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Issue: 2556

Dated: 30 May 2017

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Vote for Corbyn—and get May out

A radical general election campaign can make the Tories sweat

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It’s right to fight the Tories as ‘Big School Assembly’ against cuts draws huge crowd

More than 1,000 people gathered in Mile End Park in east London this evening, Wednesday, in a fantastic show of opposition to school funding cuts.

Striking cleaners push on after their action wins concessions from LSE

Striking cleaners and their supporters rallied outside the LSE university in central London yesterday, Wendesday.

Take to the streets to kick out the Tories, trade unionists decide at PCS conference

The PCS union has committed to use the final weeks before the general election to campaign against austerity and racism.

Stop Britain’s wars to end terror, says Corbyn—while May offers only repression

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to make a bold move today, Friday, by linking Britain's involvement in military interventions overseas and terror attacks at home.

Activists urge SNP to ban the frackers

Campaigners have been mobilising across Scotland as a government consultation of fracking nears end

'Swaggering' union officials 'interfered' in Unison leadership election, report finds

There should be no rerun of the Unison union’s 2015 general secretary election that saw Dave Prentis re-elected for a fourth term despite numerous flaws. That was the Assistant Certification Officer (ACO) Mary Stacey ruling this week.

Tory cuts gave the NHS one of its worst ever winters—and there’s more to come

Hospitals in England “endured one of the worst winters on record” this year, according to damning new research by the British Medical Association (BMA).

‘School cuts are an election issue’ as parents, pupils and teachers protest

Parents, children, teachers and others joined a nationwide day of action yesterday, Friday, against cuts to school funding.

Thousands join Birmingham Pride

Joy and politics at the LGBT+ Pride march

As election day draws closer, shrinking poll gap reveals a radical path to Labour victory

Ten days left to election day, and the result is more uncertain than ever. There’s a chance to shape the result against the arrogant Tories.

Scunthorpe: can Labour hold off the Tories in steel town?

Socialist Worker visited the Lincolnshire seat as part of our tour of constituencies during the general election.

Police raids sow fear in Manchester

The cops’ heavy-handed response to the Manchester attack has chilling echoes of the state’s deadly clampdown that followed the 7/7 bombings in 2005, writes Dave Sewell

Labour's opposition to an independence vote limits its revival in Scotland

Around 1,000 people joined a Labour Party rally in the centre of Glasgow last Sunday. Such a thing would have seemed preposterous before he was leader.

Tories look neither strong nor stable after TV audience puts May on the defensive

Theresa May ditched her “strong and stable” rhetoric during a TV election special last night, Monday, and returned to scaremongering about Brexit.

Reports round up: Union officials block strike by Kirklees social workers

Unison officials block social workers' strikes in Kirklees | Rail strike suspended |Glass workers fight over pay | plus more

Hope for a Corbyn win is enthusing trade unionists - and can inspire a fightback

Kicking out the Tories on 8 June could make society better, people across Britain told Socialist Worker

Tories' social care crisis could help finish them off

Questions continue to haunt Theresa May over the costs of her social care policies and the dementia tax.

UCU union congress calls for national strategy to defeat attacks on education

Delegates gathered for the UCU union’s annual congress in Brighton last weekend. Members in the higher education sector conference defeated the union leadership by backing a motion calling for a “national industrial strategy”.

Spooks, torture, oil and war—how the British state brought terror to Libya

The British state has a long history of interfering in the Middle East

Week-long strikes at Equality and Human Rights Commission roll into Cardiff

Workers at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) struck in Cardiff this week.

Court loss for bosses boosts Argos strikers

Argos distribution workers finished their first round of strikes on the front foot after bosses failed to get an injunction against their action.

Don’t blame Indian workers for British Airways IT failure

British Airways (BA) passengers faced disruption on the bank holiday weekend because of bosses’ drive for profits.

Swashbuckling Picturehouse strikers hope to plunder the Cineworld treasure chest

Picturehouse workers at East Dulwich cinema in south London kept the pressure on last Saturday with a strike hitting the new Pirates of the Caribbean film premiere.

Will the SNP take on austerity? Manifesto tries to have it both ways

At the Scottish National Party (SNP) manifesto launch on Tuesday, leader Nicola Sturgeon asked voters to “strengthen Scotland’s hand, not Theresa May’s”.

Theresa May shows Tory desperation with attack on migrant workers

Theresa May responded to her crumbling lead in the polls by returning to what she knows best. This morning, Wednesday, she lashed out at immigrant workers.

Theresa May in hot water in Bath as she faces protest

Anti-Tory demonstrators caught up with the evasive Tory leader


Nazi threat is growing in Trump's shadow, but meets with resistance

A shocking series of racist murders and provocations serve as a reminder that the bile pumped out by Donald Trump’s White House has consequences in US society.

Massacres made by the West

Two massacres of civilians, including children, each on a greater scale than the Manchester bombing took place last week—and the West was directly involved in both.

Bullying and posturing fail to stifle the resistance as Palestinian hunger strike ends

Palestinians in Israeli prisons declared victory last Saturday after ending a 40-day mass hunger strike.


There’s no such thing as national interest

Theresa May's claims to represent us all are a lie to cover up the class divide

The SNP did not deliver a radical decade in office

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has been in control of the Scottish government for just over ten years. Since the 2014 independence referendum it has been the dominant political party in Scotland.

Jeremy Corbyn was right to link West's war with Manchester attack

Whatever happens in the election, Jeremy Corbyn has earned his place in history. He did this last Friday when he didn’t flee in the face of the Tory attempts to exploit the Manchester atrocity.


Blame the system that creates terrorism

Terrorist attacks are often a brutal response to a brutal world, explains Simon Basketter—and the only way to end the violence is to transform the society that breeds it

Who really rules Britain?

We are told regularly that, unlike dictatorships, ‘the people’ govern Britain. But, says Dave Sewell, it’s the unelected rich and powerful that really have their hands on the wheel

The sailors of Kronstadt saw the best and the worst of the Russian revolution

Working class sailors in the Baltic Fleet were the revolution’s powerhouse—and later the victims of its isolation and decline


Broken explores one priest’s conflict in a heartless world

Jimmy McGovern’s new TV series promises to expose some of the monstrous practices that prey upon poverty rather than alleviate it, writes Sarah Cox

The Shepherd—a cruel tale of greed, developers, land and sheep

Nothing much goes on in Anselmo’s world, which he shares with his beloved dog Pillo. Like any other farmer the land and the weather are the important things in his life.

What We Think

Vote Left in Scotland and take the resistance forward

We call on our readers to vote Left in every constituency—to choose the candidate who is best able to carry forward the fight against austerity and racism and for independence.

Other Categories

LETTERS: Why are people homeless on Manchester’s streets?

In a poll in Manchester last week tackling homelessness was viewed by half the respondents as an important factor in deciding their vote.

Ukip’s racist manifesto is an open declaration of war on Muslims

The racist Ukip party launched its general election manifesto on Thursday of last week

Update: Tory extension of Prevent strategy is a recipe for racism and an alibi for war

Tory home secretary Amber Rudd has promised an “uplift” for the Islamophobic Prevent strategy.

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