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Issue: 2567

Dated: 15 Aug 2017

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Grief and anger after anti-racist killed in US—Trump has blood on his hands

President Donald Trump’s racism has fuelled the far right violence on the streets, writes Alistair Farrow

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Tories trashed in by-elections and votes for racist Ukip party dwindle

Labour won four out of six council by-elections held on Thursday of last week. And in two of them—Margate Central and Milton Regis—Jeremy Corbyn’s party took the seat from the racist Ukip party.

Low paid university workers provide a lesson for the whole labour movement

If anyone is unsure what low paid, largely migrant workers can achieve when their union supports them, look no further than our inspirational fight at Soas—the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Anti-fracking protests against Cuadrilla show that action can block big bosses

Residents of northern Lancashire have had everything thrown at them to drive through fracking—and they are still standing strong.

No bin collections in eight weeks for some as Birmingham strike escalates

Refuse workers in Birmingham are stepping up their action today, Friday, with a new strike timetable that even bosses say will bring bin collections to a halt.

Abuse survivor slams police for paying convicted child rapist in Newcastle case

A survivor of child sexual exploitation has spoken out against the use of a convicted child rapist as a police informant in the Newcastle abuse case.

Murder in Charlottesville—car ploughs into protesters in far right-inspired attack

A woman has died and at least 19 other people injured after a far right-inspired attack on anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, in the US.

BA bosses under pressure as cabin crew dig in with another two-week strike

British Airways (BA) cabin crew are digging in for the next two weeks in their ongoing strike—and underneath bosses' carefully maintained facade of normality their action is taking a toll.

Cops accused of ‘dragging out’ the wait for justice for Edson Da Costa

Relatives of Edson Da Costa are still waiting for answers over why the 25 year old father died after being stopped by police.

Glasgow council janitors sweep to victory after long fight for ‘dirty money’

Glasgow janitors have won their long-running pay battle against the city council. The Unison union members voted by 90 percent on Monday to accept a new deal equivalent to a 6 percent pay rise.

Anti-fascists remember beating the National Front in Lewisham

Anti-racists and anti-fascists gathered in south east London last weekend to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Lewisham.

Philip Hammond’s Brexit mess shows splits in the Tories

The Tories made a show of ending their summer of Brexit bickering this week in the run-up to Theresa May’s return from holiday.

Barts health trust strikers step up action to beat Serco

Outsourced health workers in east London are ramping up their fight against multinational Serco.

Action at Argos comes just in time

Workers at Argos distribution centres began a three-week strike on Tuesday, demanding guarantees over redundancy and severance packages.

Corbyn on front foot with NHS rallies as crisis deepens

As NHS waiting lists grew to their longest in a decade, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is speaking out against cuts and privatisation at rallies in Tory constituencies.

Angry Grenfell survivors have no homes and no answers two months after fire

Some 500 people demonstrated on Monday evening to remember the dead of the Grenfell Tower fire. Although the march was silent, the anger was palpable.

Reports round-up

Fight to keep gallery open|Ballot on the horizon for DVSA workers|Big Pride in Levenshulme|Sellafield glows as workers rage over pay|Action called for a £10 an hour wage

Builders demand equality

Up to 100 construction workers in the GMB and Unite unions were joined by supporters at King George Dock in Hull on Monday to protest for equal pay

Hillsborough trial to go ahead

Trials of five people charged over the Hillsborough football disaster will go ahead after an initial court hearing on Wednesday of last week.

Nazi Britain First humiliated in Wolverhampton

Anti-fascists in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands mobilised at short notice against a surprise visit by Nazi group Britain First on Saturday.

Union could deliver national mail strike

Postal workers in Royal Mail could soon walk out for their first national strike since 2009.

Tube bosses’ two-tier plan beaten back by action threat

London Tube bosses’ attempt to opportunistically seize on safety concerns raised by union members has been thwarted by the threat of industrial action.

Resistance at jobcentres grows in two-week walkout

Workers at a jobcentre in Sheffield began a two-week strike on Monday in their ongoing fight to save their office from closure.


Nazi boat is blocked in Mediterranean ports, but refugees face other obstacles

A boat hired by far right activists to stop NGOs from rescuing refugees has been turned away from a series of Mediterranean ports.

Mahalla textile workers in Egypt hold huge sit-in over austerity

The textile factories of Mahalla are once more a frontline of resistance, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

European Union crackdown drives refugees to Spain on new dangerous sea route

The number of refugees crossing the sea to Spain has tripled in a year. And in other international news Israeli army officers have talked up the possibility of a new war on Palestinians

Trump risks deadly war over rivalry with China

US president Donald Trump has warned that the US military is “locked and loaded” with “military solutions fully in place” in a confrontation with North Korea.

Israeli leader Netanyahu in trouble—but so is Gaza Strip

Israeli army officers have talked up the possibility of a new war on Palestinians as they moved to tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip


Sexist attitudes behind police failings in Newcastle abuse case

Sexual abuse and sexist attitudes aren’t the preserve of Asian men. They are at the heart of capitalist society. And this explains police failings.


Capital—a vampire at work

The first volume of Karl Marx’s Capital was published a century and a half ago. Joseph Choonara, author of a new reader’s guide to the work, explains its relevance today

Our terrified rulers spread lies to undermine revolution

Fearing that they would also be toppled, ruling classes across the world organised to crush the Russian Revolution of 1917

How the dying British Empire tore India in half—and how it could have been stopped

Seventy years ago this week the British Empire left India after decades of brutal rule


Detroit exposes the racism of US society in the 1960s

The racism that caused the 1967 Detroit riots is honestly documented in Kathryn Bigelow’s new film and makes painful viewing

New Akala EP about black history hits the right notes

A new and ambitious EP from west London MC Akala looks at the history of black people’s oppression—and their resistance.

What We Think

Wages down, prices up—time to fight the Tories' squeeze on our living standards

The Tories and bosses tried to spin new inflation figures released on Tuesday as good news for workers.

Sierre Leone mudslide death toll is no ‘natural’ disaster

Landslides and flooding killed hundreds of people in the West African state of Sierra Leone on Monday.

Other Categories

LETTERS: Bosses need to pay care workers our due

Care workers should be paid the minimum wage for sleep-in shifts (Socialist Worker, 2 August) but we’re still waiting for our back pay.

Warning—fat cat thieves are operating out of your train station

Commuters in Britain spend six times as much on rail fares as passengers in the rest of Europe.

Every train still needs a guard—as the rail tycoons know full well

With leaked emails, a trial by jury and an accident report, evidence against the Tories’ push for ‘driver-only operation’ is mounting, writes Raymie Kiernan

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