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Issue: 2566

Dated: 08 Aug 2017

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Fat cats rake it in—make them pay out

Some newspapers last week reported that Britain’s top bosses have suffered a 17 percent pay cut. The real news is that the gap between bosses’ and workers’ wages is growing.

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Low paid workers would take 316 years to earn the average fat cat's annual salary

A worker earning the average wage in Britain of £28,000 a year would take 160 years to earn what the average company chief executive earns in one year.

Police account unravels as IPCC confirms Rashan Charles did not swallow drugs

The cops’ pet watchdog, the IPCC, confirmed yesterday, Wednesday, that Rashan Charles did not swallow drugs before he died.

Striking workers protest against bosses in London as pay fights hot up

Chants of “low pay—no way” rang out in the City of London financial district today, Thursday, as workers from three disputes took to the streets.

Birmingham refuse workers need solidarity in fight against cuts and in defence of union

Refuse collectors in Birmingham are on strike for the fifth week against a Labour council's plan to tear up their agreed working conditions.

Families speak out on anniversary of police killing of Mark Duggan

The mothers of Mark Duggan and Jermaine Baker demanded an end to police killings on the sixth anniversary of Mark's death in Tottenham yesterday, Friday.

Gareth Peirce says there are serious questions over the Birmingham terror trial

Three men from Birmingham and a man from Stoke-on-Trent were convicted last week of plotting terror attacks. Naweed Ali, Khobaib Hussain, Mohibur Rahman and Tahir Aziz were jailed for life on Thursday of last week.

Picturehouse cinema strikers vow to continue fight as union calls fresh ballot

Workers at five Picturehouse cinema sites in London walked out on Friday and Saturday as part of their long-running campaign.

New group demands Labour back freedom of movement

Labour activists, MPs and some trade union leaders have launched a campaign to “defend and extend” freedom of movement for migrants into Britain.

Tory cuts force hospitals to turn pregnant women away and close maternity wards

Some 44 percent of hospital trusts responding to Freedom of Information (FoI) requests said they had turned away pregnant women due to lack of resources. And the crisis appears to be intensifying.

We still need a pay rise, says TUC—but we’ll need a bigger fight to get it

The TUC union federation has called a major lobby and rally of parliament on 17 October “to tell our MPs that Britain’s dedicated public servants need a pay rise”.

New Tory figures expose the cruelty of their cap on benefits

The number of people hit by the Tory benefit cap rocketed after the threshold was lowered last November, according to government figures released last week.

‘We’ve got no faith in Grenfell fire inquiry’

Tenants organise as landlords and Tories refuse to act on the lessons of the disaster

Edson DaCosta's mother dies

The mother of Edson Da Costa has died because of shock after losing her only son, his family has said.

Anti-fracking campaigners in the dock

Twelve protesters, including three local councillors, were brought before Blackpool Magistrates Court on Monday for resisting firm Cuadrilla’s attempt at fracking.

McDonald’s workers to ballot for strikes to demand £10 an hour and a union

Workers at two McDonald’s restaurants in Cambridge and Crayford, south London, are preparing to ballot for strikes

Royal Mail workers could ballot as talks with bosses ‘far from agreement’

Royal Mail workers could ballot for industrial action as early as this month. Bosses are preparing to launch a massive attack on workers’ pensions, wages and conditions.

Sheffield steel workers fight for first pay rise in a decade

Steel workers in Sheffield are planning their next strike after a two-week walkout over pay ended on Monday.

Industrial round-up

Outsourcers swept away| Three-week strike at Argos| Bosses are on the rocks


Trump ramps up tensions in Asia

Warmonger in chief Donald Trump is ramping up tensions in Asia with fresh sanctions against the North Korean dictatorship.

Military base attacked in Venezuela as right stoke violence against left wing government

A raid on a Venezuelan military base has raised the threat of a military coup or outright civil war

Donald Trump backs Republican senators’ plan to slash legal immigration in half

Racist, sexist US president Donald Trump stepped up his assault on ordinary people last week


It's anger that fuels votes for an alternative

Is it really any wonder that people backed a manifesto that sought to reverse some of the worst effects of that crusade for the richest in society?

Do workers need a new strike ballot after 12 weeks?

Groups of workers who’ve led impressive strikes this year have then halted their action to run a second ballot once 12 weeks have passed.


Venezuela, struggle and the left

As right wing opposition to Venezuela’s government grows, Andy Brown spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about the forces on the ground and the potential to change society

Lewisham 1977 - forty years on from when we smashed the Nazi National Front

Forty years ago this week thousands of protesters blocked a Nazi march in south east London—and made history.

Does the fight for workers’ power mean dictatorship?

The ruling class won’t allow a socialist society to develop, so workers need their own instruments of class rule


Valerian—a magnificent sci-fi mess that gets lost in excess

As special effects catch up with the vision of filmmakers and directors, the plots of science fiction epics need to race to keep up, writes Ken Olende

Bleak, unsettling, and powerful images in Gregory Crewsdon's exhibition

For the first time ever three floors of the Photographers’ Gallery have been given to a single exhibition—and it does not disappoint.

Culture round up

Polly Nor

What We Think

Who really tolerates tyrants?

Politicians and pundits have whipped themselves up into moral outrage over Venezuelan “dictator”—or rather, elected president—Nicolas Maduro.

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LETTERS: Five years after massacre, South African workers have unfinished business

Five years ago on 16 August South African police shot dead 34 striking miners at the Lonmin Corporation’s Marikana mine.

Keep the health department off the contaminated blood inquiry

A former bishop brought in to save the contaminated blood scandal inquiry has said the Department of Health (DoH) should be removed from the inquiry.

Tories’ punishment and privatisation fuels crisis in prisons

Prison riots that broke out last week put the spotlight on the overcrowded jail conditions in England and Wales under Tory rule. Simon Basketter investigates

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