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Issue: 2571

Dated: 12 Sep 2017

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Union leaders slam pay cap at TUC conference—now turn words into action

Anger at the Tories’ public sector pay cap dominated debate at the Trade Union Congress conference in Brighton today, Monday.

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Corbyn’s TUC conference speech gives workers confidence to fight Tories

Jeremy Corbyn injected hope of winning against the Tories into the TUC union federation conference

Grenfell survivors excluded from public inquiry

The inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire began today, Thursday, at the Connaught Rooms in central London. Sir Martin Moore-Bick, its chair, read out a prepared statement then rushed out of the room.

Newcastle abuse ‘not because of race’ says judge

A group of men that abused girls and young women in Newcastle did not target victims because of their race, a judge has said.

Nurses demand end to pay cap in protest outside parliament

Chants of “scrap the cap” rang out outside parliament as Theresa May faced her first prime minister’s question time after the summer break.

Tories’ immigration proposals need strong anti-racist response

The government is plotting vicious new restrictions on the rights of migrants to Britain from European Union (EU) countries, a leaked document suggests

Powerful meeting launches justice campaign for Edson Da Costa

Over 100 people met in east London to launch the Justice4Edson campaign

‘We will not be bullied. We will win this dispute,’ says defiant Birmingham bin worker

Birmingham city council sent me a letter last week saying I was being made redundant. It came like a bolt from the blue.

Anger at cuts as thousands join Bristol anti-austerity protest

Thousands of protesters were out in Bristol today demanding an end to Tory austerity

Bosses, not migrants, push down wages—unions must defend freedom of movement

Delegates at the TUC union federation conference considered trade unions’ response to Brexit yesterday, Sunday—and came up with a confused position.

Birmingham council leader resigns under pressure over bin workers' dispute

The political crisis caused by the Birmingham bin strike came to a head on Monday night.

The fight for Royal Mail has begun

Thousands of Royal Mail workers rallied outside their workplaces on Monday of this week at mass gate meetings across Britain.

Court justifies councils’ race to bottom for disability assistants

The Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal against an earlier judgement allowing Oxfordshire County Council to cut Luke Davey’s social care package by almost half.

Newcastle won’t let Nazis use child abuse

Anti-fascists vastly outnumbered the Nazi English Defence League (EDL) in Newcastle

Housing campaigners support Grenfell march

Some 50 housing activists and tenants met in central London last Saturday to discuss the fight for safe affordable homes in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire

Hillsborough judge confirms any future trials can be held in Preston

The trials of six men charged in connection with the Hillsborough football disaster can be held at Preston Crown Court, a judge has ruled.

Reports round-up: Withdrawal of labour paid bank workers dividends

Withdrawal of labour paid bank workers dividends | Fawley refinery canteen strikers set to escalate | Hospital workers will lobby trust | Lecturers to strike in Manchester? | Jobcentre action suspended for talks | Kirklees council watch new boss |Winter strike for nuclear? | Bus bosses to feel heat | Stand with Ritzy workers

British Airways bosses fight dirty on pensions

British Airways (BA) has declared war on workers with an announcement that it would close its main defined benefit pension scheme.

Tasered and bitten by police dog, man died in van

Adrian McDonald died in the back of a police van after being Tasered and bitten twice by a police dog, a tribunal heard

Brexit test not over after May wins key vote

The Tories are divided, Jeremy Corbyn is contradicting himself and the trade union leaders are deeply confused


Fury at massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Over 160,000 Rohingya minority Muslims have been forced to flee their homes in western Myanmar

Hurricane Irma means storm chaos for the poorest as rich rulers refuse to help

Hurricane Irma blasted a trail of destruction through the Caribbean last week. At least 28 deaths had been reported by Monday, with ten countries hit.

Protesters oppose the massacres in Myanmar

Vicious attacks on the Rohingya Muslims have seen people take to the streets, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Mass French strike to defend workers’ rights

Strikers, students and activists were marching through the major cities of France as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday in a day of strikes and protests.

Million march for Catalonian independence

Supporters of Catalan independence responded to new harassment by the Spanish government with a million-strong march on Monday.


Can Jeremy Corbyn defeat the ‘powerful interests’?

We need a wider social movement to truly transform society

Tories want a right wing, racist Brexit—we need a Brexit for the working class

It is crucial to argue for workers’ rights, freedom of movement for people and internationalism.

Nato hypocrites are feeding the drive to war

The conflict is a consequence of the US decision, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to expand Nato


Mutiny at the heart of empire—how soldiers rebelled at Etaples

Ripples of revolution spread across Europe and beyond in the wake of the February revolt in Russia in 1917—and the British Army was no exception

Workers in revolt needed newspapers of their own

Workers’ councils and political parties set up newspapers to counter the lies of the rich—and to organise the struggle against them in the Russian Revolution of 1917

EU migrants slam the racist right wing Tories’ new plan to divide us

Government documents leaked last week revealed the scale of the Tories’ planned clampdown on European Union migrants living in Britain. Migrants spoke to Dave Sewell about what the changes would mean—and how to take on the Tories’ racist scapegoating


Imagine a police state that can read your thoughts in Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams

Channel 4’s new series promises to go deeper than most adaptations into the cult science fiction writer’s nightmarish world, writes Ken Olende

Wry hitman fantasy shows wheelchair users’ reality in Kills on Wheels

It’s no secret that disabled film roles tend to be played by able-bodied actors.

Nature of the Beast—Labour left stalwart Dennis Skinner has stories to tell

This documentary chronicles the life of veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner, the “Beast of Bolsover”. Skinner has been an MP for 47 years. So in some ways this is an account of British politics for the past five decades.

What We Think

Nuclear delusions sideline renewable energy

The case against renewable energy took a severe blow this week after wind power firms won the rigged race for a government subsidy.

Will Labour give solidarity to workers in struggle?


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LETTERS: National Action arrests are not enough to beat fascists

The far right poses a serious threat, from the KKK and Nazis in Charlottesville to the racists at the core of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA).

The things they say

‘I don’t think I am in the least robotic’

Grenfell fire inquiry starts as survivors still suffer trauma

It is three months since a fire ripped through Grenfell Tower in west London, killing at least 80 people

New report into Rotherham child abuse excuses top council officials and police

A new report says senior officials at Rotherham council knew of problems with child sexual exploitation—but none should be charged over failures.

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