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Issue: 2560

Dated: 27 Jun 2017

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The vile Tory murderers must pay—protests can get them out

The Tories have stitched up a deal with the sectarian murderers and sexist bigots of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

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Theresa May serves up a weak and nasty queen's speech

Theresa May’s queen’s speech has piled further humiliation on the Tories

Hundreds join vigil at Finsbury Park mosque after Islamophobic terror attack

Around 300 people came together for a vigil at Finsbury Park Mosque in north London yesterday, Tuesday. It was in response to an Islamophobic terror attack that killed one Muslim and injured a further 10 on Monday.

Durham TAs demand better from their Unison union and Labour council

Councillors in County Durham backed a proposal to make a fresh offer to teaching assistants (TAs) yesterday, Wednesday.

A year after the Leave vote—fight for a socialist, anti-racist Brexit

A year ago today Socialist Worker welcomed the result of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU). Were we right to do so?

Family demand truth and justice after death of Edson Da Costa who was stopped by cops

A fight for truth and justice is underway after a man died after being arrested in Newham, east London.

'We will support Grenfell fire victims,' says Hillsborough justice campaigner

The Grenfell Tower fire has had a huge impact on some of the people around the Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC). The HJC has pledged support to the families and survivors of Grenfell Tower and will offer any assistance we can.

'It’s a wall of indifference', Grenfell survivor slams council

Joe Delaney, a Grenfell Tower fire survivor, told Alistair Farrow about the incompetence and indifference of the council

Anti-fascists protest in London and Birmingham to keep the Nazis down

Anti-fascists took to the streets to oppose the Nazis in Birmingham and London today, Saturday.

More than 1,000 march against Tories and DUP bigots in London

Over 1,000 protesters marched through central London today, Saturday, as two demonstrations united to take on the Tories.

Protesters furious with the cops demand justice for Edson Da Costa

Bitter anger against the police burst onto the streets of east London last night, Sunday.

Anger over Grenfell murder needs to focus on the very top

If the inferno victims are to see any kind of justice the buck can’t stop at the local council, argues Alistair Farrow

Right wing Labour MPs try to undermine latest gains

New polls have shown left wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn pushing his party to success. But right wing MPs and activists are already finding ways to drag it back to the right.

Bosses who plunged railways into chaos blame the unions that fought back

As rail unions announced new strikes, a long-buried report by former Virgin Trains executive Chris Gibb blamed them for the mess at Southern rail.

Strikes spread in London schools - and teachers' action can stop Tory funding cuts

Teachers at a number of London schools struck this week against cuts and the threats to education.

St Barts hospital cleaners launch bold programme of strikes for more pay

Around 1,000 outsourced hospital cleaners in east London are planning a programme of hard-hitting action against multinational Serco.

Social workers at Kirklees council plan a two-day strike against outsourcing

Social workers at Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire were set to strike on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Islamophobic attacks soar as media and politicians push anti-Muslim hate

Police have reported a surge in Islamophobic “hate crimes” after the Manchester and London Bridge terror attacks last month.

Pro-Palestine activists' legal win pressures Zionists - but Tory attacks continue

A court ruling slapped down Tory attempts to curb the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign last week—giving a boost to pro-Palestinian campaigners.

Durham teaching assistants ‘will not be divided by dodgy deal’

Teaching assistants (TAs) across County Durham are gearing up to reject a deal cooked up by the Labour-run council and union officials.

Unison conference—members want less talk and more action from Dave Prentis

Since his re-election as Unison general secretary in December 2015 Dave Prentis’ leadership has been rocked by scandal and former allies now challenge his leadership.

Reports round up: nurses demand higher pay


British Airways dispute takes off with two-week strike

British Airways (BA) cabin crew were set to begin a two-week walkout this Saturday against the firm’s policy of removing their staff travel concessions.

Lecturers walk out against attacks in higher education

Lecturers and other university workers in the UCU union at Leeds University struck last Thursday.


Trump’s racist Muslim ban is back on

Donald Trump’s racist Muslim Ban was given the green light by a unanimous vote of the US Supreme Court judges on Monday.



Defend migrants, not the European Union

The left needs clarity in the Brexit debate. Dave Sewell argues that socialists should defend freedom of movement for migrants—and dump the bosses’ single market

Support for national rights strengthened the 1917 Russian Revolution

The Bolsheviks backed national rights for oppressed groups as a way of overcoming ‘Greater Russian chauvinism’

West of both worlds - inside the segregated borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Grenfell Tower fire has exposed the deep inequality at the heart of Kensington and Chelsea.


The Place is Here—exhibition celebrates our unity against the racists

An art exhibition in London and Middlesbrough shows black artists taking on racism and empire but it falls short on class politics, says Antony Hamilton

These Trees are Made of Blood—a jarring cabaret of state oppression and resistance

This horrifying cabaret pays tribute to the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo—women who never stopped searching for their children “disappeared” by Argentina’s dictatorship.

What We Think

Royal value for money?

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, survivors had to fight to get help from the authorities. But there’s always money for the rich.

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Prodigy 1974-2017

US rapper Prodigy died on Wednesday of last week.

'The Daily Mail won’t stop me protesting over Grenfell blaze'

I was attacked in the Daily Mail newspaper last week, along with others on the left, for protesting over the Grenfell Tower fire.

LETTERS: Shame on Radiohead for breaking the boycott of Israel

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke has refused to observe the cultural boycott of Israel and will play a gig in Tel Aviv in July.

Loyalist terrorist’s 200 guilty pleas keep collusion hidden

Ulster Volunteer Force terror boss-turned-supergrass Gary Haggarty pleaded guilty to 200 terror related offences last week

Israel’s power cuts push the Gaza Strip deeper into crisis

Gaza is a city ready to burst. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are suffering after Israel drastically cut their power supply last week.

Grenfell Tower fire

All of our coverage on the mass murder at Grenfell Tower

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