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Issue: 2553

Dated: 09 May 2017

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They’ve got the money - let’s raise the taxes on the rich

The Tories tell us we can’t afford to spend on public services. That’s a bit rich, writes Charlie Kimber

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Forest Hill School teachers strike for seventh time to stop school cuts

Teachers at Forest Hill School struck for the seventh time today, Wednesday, in a battle to stop savage cuts.

Scottish college strikers turn up the heat on the SNP over pay and cuts

The Scottish National Party (SNP) will be feeling the heat today, Wednesday, from a strike of over 4,600 EIS Fela union college lecturers. The workers' second walkout in seven days across 20 further education (FE) colleges across Scotland comes the day before every council is up for re-election.

Tory plot to attack pensions will put more older people at risk

Tory strategists are deciding whether they will gamble on a new way to attack pensioners and future pensioners.

Tory election gains are a serious warning to Labour and the left

The local election results are an urgent warning of what could happen at the general election. They mean the left has to redouble its campaigns against the Tories and for a win for Labour led by Jeremy Corbyn.

Don’t be fooled by the Green Party liberals

For many years the Greens—or at least some of them—seemed to be to the left of Labour.

Glasgow voters say Labour needs to represent workers - and not make cuts

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has emerged as the largest party in the four major cities in Scotland following today's council elections. The Tories also made considerable gains, mainly at Labour's expense.

Birmingham activists say keep racism out of the general election campaign

Over 130 people joined Stand Up To Racism's West Midlands regional summit in Birmingham today, Saturday.

Sunday Times Rich List shows the money’s there for jobs and services

The Sunday Times Rich List, published yesterday, shows the immense wealth that could be used for public services and workers’ wages in a decent society. It also shows how capitalism sucks wealth to a tiny elite.

Cops come under fire after alleged assault during High Wycombe stop and search

A police stop and search of a vehicle in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire has led to several officers facing allegations of assault and threatening behaviour.

Activists say, we’re going to teach the Tories a lesson over school funding cuts

The Tories are in crisis over their planned education cuts. The first copy of the Evening Standard newspaper edited by former chancellor George Osborne last week ran a front page on the crisis.

Tories gain in Scottish elections, but not enough to beat the dominant SNP

The Tories came second in last week’s Scottish local council elections and proclaimed themselves the sole winners.

Lecturers win after unofficial action

A group of teaching staff at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) have scored a significant victory after taking unofficial action.

Brighton - why escalating action works

UCU union members at the University of Brighton have fought off an attempt by their management to effectively derecognise their union.

Build the Unite union's left base after election

The Unite union’s recent general secretary election—in which incumbent Len McCluskey only narrowly beat a right wing challenge—revealed problems in the union.

Lincolnshire bikers take to the roads to protest against A&E closure

Dozens of bikers took to the roads of Lincolnshire to highlight the danger of closing local hospitals last Sunday. It was organised by the Fighting 4 Life Lincolnshire NHS campaign.

Reports round-up: London Bridge 3 dispute to spread across Tube

Also: Bectu conference | DHL pay victory | EHRC cuts strike dates | Scottish councils pay ballot | Abortion demo in Birmingham | March remembers mining disaster in Barnsley

Regional summits aim to kick racism out of the general election campaign

The Tories and right wing press want their racist, nationalist vision for Brexit to dominate the general election campaign.

Health workers in east London get organised at work to take on the racists

Health workers in east London are organising to take the fight against racism into their workplaces.

Rolls-Royce workers rev up as strikes against BMW’s pension robbery spread

Workers making Rolls-Royce cars in Goodwood, West Sussex, struck for the first time in almost 40 years last Friday.

Corbyn can turn his campaign into a revolt against the rich

Large rallies for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have shown what a strong and insurgent Labour election campaign could look like.

Fujitsu under fire as strikers hit trade fair

Unite union members walked out for 24 hours across IT giant Fujitsu’s sites on Monday.

Tenants beat rent hike at One Housing

Housing association tenants in West Ham, east London, scored a victory against their greedy landlords last week.

Ukip ‘crashed car’ as voters return to Tories

The racist Ukip party lost 144 of the 145 seats it contested in last Thursday’s local elections.

Scarborough protesters tell Tory MPs to frack off

While gloating Tory MPs were posing for photos by the seaside outside the count in Scarborough, fracking campaigners held a protest over a recent incident of sea pollution.

Post workers’ unofficial walkout forces Royal Mail bosses to lift reps’ suspension

Postal workers across Milton Keynes and Luton forced bosses into a climbdown from an attack on two union reps with an unofficial walkout on Monday.

Solid walkout in Scotland as EIS Fela members step up their fight

College lecturers in Scotland walked out again today, Tuesday, for their third national strike in a fortnight. It was another demonstration that workers are prepared to take the bosses on.

Theresa May can't hide from questions and protests

Theresa May is finding it increasingly hard to hide away from voters as the general election campaign intensifies. This evening, Tuesday, she arrived at BBC headquarters in London to appear on the One Show.


Right mobilises in Venezuela as left wing president faces crisis

For the second time in three years mass, violent protests by the right wing have provoked a political crisis in Venezuela.

The election of Macron in France won’t solve a ruling class crisis

A neoliberal president in office, all the main political parties in crisis—and fascists waiting in the wings. Dave Sewell says there’ll be more French resistance to come

US Republicans lead the assault on healthcare with new repeal bill

Donald Trump’s US government is pushing through healthcare attacks, but mobilising on the streets can beat them back, reports Alistair Farrow


How protests beat back the Benyon Bill in 1977 and defended abortion rights

Forty years ago this month some 10,000 people marched in London to defend abortion rights. The demonstration, organised by the National Abortion Campaign (NAC), opposed a bill brought by Tory MP William Benyon.

Theresa May promises more than she can deliver on Brexit

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has of course played into Theresa May’s hands. He let his staff leak a thoroughly disparaging account of a dinner she gave for him at Downing Street to a German conservative newspaper.



American Gods sees ancient gods fight for their place in the modern world

Fans of Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods and newcomers alike will find the audacious new TV adaptation worth watching, argues Iven Boldon

New play Octopus pokes fun at racist assumptions of what ‘Britishness’ is

'Octopus' challenges racist assumptions and Paul Mason’s new play fails to breath life into the story of Louise Michel’s exile after the defeat of Paris Commune in 1871.

What We Think

John McDonnell is right - there’s a lot to be learnt from reading Karl Marx

Right wingers have raised the spectre of Communism to discredit Labour’s left wing leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Bring down the borders - and don’t capitulate to Tory racism on immigration

Theresa May this week reaffirmed her vow to cut net immigration by two thirds, to below 100,000 a year. That target eluded her as home secretary—despite law after law and raid after raid to create a “hostile environment” for migrants.

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LETTERS - We ruined May’s day in Bristol - chase the Tories wherever they go

We found out that Theresa May was going to be in Bristol and organised to go down and protest outside. A few of us students from the university went.

Tories launch secret plans to stop your secret messages

The Tories don’t understand encryption so they are trying to get rid of it.

Disabled person’s suicide shows up the Tories’ cruelty over benefit cuts

Government welfare ‘reforms’ are having deadly consequences for disabled people. Eleanor Claxton-Mayer investigates the devastation of the cuts

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