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Issue: 2549

Dated: 11 Apr 2017

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Trump’s missiles pour more fuel on the fire

US president Donald Trump took advantage of the Syrian regime’s latest atrocity last week to launch a major cruise missile attack on the Shayrat airfield.

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'Removing guards removes our safeguard'—passengers denounce Southern Railway

People protested at London Bridge station.

Unofficial action by migrant workers at London hospital beats back multinational

Low paid migrant workers at an east London hospital have beat back privatising bosses with unofficial action. Now they’re raring to fight for more.

Movement against school cuts spreads across England

Around 300 people met in South Gloucestershire to oppose the Tories’ cuts to school funding. Another 50 met in Leamington Spa.

Air strike in Syria escalates tensions between the US and Russia

A major US missile strike against the Russian-backed Syrian regime has brought the world’s biggest superpowers closer to military confrontation.

Anti-racist march applauded in Croydon after horrific attack on asylum seeker

Alistair Farrow reports from Croydon anti-racist march, while Sadie Robinson speaks to migrants about the hell that is Britain's immigration system

Guards hit back with coordinated rail strike

Coordinated rail strikes by around 2,000 workers on three networks has hit hard against bosses’ dangerous cost-cutting today, Saturday.

East London teenager to be deported by Tories' racist rules speaks out

Abdul Hassan, who turned 19 today, Sunday, spoke to Socialist Worker about the trauma the threat is causing him.

National strikes need to be a part of the fight against the Tory attacks on education

The education funding cuts are a national attack and require a national response.

Can Jeremy Corbyn save the Labour Party from its poll quagmire?

Recent policy announcements could help revitalise the party but Corbyn should be bolder, says Nick Clark

Mark Duggan’s killer advised cops involved in Anthony Grainger shooting

The public inquiry into the death of Anthony Grainger by police continues. Last week the inquiry heard of a previously unknown meeting by firearm officers with the killer of Mark Duggan.

The Unite union needs a fighting leadership - vote Ian Allinson for general secretary

As Unite union members vote in a leadership election dominated by debate about the Labour Party, the Tories are using the military to break strikes.

Rape victims denied benefits

The Tories want to deny benefits to some rape victims. Their nasty attack snatches money from vulnerable women and children.

Banks lied over rates swindle

Top bankers lied about their lending rates before the 2008 crash—and the plot went right up to the Bank of England.

Industrial round-up - Nurses consider walkouts against Tory pay cap

Nurses consider action over pay cap, Scottish lecturers back strikes, walkouts on at BMW and Woolwich Ferry, social workers want strikes in Kirklees

Anti-fascists are all smiles in Birmingham

The English Defence League failed in its attempt to incite Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims last Saturday.

Association landlords get more power over tenants

Housing associations were deregulated by the Tories on Thursday of last week

Solidarity with refugees after Dunkirk fire

A refugee camp near Dunkirk in northern France burned down on Monday. Some 1,500 people are now in desperate conditions and fearing deportation.

Hundreds protest for LGBT+ rights outside Russian embassy in London

Over 600 LGBT+ people and their supporters joined a protest outside the Russian embassy in west London last night, Wednesday. 

Five Picturehouse cinemas to strike on Saturday as company recruits strike-breakers

In a repeat of one of the largest strikes in British cinema history, five Picturehouse cinemas will strike simultaneously this Saturday, 15 April.

'We need to take fight to the Tories', leading Unison union health worker speaks out

We talk about how terrible the crisis in the NHS and social care is, but it’s significantly worse now than it has ever been.

Families of Iraqis threatened with deportation by Britain speak out

British authorities have rounded up around 30 Iraqis and locked them into detention centres in recent week. 

Trump's deadly posturing could cause the mother of all wars

Warmonger Donald Trump ratcheted up tension across the world with a ruthless demonstration of US power this week. 

'I've been to the area where the MOAB bomb was dropped. Civilians will have died'

Nangarhar province which borders Pakistan is typical of rural areas in Afghanistan. It consists of small farming communities and is desperately poor.

Teachers unanimously call on their NUT union to strike against Tory education cuts

Teachers have unanimously called on their NUT union to call a one-day strike against education funding cuts next term. 

Popcorn bribe doesn't halt Picturehouse cinema workers' strike

Workers at five sites of the Picturehouse cinema chain struck today, Saturday.


Pakistan—Riaz Ahmed released but battle for justice continues as charges not dropped

Dr Riaz Ahmed, a human rights defender and renowned Marxist intellectual in Pakistan, has won bail following a court case today, Thursday

Protests in Gaza after Palestinian Authority slashes public sector workers’ wages

Thousands of Palestinian public sector workers have taken to the streets in Gaza in protest against a pay cut.

International activists meet in Hamburg and plan action at the G20 summit

Activists from across Europe are planning to shut down Hamburg when the global ruling class, including Donald Trump, hold their G20 Summit there in July. Tens of thousands are expected join a week of protest in the northern German port city.

Trade unionists in Nigeria, Kazakhstan and India need our solidarity

Workers in Nigeria, Kazakhstan and India are fighting bosses’ attacks in the face of repression from their governments.


Ken Livingstone, Labour and the fight against antisemitism

Everyone should stand against the attempt to force the Labour Party to expel Ken Livingstone.

Only taking the revolution beyond Russia could save it from ruling classes' attack

The internationalism of the Bolsheviks challenged the ideology of the war and posed a threat to the world’s capitalists

War threats flow from logic of imperialism

The world has moved closer towards a deadly military catastrophe in the last week. It’s an utterly chilling prospect.

What’s behind the US attack on Syria?

Donald Trump ordered an airstrike on a Syrian airbase last week and already the establishment is praising the president's "leadership" writes Alex Callinicos


Welcome to America: our vicious border controls just got nastier

Border guards and immigration cops, boosted by Donald Trump's election, are sowing terror and wrecking lives in south western US states. Migrants and campaigners spoke to Alistair Farrow

Who James Baldwin was and why you should see I Am Not Your Negro

Elizabeth Grant-Campbell reviews I Am Not Your Negro, a new film about radical writer and activist James Baldwin, and Dave Sewell looks at the work and politics of a unique fighter against oppression

Marine Le Pen's front for fascism

Front National (FN) presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is riding high in the polls. Dave Sewell argues she remains a committed Nazi despite attempts to detoxify the brand


New TV drama Guerrilla celebrates a hidden history of united anti-racist struggle

The show portrays the Black Power movement in Britain and the state’s quest to crush it—and it’s well worth watching, writes Moyra Samuels

New play pulls no punches about deaths in custody

Custody is a powerful piece of theatre, which examines the impact on an ordinary family whose innocent son dies at the hands of the police in a “routine stop and search”. Meanwhile a Rock Against Racism posters exhibition is on tour

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LETTERS: Don’t frack with Glasgow as the SNP funds the gas conmen

the Scottish National Party (SNP) government was forced into a moratorium on fracking following pressure from below, yet licences are already in place for fracking in working class housing estates in Glasgow.

Pre-pack trick lets bosses profit and dump pensions

Bosses have come up with a new scam to avoid paying pensions.

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