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Issue: 2551

Dated: 25 Apr 2017

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Fight to keep racism out of the election

Theresa May is using anti-migrant feeling as a way to divide opposition to her government and to try and win votes.

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Soas university students plan protest against Israeli ambassador Mark Regev

Students at the School of African and Oriental Studies (Soas) in central London are set to protest next week against a planned visit by Israeli ambassador Mark Regev.

Workers back Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to oust Theresa May's Tories

The snap general election on 8 June is an opportunity to kick the Tories out in favour of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. And trade unionists are urging a fight to back Corbyn’s campaign.

Teachers coordinate strikes in London over school cuts - and protests are planned

Workers at three schools in south east London began a coordinated two-day strike against cuts on Tuesday of this week.

Threat of strikes in Royal Mail after CWU conference votes for possible ballot

CWU union members could ballot in August for strikes following a debate at their annual postal conference in Bournemouth on Tuesday.

As walkouts hit schools, BMW, colleges and the railways - strikes are an election issue

Several groups of workers are refusing to put their struggles to one side in the run-up to the general election and are holding successful strikes.

Reports round-up: March shows solidarity with LGBT+ people in Chechnya

Also: Strikes at Fujitsu | May Day walkout at Picturehouse | Ballots at Cemex and Hinckley Point | Woolwich ferry action suspended | Climate protest against Trump | Janitors strike | 70,000 to vote | delay in Kirklees

Postal workers debate how to defeat Tories

Members of the CWU union have voted unanimously to support the Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn in the general election on 8 June.

Wood Green rally remembers stopping the Nazis in 1977 as anti-fascists organise today

Around 500 people gathered at Ducketts Common in North London last Sunday to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the battle of Wood Green.

Unison health conference delegates say - action needed now to defend the NHS

The union leadership’s failure to produce enough resistance to the Tory assault on the NHS defined Unison’s health conference in Liverpool this week.

Strike ballot hits the buffers as threshold thwarts RMT

A vote for strikes by London Underground workers has been possibly the first to fall foul of new Tory ballot thresholds.

School strikes against cuts grow in London

School strikes are spreading across London even before the Tory funding cuts have begun to hit schools.

Brighton university strike is to defend conditions and union rights

UCU union members at the University of Brighton were set to begin a two-day strike on Wednesday this week. Workers will escalate action, culminating in an all-out strike, if bosses don’t back down.

PCS union members resist closure of a job centre office in Sheffield

PCS members at Sheffield Eastern Avenue job centre are showing a clear determination to stop the closure of their office going ahead.

Independence is at the heart of the Scottish election debate

The general election in Scotland is likely to revolve around constitutional questions.

Wealthy investors snap up the bulk of demolished council estates in London

The movement against the demolition of London estates took important steps forward last week.

Corbyn’s left shift can inspire a fight

Jeremy Corbyn made a good start to the election campaign last week when he pledged that Labour would “overturn this rigged system”.


US and its allies rattle sabres in Korea row

The US and South Korea held their “largest ever” annual joint military exercise last week. The Japanese navy is sending two destroyers to rendezvous with US warship Carl Vinson.


Don’t make alliances with the right wing

The idea of a “progressive alliance” is back in fashion. It has been supported both by Caroline Lucas of the Greens and Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party (SNP).


May Day in Russia, 1917 - a beacon to workers across the world

May Day 1917 saw massive celebrations in Russia—but tension was brewing against the provisional government


Reviews—Sleaford Mods film will do well ahead of the elections

This portrait of the musical act Sleaford Mods goes on national cinema release this week.

What We Think

Don’t sit on the sidelines—let’s kick out Theresa May and fight for an alternative

Jeremy Corbyn is energising swathes of people who want to see the back of the Tories.

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LETTERS - NHS workers must boycott health charges and checks

Health workers need to say no to being border guards and no to charges for the NHS (Socialist Worker, 19 April).

The Troublemaker—private firms charge schools £8,000 for a window blind

Schools are locked into contracts that force them to pay high prices for minor items, such as £2,000 for a sink and £8,000 for a window blind.

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