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Issue: 2568

Dated: 22 Aug 2017

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Tories' racist scheme to bury the truth about Grenfell

Survivors and other people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire have been cynically and shamefully betrayed by the Tories.

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BA cabin crew hold surprise protest outside Heathrow bosses' offices

Striking British Airways (BA) cabin crew went on the offensive today, Wednesday, with a surprise protest at the offices of Heathrow Airport Ltd.

Council chiefs ‘outdone’ as workers score victory in Birmingham bins dispute

Through a sustained and escalating series of strikes, refuse workers in Birmingham have stopped the Labour council’s attack on their terms and conditions.

Grenfell Tower Tory now giving advice on 'protecting front-line services'

Disgraced former leader of Kensington and Chelsea council Nicholas Paget-Brown has landed on his feet

Signed, sealed, delivered - Argos workers strike

A strike by Unite union members at Argos' distribution centres is hitting hard.

Tories' racist muddle over Brexit should be open goal for Labour

Brexit secretary David Davis's immigration proposals are desperate and dangerous—and the reactions to them are revealing.

London protest slams Trump after Charlottesville horror

Up to 200 people rallied at the US embassy in London today, Saturday, in solidarity with the movement against Donald Trump in the US.

Can Corbyn revive hope for Labour in Scotland?

Tour heads north after successors in England and Wales—but the Scottish Labour leadership is a problem, writes Nick Clark

Action is urgently needed over pay as Tory ‘living wage’ is found too low to live on

The Tories’ sham “living wage” is not even enough to allow families to support their children, according to a shock new report by the Child Poverty Action Group.

‘We’re not lovin’ it’—striking back at McDonald’s bullies

Bfawu union members are set for an historic strike as activists organise around £10 an hour

Push for a nationwide strike at the DWP to stop job losses and jobcentre closures

More than 800 public sector workers are to be made redundant in the next six months, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced last week.

Protesters in Newcastle oppose Nazis’ attempt to exploit abuse

Anti-racists protested in Newcastle city centre last Saturday to stop Nazis exploiting a child abuse scandal.

Coordinated action to keep guards on trains

Rail union RMT announced a series of strikes in its ongoing campaign against the bosses’ push to extend driver only operation (DOO) and get rid of guards. This is a plan driven by the Tory government.

Reports round-up: Peace activists won’t be intimidated by cops at Menwith Hill

Also: London bus control workers to strike | Council workers ballot in Coventry | Rashan Charles inquest delayed | Sellafield bosses ban meeting ahead of ballot

Doncaster bin bosses caught out hiring scab labour

As bin workers in Doncaster were set to strike this week, bosses were caught out using agencies to hire scab workers. This could be illegal.

Barts health dispute at critical stage

The fight by outsourced health workers in east London against multinational Serco is at a critical stage.

A song of ice on fire—Greenland burns

What appears to be Greenland’s largest ever fire is now burning into its fourth week. First spotted on 31 July, it’s expected to stay ablaze well into September.

Let’s party against the racists at Notting Hill Carnival

Love Music Hate Racism will be part of this year’s Notting Hill Carnival event in west London.


Thousands organise against Nazis and the far right in US

US anti-racists are organising against the Nazis and far right who have been bolstered by Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn them.

Muslims and anti-racists in Barcelona won't let far right exploit terror attack

Muslims, anti-racists and anti-fascists are organising in Catalonia to resist any Islamophobic backlash after terrorist attacks on Thursday night

Nazis outnumbered by anti-fascist protesters across the US

Thousands of US anti-racists came out to oppose a right wing demonstration in Boston yesterday, Saturday.

Two parliaments vie for legitimacy in Venezuela as the US backs the right

Diplomats representing the US, Britain, Spain, Mexico and other countries rallied around the right wing opposition in Venezuela last Saturday.

Anti-racist movement is new crisis for Trump

Mass protests across the US have forced White House Republicans out the door, reports Alistair Farrow


The Tories' Brexit dilemma is a chance to fight for socialist demands


Are bosses allowed to ship in agency workers to replace strikers?

The issue of bosses using agency workers in an effort to replace strikers has come to the fore in recent disputes.


Four US-backed coups in Latin America—and two close shaves

Bloody history shows why and how we need to keep imperialist hands off Venezuela

More stop and search can’t cut knife crime

London police are exploiting recent horrific knife crimes to demand more powers. At the same time, the annual crackdown in the run up to Notting Hill Carnival looks set to involve sinister new surveillance techniques. Alistair Farrow spoke to people in London who bear the brunt of police racism

The Russian Revolution saw workers transform society—and themselves

Ideas can change fast in a revolution, as ordinary people start to take control of their own lives and the world around them


Coriolanus—‘People aren’t satisfied as pedestrians in the system’

Sope Dirisu, who takes the lead role in Royal Shakespeare Company’s Coriolanus this autumn, spoke to Lois Browne about a play debating power and the people

The Majority—an inventive format is wasted on a dismal message

Rob Drummond’s new one-man play is supposed to be about the Scottish independence referendum.

What We Think

The bell could yet toll for Theresa May—if we fight

Weakened and discredited, May must preside over a mess—and with very few allies

A pack of racist lies over Travellers in Cromer

Travellers did not run amok in a Norfolk seaside town last weekend—and the town was not put on “lockdown”

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LETTERS: Take up the fight against the Tories’ vindictive benefits regime

The Tories’ attack on unemployed and low paid workers is stepping up a gear with the further rolling out of Universal Credit in October.

Private hospitals avoid £52 million tax bill by posing as charities

Private hospitals will dodge up to £52 million in business rates over the next five years, according to surveyors CVS.

Postal workers get organised to counter Royal Mail’s squeeze on their conditions

The rumblings of a brewing storm in Royal Mail have grown louder over the past few months—and could soon burst into a huge national strike.

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