoundingly to strike in a second ballot.

Picturehouse pickets want a more action-filled sequel

After strikes that saw London cinemas shut down last Friday, Picturehouse workers want to escalate their fight

Reports round-up

BMW workers are gearing up for a pensions fight, workers are rallying over civil service pay, Lambeth libraries are facing attacks and Unison union NEC voting opens

The Troublemaker - vermin in ermine expenses scam is still going strong

Multimillionaire peers are claiming up to £40,000 a year in expenses for attending the House of Lords while making little or no contributions to debates, committees or questions.

Fightback against school cuts is well under way

The fight to stop cuts in schools is escalating. Three groups of teachers struck in London last week against funding cuts. More NUT union members in other schools are balloting for strikes against cuts. And parents are organising against the Tories’ so called fair funding formula

Tory tax and benefit cuts hit the poorest hardest

The Tories’ tax and benefit changes from April will hit the poorest the hardest


Free Riaz Ahmed!

Dr Riaz Ahmed, human rights defender and renowned Marxist intellectual, was seized by security forces in Pakistan on Saturday

Corruption crisis could bring down South African president Jacob Zuma

Protests in South Africa have rocked the state and could topple the president, writes Charlie Kimber

International news round up

Stories from the resistance to police violence in France, and solid strikes by Irish transport workers fighting pay cuts

Western powers cynically use massacre in Syria to further their own interests

The world’s imperialist powers are arguing about how to turn a massacre in Syria with poison gas to their advantage—and make the lot of Syrians even worse.


Is the media sexist because ordinary people are?

Sexist drivel: After a meeting between Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon and Tory prime minister Theresa May all the odious Daily Mail newspaper columnist Sarah Vine could talk about was their legs—for several paragraphs.

Fight for a Brexit for workers

The formal process of Britain leaving the European Union has begun. However we voted in the referendum last June, we now have to work together to beat back the right and seize the opportunities available.

Brexit begins—but is it business as usual?

The Brexit debate is being conducted by two wings of the British political and media elites. Both claim that Britain leaving the European Union (EU) will lead to profound changes—for the worse, according to the Remainers, for the better according to the Tory and Ukip Brexiteers.


Organising at work helped to protect the Russian Revolution

Workers flocked to join unions during the Russian Revolution—but as they grew bigger, so did their contradictions

The Labour Party and the 'national interest'

Nothing good can come of putting nation before class

The fat cat controllers who stole the railways

As the fight to stop bosses pushing the dangerous driver only operation throughout the rail network spreads, Raymie Kiernan lifts the lid on the private interests at work behind the scenes in the train industry

How Lenin won the Bolshevik party to fight for workers’ power

A sharp argument within the Bolshevik party stopped it from supporting imperialist war—and helped push the revolution forward


Neruda film tells the cat and mouse tale of a witch hunt

A new Chilean film is a gripping tale of the manhunt for Pablo Neruda, but it doesn’t bring out the full richness of the Communist poet, writes Mario Nain

People Power—Fighting for Peace exhibit shows strength of anti war movement

Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum showcases the anti war movement through the decades.

What We Think

Resist racist violence with a mass movement

Most ordinary people are genuinely horrified by what happened—but much of the media’s reaction is disgustingly hypocritical

Time to Break up Britain

The SNP can’t be relied on to launch a second independence referendum, let alone win it

Other Categories

LETTERS: NHS boss is snatching food from the poor and sick

The decision to remove gluten free products from prescription will once again hit thousands of poor people in the wallet and their health.

Public sector pay cap drives workers out of health service—time to fight back

Millions are worse off after the Tories’ latest ‘slap in the face’ to the people who keep our public services going. Activists told Alistair Farrow it’s time to strike against the pay cap

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