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Issue: 2565

Dated: 01 Aug 2017

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Taking up the fight against the local authority cuts

As Bristol’s mayor calls for protest against Tory austerity, Sadie Robinson looks at the fight against council cuts

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Mears housing workers protest as part of strike against pay differential

Workers were on the move in central Manchester today, Friday, as strikers from Mears housing came to the town hall instead of mounting a picket.

A beginning of the end for shame

The contradictory Sexual Offences Act of 1967 didn’t stop gay oppression in Britain—but it was an early harbinger of revolts that won much more, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Fury and barricades in Hackney after death of Rashan Charles

Anger against the police and racism bursts on to the the streets of Hackney, east London

Serco strikers go from strength to strength - join their protest

Solidarity from trade unionists and campaigners throughout this week has spurred outsourced health workers in east London to take on multinational Serco.

Protest demands justice for black men killed after contact with police

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott spoke to protesters outside Stoke Newington police station in Hackney today, Saturday.

‘We will fight for justice for Darren Cumberbatch’

Over 350 people have attended a march in Nuneaton, Warwickshire over the death of Darren Cumberbatch after contact with the police

Exclusive: witnesses speak out on how Darren Cumberbatch died

Speakers at a rally and other witnesses have given their accounts of how Darren Cumberbatch died

Nearly two months after the Grenfell fire - survivors displaced and buildings unsafe

The fire left hundreds of people without homes and saw dozens of buildings fail new safety checks—and two months later neither problem is being addressed, reports Alistair Farrow

Big care firms grab a subsidy from the Tories while workers get paid peanuts

The Tory government confirmed it will “temporarily suspend” enforcement of minimum wage rules for big care firms last week, following corporate lobbying. And it has potentially handed them a huge subsidy.

Tory Brexit plan will make migrants more vulnerable

The free movement of people between Britain and the European Union (EU) is set to end with Brexit in March 2019, the Tories have decided.

Birmingham man in critical condition after cops shoot him

Sharif Cousins was shot in the chest in Hereford Close, Birmingham, by police last Wednesday.

Reports round-up: HMRC workers protest against the pay cap

Also: Demo against Trump | Strike vote at Chivas | Picturehouse ready for new strikes | Ballot at Coventry children's services | Post Office pay ballot | Conviction overturned for nuclear protesters

Overwork in children’s services

Ofsted inspectors said that Kirklees council in West Yorkshire Children’s Services staff are “not able to complete all the tasks needed to support children and families effectively”.

Stop Mark Carney laughing all the way to the Bank

Workers picketed the Bank of England wearing masks of its rich governor Mark Carney this Tuesday as they began a three-day strike for better pay.

Freedom Riders’ demo at cop's trial

More than 30 Freedom Riders travelled to York on Monday to demonstrate outside a British Transport Police disciplinary hearing.

Organise against the Football Lads Alliance to rain on racists’ parade

The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) tries to pretend it is respectable but has attracted some of the worst elements of the far right.

Strike called at Arriva Traincare as Southern dispute rolls on

Workers at train maintenance company Arriva Traincare were set to walk out on Friday 18 August over their bosses’ latest refusal to improve a pay offer.

Anti-fascists mobilise in Rochdale against the EDL

For the second Saturday in a row, anti-fascists protested at a fascist incursion into the town of Rochdale last weekend.

UCU misses an opportunity to encourage pay resistance

Workers in the UCU union in higher education have voted to accept a below-inflation pay offer. Bosses had offered just 1.7 percent.

Uber workers ready for a renewed fight over ‘gig economy’ rights

Two workers who brought the landmark employment tribunal case against taxi firm Uber over their bogus self-employment are back in court in September.

BA cabin crew will not be conned by brutish bosses

Striking cabin crew have squeezed their first concession out of intransigent British Airways (BA) bosses—and refuse to be conned back to work.

Strikers in Brum refuse to be trashed by council

Bin workers in Birmingham are waging a heroic fight against the Labour council’s funding cuts. Labour councils often condemn Tory austerity while passing it on.

Fracking giant Ineos gets protest injunction

The courts handed a big present to Ineos, the largest shale gas exploration company in Britain, on Monday.

Grenfell Tower survivors ask, ‘Can we trust the legal system?’

A public meeting on Wednesday this week underlined the deep mistrust survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire feel towards the inquiry panel headed by Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

'Scrap the cap!' - Royal College of Nursing begins protests over public sector pay cap

Chants of "Scrap the cap" rang out in front of Downing Street as over 200 nurses protested against the Tories' 1 percent public sector pay cap in central London today, Thursday.

Grenfell: corporate manslaughter charges are not enough

Police investigating the Grenfell Tower fire have announced that they may have “reasonable grounds” to suspect that corporate manslaughter offences have been committed.

'The tide is turning' - BA striker speaks out about aviation industry's longest running strike

As of Friday British Airways (BA) cabin crew have struck for 70 days. The current four-week strike is set to run to 15 August.


Israel backs down from Al Aqsa clampdown

Mass protests last Friday forced Israeli forces to reopen the Al Aqsa mosque to all worshippers.

Splits won’t stop nasty offensive from Trump

Splits within the US ruling class threaten to topple US president Donald Trump—but they may not be enough on their own.

Vote in Venezuela shows weakness of the right wing opposition to Maduro

Elections to Venezuela’s new constituent assembly last Sunday saw long voting queues in poorer, more pro-government neighbourhoods.


The logic behind the crossover between Holocaust deniers and Israel’s allies

If you keep crying “Wolf!” don’t be surprised when the real beast enters the room.


Russian Revolution gave a glimpse of how we can uproot women’s oppression

Russia’s revolution showed there can be no women’s liberation without socialism, and no socialism without women’s liberation

Photographs of the Battle of Lewisham in 1977 against the Nazi National Front

Photographs of anti-fascist protest Lewisham 1977. To reproduce these images contact

The scramble to save the treasure of the Tsars

After revolution overthrew Russia’s ruling Tsars, a lucrative industry grew around relics of the old regime


Tragedy rubs shoulders with controversy at Edinburgh Festival

This year’s Edinburgh Festival has been caught up in political controversy before it has even begun.

Sexism has undermined Game of Thrones’ wide appeal

The seventh season of Game of Thrones is well underway and has been met with much rejoicing from fans.

What We Think

Seize our rulers’ crisis to win real change

The people at the top of society are in trouble. We need to be organised to exploit their vulnerability and force them out, and fight for a better society in the process

Courts protect warmonger Tony Blair

British newspapers were furious at a bomb maker who was jailed on terror charges last week.

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LETTERS: To defend jobs and the planet, our unions must do better

Unite union assistant general secretary Tony Burke praised the car industry, especially the “close working relationship” between employers and union.

Scuppered—Katie Hopkins and the nautical Nazi people smugglers

A gaggle of far right fools have managed to make a mess of “Defending Europe”.

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