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Issue: 2550

Dated: 18 Apr 2017

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Theresa May calls for snap general election—our chance to get the Tories out

Theresa May’s has called for a general election on 8 June—it means we have a chance to get her rotten Tory government out.

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Cop who shot Anthony Grainger is contradicted at inquiry

The Greater Manchester Police officer who shot Anthony Grainger in March 2012, known only as Q9, had their account contradicted at an inquiry last week.

Will postal workers’ union deliver a fight over Royal Mail’s pension robbery?

Postal workers’ union, the CWU, threatened on Thursday of last week to ballot for strikes to defend pensions.

NUT union backs ballots for a boycott of the hated Sats tests in primary schools

NUT members voted overwhelmingly for ballots aimed at boycotting the hated Sats tests next year.

School cuts could soon mean strikes after teachers back walkouts at NUT conference

Teachers in some English schools could strike in the summer term in response to Tory funding cuts. Delegates at the NUT union’s annual conference in Cardiff unanimously voted for the plan last weekend (see below).

Teachers discuss the fight against racism and resisting Donald Trump's bigotry

Anti-racism was a big theme of the NUT teachers' union conference. Many delegates had visited Calais and Dunkirk in France to support refugees under attack, while others have suffered racism in Britain.

LETTERS - The 45-year wait for justice for Derry’s Manus Deery

Manus Deery was only 15 when he was shot dead by a British solider in Derry in May 1972. The coroner’s finding that he was “a totally innocent victim” is a welcome and long overdue victory for his family.

Social care will collapse unless our unions fight back against the Tories' cuts

As cuts create a massice social care crisis, care workers told Raymie Kiernan the Unison union election is chance to build resistance

The female adventurer who loved Iraq helped the empires carve it up

Letters from Baghdad examines Gertrude Bell known as the female Lawrence of Arabia—but it glosses over Britain’s bloody conquests, writes Eleanor Claxton-Mayer

Refugees clash with police after Grande-Synthe fire leaves hundreds homeless

Clashes with police erupted after the Grande-Synthe refugee camp was burnt down, and the EU has been blasted for turning a blind eye to refugees

Racist rules refuse NHS care to thousands of people due to their immigration status

Cruel immigration checks are putting vulnerable people off seeking the health care they need, writes Dave Sewell

Tory 'tweaks' to disabiilty benefits will hit thousands of claimants

The number of people refused disability benefits has seen a massive spike in the past year.

Rail strikes over safety aren't stopping

More coordinated rail strikes to defend the role of the train guard have been announced by the RMT rail union.

Nazis plan protests in two cities on same day, counter protests called

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is calling on anti-Nazis to join two protests on Saturday 3 June.

Teachers call march as walkouts in three London schools go ahead

NUT union members at three London secondary schools were set to strike this week over job losses that workers say are linked to funding cuts.

Reports round-up

Includes short reports from the latest strikes in manufacturing, IT services, higher education, local government, plus news from abortion rights, housing and climate change campaigns

BMW workers rev up for round of strikes with solid first walkout

Workers mounted a solid picket line outside the Mini car factory in Cowley, Oxfordshire, on Thursday. It was the first in a round of coordinated walkouts by Unite union members against BMW bosses’ plans to rob up to 6,000 workers of their pensions. 

Scottish college lecturers plan escalating strikes ahead of local elections

Scottish college lecturers have announced a series of escalating strikes to force bosses at 20 colleges to honour an equal pay deal struck over a year ago.

Workers at three south east London schools strike against education cuts

Workers at three south east London schools are on strike against cuts today, Thursday. As the Tories plan to impose drastic cuts on schools across England, the workers are at the forefront of the battle to defend education.

'Labour will overturn rigged system'—Jeremy Corbyn launches election campaign

The Labour Party’s general election campaign got off to a fighting start this morning, Thursday. Launching it in Westminster, central London, Jeremy Corbyn attacked the rich—and pledged that Labour would “overturn this rigged system”.

Five reasons to squeeze the rich until the pips squeak

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech has led to howls of rage and amazement from the media and the Tories.

Unite union leader Len McCluskey is re-elected—but vote shows up big problems in union

Len McCluskey has been re-elected general secretary of the Unite union, it was announced on Friday.

Anthony Grainger made ‘no sudden movements’, his friend tells inquiry

The public inquiry into the death of Anthony Grainger heard last week from David Totton. David was in the car with Anthony when he was shot by Greater Manchester police in 2012.


Turkey’s president wins referendum through force and fraud

Protesters took to the streets of several Turkish cities last Sunday after authorities declared victory for president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a referendum. Also: hunger strike in Palestine, mass protests in Serbia

Palestinian hunger strike in Israeli prisons

Between 1,600 and 2,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails began a hunger strike on Monday.

Protests erupt after Serbian election

Protests against president-elect Aleksandar Vucic have swept across Serbia in recent weeks.

Donald Trump’s row with North Korea could prove deadly

Warmongering US president Donald Trump is ramping up tensions across the world to assert the US’s global dominance.

Establishment parties in crisis and fascists on rise after first round of French election

For the first time neither of France’s main parties will be represented in the second round of its presidential elections, after an historic upset in Sunday’s first round.

Over 20,000 march on racist AfD party's conference in Germany

Over 20,000 people protested against the racist Alternative for Germany (AfD) conference in Cologne last Saturday. 


Turkish referendum showed problems facing country's authoritarian ruler

The Turkish referendum result last week showed up the problems facing the increasingly authoritarian president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

Donald Trump - the war president will crash into reality

Missiles in Syria, a mega-bomb in Afghanistan, a potential nuclear confrontation in Korea—what happened to the Donald Trump who ran as a critic of US foreign wars?


How the West wrecked Libya

Libya in North Africa is being torn apart by a grinding civil war stoked by competing imperial powers. The horror there is a painful lesson in why military intervention should be opposed, writes Alistair Farrow

Taking the fight to the Nazis in Wood Green

Forty years ago this week thousands of anti-fascists partly broke up a Nazi National Front (NF) march in north London.

Stalin was the embodiment of a counter-revolution

Joseph Stalin wrote to his Bolshevik party comrade Lev Kamenev in 1912, “I kiss you on the nose, Eskimo-fashion. Dammit! I miss you something awful. I miss you like hell, I swear. I have no one, not a soul to have a proper talk with, damn you.”

After seven years of Tory rule—seven reasons to end it

Tory governments have waged war on ordinary people since 2010, helped until 2015 by their Lib Dem allies. Of the countless reasons to kick them out, Eleanor Claxton-Mayer and Alistair Farrow explain seven of the key ones

New Labour—things only got worse

New Labour swept into office 20 years ago this week. Nick Clark explains how the party is still being punished today for Blair’s attempts to sideline the working class


Albert Camus’ novel plagued by a disappointing adaptation in new play

A new adaptation of the novel The Plague showing at the Arcola Theatre is disappointing with stilted, unpolished performances

New book on Trump details his crimes but falls short on politics

President Trump Unveiled —Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire by John K Wilson, published by OR Books

What We Think

Struggle is key to beating the Tories

The result of the election on 8?June will decide the fate of left wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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Martin Roiser 1945—2017

Martin Roiser died peacefully on Monday 10 April.

Katharina ‘Katya’ Abildgaard 1972-2017

Comrades in Hackney, north london, were shocked to learn of the death of Katharina Abildgaard, shortly after she was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Spooks sat and watched in secret murder trial of spy

A former spy who says he carried out a killing while mentally disturbed by his job was intimidated by the presence of MI5 officers at his trial.

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