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Issue: 2554

Dated: 16 May 2017

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Labour manifesto that breaks from its past helps lift Jeremy Corbyn's support

Manifesto launch shows an alternative but compromises to right will only weaken it, says Nick Clark

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Tories will face no charges over election expenses claims

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced that after a police investigation into Conservative Party candidates’ expenditure during the 2015 general election campaign, “no criminal charges have been authorised”.

Labour's manifesto is a shift to the left. It's no time for compromises with the right.

Forget the media and right wing denunciations, there are some excellent promises in the Labour Party’s draft election manifesto. It promises to scrap tuition fees, and plough billions of pounds into education and the NHS.

EIS Fela national college strike goes from strength to strength

A major industrial battle is raging in Scotland that the mainstream press has largely ignored for two weeks. Today, Thursday, thousands of college lecturers held their fourth national walkout in a fortnight.

London School of Economics cleaners strike for equality

Outsourced cleaners at the London School of Economics have struck for the same pay and conditions as similar directly-employed workers.

In the Tories’ target towns, there’s still hope for Labour

Luton has suffered under Tory rule. Despite that, the party is hoping to take the town from the Labour Party in the general election.

Adults in the room - the inside story on Greece's bailout blackmail

Workers across Greece were set to walk out in a general strike on Wednesday—against more austerity that a radical left government was elected to end two years ago.

NHS computer crisis: why we should blame the Tories

Years of NHS cuts and pressure to cut staff mean a cyber-attack weapon developed by the US National Security Agency has caused chaos in the health service

Tories deserve to be evicted for empty housing pledge

Don't believe the Tories are going to solve the housing crisis. They are only building developers' profits.

Royal College of Nursing announces a "summer of protest" over public sector pay cap

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) announces a “summer of protest” over the Tories’ 1 percent pay cap.

Theresa May grants workers the right to remain exploited

The Tory manifesto set to be released this week will continue attacks on the whole working class.

SNP-linked lobbyists batting for Scotland's college bosses to beat strike

A secretive and influential firm of lobbyists with close links to the Scottish National Party (SNP) is working on behalf of bosses’ group Colleges Scotland.

Universities threaten massive job cuts

Thousands of jobs are under threat at universities across Britain—and there are signs of resistance.

Barnet’s Tory council retreats from selloffs

Anti-cuts campaigners in Barnet were celebrating a breakthrough after the Tory-run north London council decided to keep its waste, recycling and street cleaning services in-house.

Strike at Arriva depots against rail bosses’ lack of care

Workers at train maintenance company Arriva Traincare were set to walk out over the bosses’ latest pay offer on Friday.

Will only downtrodden workers fight back?

War and hunger sparked the Russian Revolution in 1917, but will only such desperate conditions lead to a revolution?

Bus workers begin ballots in defence of their unions

Over 400 workers across Stagecoach South West buses are balloting for strikes over the victimisation and sacking of a RMT union branch official.

West London teachers fight academies

Dormers Wells High School teachers in Southall, west London, struck last week against their school being turned into an academy.

Manchester housing workers walk out for equal pay

Around 200 social housing maintenance workers rallied outside Manchester Town Hall on Monday.

Big crowds flock to hear Jeremy Corbyn in Yorkshire

A gallery of photographs as crowds greeted the Labour leader in Morley, Sheffield and Leeds

Reports round-up: Protest against Chagos deportation

Protest against Chagos deportation|Walkouts to shatter miserly pay offer |Anti-war protest outside Downing Street|Let’s humiliate the Nazis in Liverpool

Sacked for wanting wages - the reality of workers’ rights under the Tories

Eleven workers fired by swanky restaurant Beach Blanket Babylon (BBB) in Shoreditch, east London, have been holding nightly protests outside it since management sacked them last week.

EHRC strikers resist the onslaught on public sector jobs

Workers at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) are fighting sackings brought on by Tory budget cuts.

Forest Hill strikers battle on as Plumstead Manor strike wins

Strikers formed a noisy picket line at Forest Hill School in south east London. It was the eighth walkout in a struggle to stop cuts.

Nigel Farage is hounded by protesters as anti-racists take on the ‘politics of fear’

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage had to face a Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) protest on his visit to Eastleigh in Hampshire on Sunday.

Education fights can beat the cuts

Large protests and campaigns show the fury at schools funding cuts. A huge march through Lancaster last Saturday showed the fury at a Tory schools funding cuts plan—and potential to build resistance to it.

Birmingham protest to take on the anti-abortion bigots

Abortion rights campaigners are planning a mass demonstration against the “March for Life” in Birmingham this Saturday.

Video of alleged police assault brings the racists out of the woodwork

A video of three people allegedly being assaulted by police in High Wycombe on Friday 5 May after the stop and search of a vehicle has now received 135,000 views.

Fujitsu strikers refuse to give in to IT bosses

Workers at IT services firm Fujitsu struck on Thursday and Friday of last week in a continuing dispute over a raft of cutbacks.

Accelerate action over BMW attacks

Car workers struck at four plants around Britain on Tuesday to stop BMW Group bosses’ closure of their pension scheme.

As college lecturers stage fifth national walkout SNP minister sides with bosses

Scottish National Party (SNP) education minister John Swinney came down on the side of college bosses in the Scottish parliament today, Tuesday, as lecturers held their fifth national walkout.


Deepening divisions in the ruling class over Trump's sacking of James Comey

The FBI director’s sacking shows splits at the top of society that the resistance should exploit, says Alistair Farrow

Protests pile pressure on South African president and miners in Ukraine fight back

South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma was facing a vote of no confidence in parliament this week—just as protests surged in areas around the largest city Johannesburg.


Will Hamas repeat Fatah’s mistakes by ceding ground to Israel?

Nearly 50 years since Israel occupied Palestine’s West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, Palestinian leaders seem further away than ever from getting Israel to leave.

Labour right haven’t a hope - or a clue

The press denunciations of Labour’s leaked draft manifesto have been predictable. “Corbyn’s misguided bid to turn the clock back,” spluttered the Financial Times, “Corbyn’s fantasy land”, the Mail.


Who’s pulling the strings?

Alistair Farrow looks at the power of the media—and its limits


Three Girls - A harrowing view of how system treats survivors of abuse

Socialist Worker readers should watch BBC drama Three Girls, which airs this week.

Prix Pictet at V&A - powerful and socially-engaged

This small exhibition is rich in powerful, innovative examples of socially-engaged photography.

What We Think

Labour can win - if it comes out fighting

Labour could deliver a shock result if it has radical policies and an insurgent campaign

Unaffordable bosses - why we need to tax the rich

Whenever an argument is put for reform that could benefit millions of working class people, right wing commentators tell us it is unaffordable or idealistic.

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Letters: It’s a fraud to say Tories did nothing wrong on expenses

I suspect few readers of this newspaper will have been surprised at the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) last week.

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