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Issue: 2569

Dated: 29 Aug 2017

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We're worth more - how workers are fighting back at McDonald's

McDonald’s workers at the heart of organising historic strikes told Tomáš Tengely-Evans how they did it

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UN officials slam Tories for breaching disabled people's human rights

Britain’s government is breaching disabled people’s human rights, a United Nations (UN) committee heard yesterday, Wednesday.

Cheers for Corbyn at Glasgow mosque show how Scottish Labour could revive

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke to around 2,000 people at rallies and mass meetings in Glasgow yesterday, Thursday.

Theresa May's racist scapegoating crashes into the reality of migration

Official figures released in the last few days have underlined how the debate about migration is rooted in scaremongering and lies.

Western bombs slaughter civilians in Raqqa

The Western-backed offensive to retake the Syrian city of Raqqa from Isis has killed “hundreds of civilians”.

Right wing MPs celebrate Labour’s shift over Brexit

The Labour Party has made a shift on its position over Brexit that will please some of left wing leader Jeremy Corbyn’s most bitter enemies.

Escalation can break impasse in BA cabin crew battle

Striking British Airways (BA) cabin crew conclude their current wave of strikes this week in a “pause for peace”.

Reports round up: anti-fracking campaigners plan demo in North Yorks

Anti-fracking groups in North Yorkshire plan a demonstration I Manufacturing workers strike in Manchester I Anti-fascist protests I Bank Holiday bus strike l High Wycombe Pride

Sheffield strikers debate next steps in jobcentre closure fight

Workers at a jobcentre in Sheffield ended a two-week strike on Friday of last week.

Sexism is what stops reporting of rape

The case of a woman jailed for lying about rape highlights systematic hypocrisy over sexual assault, writes Sadie Robinson

Jeremy Hunt’s spin over NHS staffing levels will make crisis worse

Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt is trying to mask the spiralling staffing crisis in the NHS through spin about hiring more workers.

Racist cops try to ruin Notting Hill Carnival

With a tribute to Grenfell, an anti-racist float and 1,000 arrests, this year’s Notting Hill Carnival was deeply political, Tomáš Tengely-Evans reports

Argos strikes have the bosses worried

Workers at Argos distribution centres entered the third week of their three-week strike

Edson Da Costa’s family continue to fight for truth and justice as funeral approaches

The funeral of Edson Da Costa was set to take place in London on Friday of this week. Edson died in June after being stopped by police in Newham, east London.

Vigil calls for Justice4Daz

Family and friends of Darren Cumberbatch, who died after contact with police, gathered at Coventry cathedral last week.

Anti-racists celebrate in Govanhill, Glasgow, with a parade and carnival

Thousands of people turned out to an anti-racist festival in Scotland’s most diverse area, Govanhill in Glasgow, last weekend.

Train guards' action Action coming at Northern, Southern and Merseyrail

The RMT rail union plans coordinated strikes against bosses’ push to extend driver only operation and get rid of guards

Spread Fawley fightback

Canteen workers employed by Baxterstorey at the Esso Fawley Refinery near Southampton struck over pay

Fight to support women facing domestic violence

Campaigners in Doncaster took to the streets last Saturday to defend South Yorkshire Women’s Aid


Spanish Tory government is hounded on its own march

Activists in Barcelona made sure a protest in response to terror attacks opposed war and racism, reports Maria Dantas

Poor in Houston made to bear the brunt of Storm Harvey floods

The people of Houston have been let down by authorities’ failure to plan for deluge

In Qatar, Yemen and Gaza, power play of Saudis and Iran brings new danger

An economic blockade led by US ally Saudi Arabia backfired spectacularly as Qatar announced it had reopened full diplomatic ties with Iran last week.

Thousands of protesters in Rome defend refugees after police attacks

Thousands of people marched through Rome last Saturday in protest at police violence against refugees.

Strike gives hope in Egypt’s textile mills

The Mahalla textile strike shows the potential for Egyptian workers to fight in the face of repression, writes Tom Kay

Trump pardons sheriff who ran racist ‘concentration camp’

Trump used the cover of Storm Harvey to pardon Joe Arpaio, the racist former Arizona sheriff.


Can Portugal's government give us hope?

What do the experiences of other left wing governments tell us about the possibilities for a future Jeremy Corbyn Labour government?


Up in arms—how workers in Russia united in action to beat a coup

At the beginning of September 1917 the commander of the Russian Army, general Lavr Kornilov, tried to crush the revolution.


New Ghostpoet album is best when it’s most political

London lyricist and musician Ghostpoet’s fourth album Dark Days and Canapes takes a more explicitly, and welcome, political direction than his previous work.

Hiraeth documents the beauty and ugliness of South Wales’ industrial past

Photographer Ceres spoke to Alistair Farrow about the influences behind his new book Hiraeth

What We Think

Kill capitalism—before it kills us

Residents of Hokkaido, Japan, were woken up early on Tuesday morning by sirens, loudspeaker announcements and phone alerts telling them to seek cover immediately.

Trade unions’ Brexit mistake

The leader of Britain’s biggest union has praised Labour’s call for Britain to stay in the European single market (see page 3).

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LETTERS: The UN tore the Tories to shreds on disabled people’s rights

In Geneva, Switzerland, last week, the United Nations (UN) disability committee told Britain’s government that its cuts have led to “human catastrophe”.

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‘Pound’s weakness boosts demand for British goods’

Fat cats are the acceptable face of capitalism for May

Theresa May attacked greedy bosses to mask a U-turn on plans to curb fat cat pay this week.

War without end in Afghanistan

After sixteen years of occupation the US is preparing to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan. Nick Clark argues it could be the graveyard of empire

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