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Issue: 2563

Dated: 18 Jul 2017

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The Tories are the living dead - end the zombie regime

A letter of no confidence in Theresa May is already circulating among Conservative MPs.

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John McDonnell vows support for BA strikers rallying outside parliament

Striking cabin crew took their fight against poverty pay to parliament today, Wednesday.

New reports say Britain’s state has ‘failed’ child refugees - and makes others less safe

Britain’s government has let down refugee children in Europe, and patrols it supports in the Mediterranean have led to more deaths.

Four weeks after the Grenfell fire, vigil focuses grief and anger

Survivors and local residents gathered to remember the dead and demand justice last night, Wednesday.

Contaminated blood victim says, inquiry must deliver real justice

Glenn Wilkinson is one of thousands of people who were treated with contaminated blood in the 1970s & 1980s – and has spent years campaigning for justice. He spoke to Socialist Worker about the impact of the scandal, what lies behind it – and the kind of inquiry campaigners want to see

Buoyant mood on the Barts health picket lines as strikers win support

Striking east London health workers have spoken about the big support they’ve received in their fight against low pay.

School strikes in Ealing show the way to beat back academies

Strikes at a primary school in Ealing, west London, have scored a significant victory in a battle against academies.

Hundreds of striking Barts health workers join march in London

Hundreds of NHS workers start a new strike on 25 July. Recently they held a powerful march

Parents take to the streets of London against school funding cuts

Hundreds of parents, children, teachers and others marched in London against school cuts today, Sunday.

Schools face real terms cuts as Greening announces no new money

Tory education secretary Justine Greening confirmed this week that schools across England face real terms funding cuts.

Anti-racists in Cambridge and Manchester take action after Islamophobic abuse

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) activists mobilised last week in response to racist attacks in Manchester and Cambridge.

Jeremy Corbyn rallies support - but gives ground to the Labour right

Mobilisations bring success but bitter Labour MPs still want more concessions, reports Nick Clark

Arrogant Tories have robbed our wages with public sector pay cap

Chancellor Philip Hammond is not denying reports that he told his cabinet colleagues that public sector workers are “overpaid”.

Family and friends of Edson Da Costa appeal for support with fundraiser

The family and friends of Edson Da Costa have organised a fundraiser to help with funeral and legal costs.

Reports round-up

Shorts reports from the week including industrial action, refugee solidarity, opposing Ukip and resisting council cuts

Eastern Avenue jobcentre walkout in Sheffield shows how to beat DWP cuts

Workers at a jobcentre in Sheffield began their second week-long strike on Monday.

United national action can derail Tory assault on train unions and safety

Workers have announced fresh strikes that will shut down the Southern rail network.

United anti-fracking protest shuts Lancashire site

About 200 anti-fracking activists and trade unionists blocked the entrance to the Preston New Road Cuadrilla site in Lancashire last Friday.

Royal Mail ‘heading for a dispute’ on pension attack

Leaders of the CWU union have said they are certain to be heading for a dispute with Royal Mail over an attack on postal workers’ pensions.

Grenfell fire victims take their rage to top cops and council

A month on from the Grenfell Tower fire, angry survivors and residents were set to demonstrate outside a Kensington and Chelsea council meeting

Contaminated blood campaigners fear new inquiry could be just another cover-up

Survivors of the contaminated blood scandal have rejected a meeting with the Department of Health (DoH) because it is “implicated” in the scandal.

Shouts of 'murderers' from Grenfell survivors as council leader elected

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower, treated with contempt by Kensington and Chelsea council for over a month, had a chance to speak last night, Wednesday. They did not hold back.

Anti-racists organise after third fire attack on mosque in Manchester

A mosque used mainly by Nigerians in Manchester was set ablaze last Sunday after a four-year campaign of racist harassment.

Mears housing workers in Manchester fight for better pay and want outsourcing to end

Some 180 workers who maintain homes for Manchester city council are two weeks into a four week continuous strike

Failings in care contributed to death of Sarah Reed in prison, inquest finds

The death of Sarah Reed in Holloway prison in January 2016 raises questions about the whole prison system


Lebanese socialist activists targeted after call for solidarity with Syrian refugees

Activists from the Socialist Forum in Lebanon are facing a campaign of threats and intimidation after they called for a protest in solidarity with Syrian refugees.

US election deal with Russia comes back to bite Donald Trump after emails leak

Will new revelations start to unravel US president’s tangled web of lies about lies, asks Simon Basketter

Israeli clamp down at Al Aqsa mosque marks new crackdown on Palestinians

Israel has launched a new crackdown on Palestinians in East Jerusalem, restricting Muslim access to the Al Aqsa mosque compound.


Time ticks away on the Tories’ collapsing cabinet

Tony Blair's latest intervention in the Brexit debate shows him to be unusually self-deluding even by his standards. He still doesn’t seem to understand that every time he opens his mouth he damages whatever cause he’s supporting.


How can we save the planet and stop catastrophic climate change?

Capitalism generates environmental damage and climate chaos—but we have the power to stop it by transforming the world, author Ian Angus explained to Dave Sewell

‘Bread, peace and land’ connected peasants with workers in the Russian Revolution

The question of how the revolutionary party relates to all groups in society remains relevant for the struggle today

Detroit 1967 - five days of riots against the cops when the motorcity was burning

Fifty years ago Detroit, the Motorcity, exploded in five days of rioting. The uprising marked the end of the Civil Rights era and the birth of Black Power


Soul of a Nation exhibition paints a bold picture of Black Power

A powerful new exhibition at Tate Modern brings together the work of black artists from across decades of struggle in the US, writes Harold Wilson

War for the Planet of the Apes—Attempt at gorilla warfare ends in monkey business

The film did not live up to the preceding films and seemed unsure of what it was trying to be.

A Good Day to Die, Hoka Hey—photographer’s film avoids the big picture

There is a stereotype of war photographers as hard-living egoists hooked on the adrenaline of the chase.

What We Think

Warmongers throw good money after bad

How much bang for your buck do you think you’d get for a £100 million fighter jet?

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LETTERS: Fans are organising to stop the racist Football Lads Alliance

Raymie Kiernan’s piece on the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) was timely (Socialist Worker, 5 July). As Raymie says, the FLA is trying to learn lessons from the English Defence League’s (EDL) implosion.

Orange culture and heritage on display at flute band party

A fancy dress party organised by a flute band in an Orange Order hall has caused outrage after it was won by a man and woman dressed as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

Victims speak out over contaminated blood agony - and call for justice

With a possible inquiry on the way, contaminated blood scandal victims spoke to Sadie Robinson

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