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Issue: 2557

Dated: 06 Jun 2017

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With just days to go, Jeremy Corbyn continues to gain support among workers

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to break with Theresa May’s policies of austerity, racism and war.

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Council workers’ strike vote crashes into new anti-union law

Local government workers in Scotland have voted by a clear majority to strike to force council chiefs to improve their latest pay offer but there are no plans for action.

Damaging debate adds to Tory woes as election campaign enters crucial final week

Theresa May's cowardly refusal to appear on a BBC election debate last night, Wednesday, added to the scorn being heaped in the Tories' campaign.

Climate change denier Donald Trump takes US out of Paris climate deal

The US is to pull out of the Paris treaty on climate change, blowing a colossal hole in world governments' environmental strategy.

In the disillusioned Labour marginals, compromise is Corbyn’s worst enemy

In the marginal seat of Halifax, West Yorkshire, the biggest threat to Labour’s vote is disillusion. And only by offering a break with the past can Jeremy Corbyn overcome it.

The Labour right remains a millstone around Corbyn's neck

The Labour right have not stopped their attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, despite the signs of Labour moving forward in the polls.

Feeling the Bern in Brixton

US politician Bernie Sanders came to south London and spread a message of hope that resonates with Corbyn supporters

Over 20,000 march in Glasgow for independence and against Tories

The fight in Scotland for a new referendum is linked to the battle against austerity

Theresa May wants to use London Bridge attack to step up Islamophobia and repression

Prime minister Theresa May is deliberately using the deaths of seven people last night to boost the Tories and encourage revenge against Muslims.

Mobilise against racism after new refugee deaths

After a new refugee tragedy underlined the urgent need to challenge racist immigration laws, anti-racists are preparing to protest straight after the general election on Thursday. 

Jobcentre workers strike against closures in Sheffield

The general election has not stopped workers from taking up the fight for their rights—and that must continue whatever the result.

EHRC strikes roll on to Manchester

Rolling strikes against budget cuts and redundancies at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) entered their final week this week.

‘Don’t attack Islam’—residents at London Bridge reject racist scapegoating

After Saturday’s attack the area around London Bridge in central London was in lockdown.

More powers for the cops won’t make us more safe

Theresa May has said that the Tories will bring in new terror legislation.

It’s the rich who have a ‘magic money tree’—and it needs shaking

 The Tories grow endless cash for the bankers, bosses and their super wealthy friends

The rain doesn't stop one of Corbyn's biggest rallies yet in Gateshead

Some 10,000 people turned out in the pouring rain to see Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speak at a rally in Gateshead last night, Monday.

Slashing schools will be no picnic for Tories

Parents, teachers, children and others joined several protests against school funding cuts last weekend.

Thousands stop Nazis from marching through Liverpool

The rump English Defence League was surrounded and humiliated by anti-fascists, reports Paul Jenkins

Unions shouldn’t bemoan a lack of strikes—but get organising them

There were some grim statistics out last week about strikes and unions.

Reports round-up: Lecturers in Manchester resist jobs cull

Disputes at Manchester Metropolitan University, Argos, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Birmingham bins, Bank of England and London Underground

Anger from unions at new SNP plan to privatise teacher training

The EIS education union has reacted angrily to the Scottish government’s plan to involve private firms in teacher training.

The nasty party’s campaign is incompetent but vicious

The Tories have fought the election by playing on people’s fears. But the strategy doesn’t guarantee their success, writes Alistair Farrow

Fight the threat to the Picturehouse union

The Picturehouse chain of cinemas has suspended eight trade union reps at two of its sites in London but workers are not intimidated

Confronting the restaurant boss who refuses to pay his workers wages

Watch the embarrassing conversation when Socialist Worker confronts Robert Newmark, a boss refusing to pay what he owes to his workers

GMB congress is shaped by the looming election, but delegates slam the Tories

Delegates gathered for the GMB union congress in Plymouth ahead of the general election this week.

Glass workers’ strikes can shatter bosses’ rotten offer

Workers at Sierra Windows in Paignton and DB Glass in Newton Abbott—both in Devon—were set to hold further strikes this week.

More action timetabled by British Airway workers against bosses’ punishment policy

British Airways (BA) “mixed fleet” cabin crew are set to return to the picket lines after a three-month break.

The death toll of the border grows

Days before the election Britain’s border controls killed again. Kim, a Vietnamese refugee, killed himself in a French hospital last Wednesday.

World rulers won’t save the planet from Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s announcement that the US will pull out of the Paris climate agreement sparked a row between rich hypocrites who don’t care about the environment.

People hold big rallies to defend the NHS

Thousands of people have rallied in support of the NHS in the last week, showing their outrage at the Tories’ attacks.

Former Ukip leader, racist Nigel Farage, drowned out by protesters in Ramsgate

It was an excellent afternoon for opponents of Ukip last Saturday.

The radical mood behind Jeremy Corbyn shows there's a thirst for real change

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has shown that millions of people want real change in Britain.

Corbyn cheered and May heckled as campaigning draws to a close

Jeremy Corbyn told thousands of Labour supporters at six simultaneous rallies, “We are going all-out to win this election”.

Tories humiliated as millions vote for Corbyn and real change

The election result is a shattering disaster for the Tories and Theresa May, and a boost to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party and all who campaigned against austerity and racism



Billion dollar cuts cause crisis for Trump administration

In the wake of last Saturday’s horrific attack in London “White House sources” have floated the prospect that Donald Trump could visit Britain “in solidarity”.


Six days that entrenched imperialism

Fifty years ago Israel launched the Six Day War in a bid to shore up its relationship with the US and its murderous rule over Palestine, writes Nick Clark

Migrant workers say—‘Don't blame us for low pay’

Politicians across the spectrum, from the Tories to Labour, accept the myth that migrants are to blame for lower wages. But striking migrant workers are pushing wages up

Manuel Noriega—the murderous stooge the US betrayed in Panama

Colonel Manuel Noriega was a dictator and drug-runner. But he was also a bought and paid-for stooge of US imperialism.

Alexander Kerensky was loyal to the war but a traitor to the revolution

Alexander Kerensky started out on the side of the revolution but betrayed workers’ and soldiers’ demands for an end to the war


The Handmaid’s Tale is a bleak but compelling story of women’s oppression

The new TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s classic feminist text could be the best drama of the year, writes Sarah Bates

Beyond the Great Wave—British Museum’s focus is not on Hokusai’s best

The British Museum is celebrating the most famous figure in Japanese art. Katsushika Hokusai was a prolific print-maker and painter who lived from 1760-1849.

The Other Side Of Hope puts refugees’ struggles in a cold context

Well over a million people have been shoved through Europe’s “reception centres” since the refugee crisis began in 2015. Yet it’s remarkable how little impact this has had on the big screen.

What We Think

If Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister, we’ll need struggle to stop bosses’ sabotage

Socialist Worker urges all its readers in England and Wales to back Jeremy Corbyn and vote Labour.

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A reply to my defeatist, divisive Labour MP: Stop stabbing Jeremy Corbyn in the back

An angry constituent responds to a leaflet from Enfield MP Joan Ryan

LETTERS: ‘Get rid of the dross’—What the Tories think of young working class women

More than three years ago the government approved a group of leading employers to develop standards for entry onto apprenticeships in the early years sector. I was on the group.

Tory MP is charged over 2015 election campaign expenses

TORY MP Craig Mackinlay has been charged with failing to fully declare his 2015 election expenses.

The racist ‘Trojan Horse’ lie hits the rocks after case is thrown out

An Islamophobic scheme to accuse Muslims of taking over Birmingham schools was further exposed as a lie last week. Sadie Robinson says the scandal is how Muslims were demonised

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