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Issue: 2558

Dated: 13 Jun 2017

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Don’t wait for May to leave—kick her out

The most useful thing we can do for Theresa May right now is wait. The worst thing for our side would be to limit, tone down or constrain mobilisation against the Tories.

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Letting the Labour right come crawling back could have ruinous results

After spending all their energy trying to undermine him many right wing Labour MPs are now willing to return to the fold, but they will still try to drag Labour to the right.

‘Bed block’ figures show true scale of crisis in care

The number of patients being forced to remain in hospitals unnecessarily has shot up by more than half.

Don’t let the DUP and Tory bigots roll back our abortion rights

Theresa May’s bid to cling to office with the help of bigots in the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is a threat to abortion rights.

Weakened Ukip are still a threat after the general election

Racist party Ukip won just 2 percent of the vote—down from 12.6 percent in 2015.

Tories turn on each other over the coalition of chaos

The Tories are reeling after last week’s general election—and many want Theresa May to go.

Protest threat scares off Donald Trump

US president Donald Trump has put his proposed state visit to Britain on hold

Huge crowds drawn to Jeremy Corbyn's message in last days of general election

Huge crowds drawn to Jeremy Corbyn's message in last days of general election

Abysmal results for Ukip racists as leader Paul Nuttall resigns

The general election was a disaster for Ukip

Get on the streets to turn the screws on the Tories

Protest: Down With Tory/DUP Racism and Bigotry, Saturday 10 June, 12 noon, Parliament Square, for march to Downing Street arriving 2pm

The DUP—racist, homophobic, anti-abortion bigots with a history of violence

The Tories may hang onto office with the support of the bigots of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland.

Anti-Tory vote was no revolt of Remainers

Some right wingers and liberals are trying to paint the election result as the revenge of Remain voters who want to stay in the European Union (EU).

SNP remain largest party in Scotland—but gloss is coming off its radical image

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has won nearly 1 million votes in Scotland. It gained a 37 percent share of the vote and 60 percent—35 out 59—of Scottish Westminster seats.

Protests defy the Tories and the bigoted DUP

Hundreds of people descended on Parliament Square demanding that Theresa May resigns

Workers at Eat Kitchen relish taste of victory

A successful campaign for union recognition could inspire others, reports?Tomáš Tengely-Evans

LSE strike wins demands for equal pay and conditions

Cleaners at the London School of Economics (LSE) university have won an impressive victory. The outsourced workers had been striking to demand equal pay and conditions to workers employed directly by the university.

Workers fight planned closure of Sheffield jobcentre with a five-day strike

Jobcentre workers in Sheffield began a five-day strike on Monday of this week against Tory plans to close their office.

PCS union reps discuss next steps after rolling strikes at the EHRC come to an end

Rolling strikes by workers in the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) ended in Manchester last week.

Anger grows in EIS union as Scottish college bosses drag their feet over pay deal

Scottish college bosses are still dragging their feet in a long-running dispute over equal pay.

EDL racists hold vicious protest in Manchester

Over 2,000 racists, fascists and other far right elements joined a so-called “march against hate” in Manchester last Sunday. It was called by former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson.  

Bakers union conference calls for trade unions to take the fight to May

The first trade union conference since the general election got underway last Sunday.

Reports round-up

Includes reports of struggles to stop Islamophobia, an unofficial walkout at Sellafield, BA strike called off and housing activists organise

Big picket line in Devon shows workers’ resolve to fight off hated new contracts


More strikes on the cards to stop disastrous DOO?

The RMT rail union signalled its disputes on Southern, Northern and Merseyrail could reignite in the wake of the general election results.

Scottish Labour and SNP fail to channel the Corbyn surge

Election results in Scotland shocked many people after the SNP lost 21 seats.

As parents plan London protest over school funding cuts - pile pressure on the Tories

Parents, teachers, children and others are preparing to protest against school funding cuts in London. The demonstration is expected to be on Sunday 16 July.

Theresa May promises new terror clampdown

New terror legislation is reported to be a dead cert in the Tories’ plan for a minority government, whatever else is dropped.

With Corbyn vindicated by election, we need to keep up the fight to kick Tories out

Labour gained 30 seats and ten percentage points on its vote in last week’s general election proving Corbyn's right wing critics wrong. We need to keep up the resistance to smash the Tories

Furious workers slam their BBB bar boss over months of unpaid wages

More workers from the Beach Blanket Babylon (BBB) have come forward about boss Robert Newmark’s refusal to pay them.

Health bosses put their money before four year old child’s life

A child who is seriously ill with a rare disease is likely to be denied treatment because of new cost-saving measures in the NHS.


Qatar crisis exposes dangerous tensions

A campaign of sanctions and threats against Gulf state Qatar showed up tensions among competing Middle Eastern powers—and confusion among the US ruling class.

Trouble for Trump after top spook Comey's allegations

Congressional hearing damages the US president

Catalonia independence referendum defies Spanish state ban

The Catalan government in Barcelona has called a referendum on independence—defying a ban by the Spanish government in Madrid.

Did the US use white phosphorus weapons in its attacks on Syria and Iraq?

US-led forces stand accused of dropping horrific white phosphorus weapons in Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria.

Main parties' votes collapse in French elections

The traditional main parties in France collapsed in the first round of parliamentary elections on Sunday.


General election shows that politics is polarising back to two parties

Not so long ago it looked as if parliamentary politics in Britain was fragmenting.


How do you deal with debate during a revolution?

It’s a myth that the Bolsheviks were repressive dictators. Open debate was central to their revolutionary method

‘We need a summer of discontent’—activists, trade unionists and Labour supporters on where next after the election

Trade unionists, Labour Party members and campaigners spoke to Socialist Worker about how we can force the Tories from office.

Division and rule in Ireland—how Unionism bolstered empire

Simon Basketter looks at the brutal history of British imperialism in Ireland and the long-standing relationship between the Tories and Unionist bigots


New drama Ackley Bridge must try harder to go beyond the stereotypes

Channel 4’s Ackley Bridge promises a hard hitting exploration of the social issues associated with growing up in poor and supposedly ethnically segregated northern industrial towns.

What We Think

Austerity is a choice which always leaves workers behind

Reeling from their shattering blow in the general election, Tories and right wing press barons have declared that “austerity is over”.

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LETTERS - Tony Cliff showed me that another world is possible

I would like to respond to the tribute to the late Tony Cliff by Alex Callinicos (Socialist Worker, 24 May).

The things they say—Guardian special

The Guardian newspaper has been smugly congratulating itself for eventually backing Jeremy Corbyn. Here are some earlier Guardian headlines...

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