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Issue: 2572

Dated: 19 Sep 2017

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Unions’ pay claims put pressure on the Tories to give rises

Pressure is mounting on Theresa May to lift the public sector pay cap with a new poll showing that 62 percent of people want it scrapped.

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‘We will not settle for whitewash,’ say Grenfell residents as inquiry begins

Residents and campaigners slammed the public inquiry into the Grenfell blaze as it began today, Thursday. They raised doubts about its scope and ability to deliver justice for the dead and survivors of the west London tower block fire. 

Theresa May suffers humiliation in pay cap vote—unions must go on the offensive

Tory prime minister Theresa May has suffered a humiliating blow over the public sector pay cap. 

Hundreds protest to defend rights of EU migrants

Hundreds of people—most of them European Union (EU) migrants—rallied in Trafalgar Square last night Wednesday.

Bus drivers rally for their rights outside London City Hall

Around 100 London bus drivers and supporters rallied at City Hall this morning, Thursday, to present mayor Sadiq Khan with a ten point drivers’ bill of rights.

Anger over pay grows as firefighters reject bosses' 2 percent offer

Firefighters in the FBU union rejected a pay offer yesterday, Wednesday, amid anger at being asked to perform extra duties for little extra money.

Birmingham bin workers rally ahead of strike ballot

 Hundreds of strikers and their supporters demanded the Labour council stops cuts and backs workers

As Royal Mail ballot gets underway CWU members say, ‘We will resist bosses’ bribes’

Postal workers are working hard to deliver a thumping vote for nationwide strikes to defend their pensions, pay and conditions from Royal Mail bosses.

Strikes spreading to stop jobcentre closures

PCS union members at Sheffield Eastern Avenue jobcentre have led the fight against office closures and job cuts in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Birmingham bin strikers call for Jeremy Corbyn's support

A summer of strikes by bin workers in Birmingham has caused a political crisis for the Labour-run council.

Resist calls for clampdown after Parsons Green attack

Racist politicians and newspapers have seized on the arrest of two young refugees over the failed bomb attack in London last week.

Solidarity with victimised Mahalla strikers

Eight workers have been targeted after the recent sit-in and strike

Three marches against fracking in North East Derbyshire

Around 600 people protested against planned fracking in the Derbyshire village of Marsh Lane last Saturday.

Durham councillors make insulting “final offer” to teaching assistants

Teaching assistants (TAs) in County Durham are furious at their Labour-run council’s latest attempt to settle a dispute over pay.

Inquiry into Grenfell fire carves out residents as blocks fail safety tests

Opposition grows to Haringey demolition plans. Tenants delay Genesis housing association merger.

Scottish councils’ equal pay delay shame

Some 250 workers lobbied Glasgow City Council on Thursday of last week demanding they comply with equal pay legislation.

Kingsley Burrell cops’ trial begins

The trial of three police officers charged with perjury in relation to their account of the death of Kingsley Burrell began last week.

Contaminated blood survivors prepare for inquiry

Survivors of the contaminated blood scandal met with the Reverend James Jones last week to discuss a possible upcoming inquiry. Nearly 80 attended the meeting.

Reports round up: Only women’s aid centre in South Yorkshire may close

Also: Aslef tube drivers call strike | Scotrail CCTV monitors | GTR train cleaners | NHS march in Brighton | Birmingham Mail | Ferrari and Maserati cleaners | Ritzy cinema | Serco tug boats | Co-op drivers | DSEI arrests

Figures reveal how cops' pet watchdog treats complaints

If you complain about the cops, the way you are treated will vary wildly depending on where you live.

Funding formula fails test as schools still face cuts

Also: strike called at Badock’s Wood Primary School in Bristol


'We're opposing Trump's drive to war', say South Korean socialists

Members of Workers' Solidarity, Socialist Worker's sister newspaper in South Korea, spoke about what's behind the nuclear tensions—and how the South Korean working class movement is responding

Anger in Missouri after verdict ‘lets cop get away with murder’

Cop walks free despite evidence that suggests he planted a gun—leading thousands to join angry protests, reports Mark Longden in St Louis

Battle is on as Spanish state tries to repress Catalan independence vote

The Spanish state is trying to prevent people in Catalonia from voting in a referendum on Catalan independence on 1 October.


Scotland, Labour and independence - what should the left do?

Several thousand people joined the pro-independence Hope Over Fear rally in Glasgow last Saturday.

Marx’s masterwork is as relevant as ever

On 14 September 1867 Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I, was published in Hamburg.


Topple statues that are monuments to racism

Our 2017 article on why statues that are symbols of racism should fall

The new war on abortion rights - and how we can resist it

Judith Orr, author of the new book Abortion Wars, spoke to Sadie Robinson about what’s driving attacks on abortion—and the renewed resistance to them

Trotsky—the leader who armed the workers’ movement

Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky was at the forefront of the 1917 Revolution


Darren Aronofsky slips into self-indulgence

Mother! apparently is in the Marmite category. You love it or hate it.

Rock in a hard place - the sound of rebellion

Reading this book triggered many personal memories, as an Egyptian teenage metalhead in Cairo in the 1990s. We would barter and trade metal cassettes, we would laugh over sensationalist media articles about “Satanists” invading Egypt.

Le Carré’s legacy—A Legacy of Spies is both prequel and sequel to earlier work

The author of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold delivers a tightly written novel that’s perfectly tailored for his loyal fans, writes Simon Basketter

New play falls short of its lofty ambition

Constance Marcievicz and Eva Gore-Booth, the subjects of a new piece of fringe theatre, were remarkable figures of the political tumult of the early 20th Century in Ireland and England.

What We Think

Shift resistance up a gear to drive May out

Theresa May is desperately trying to gloss over the latest row engulfing the Tories.

Tories axe million public sector jobs

After seven years of brutal attacks on public services there are almost one million fewer public sector jobs.

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Steve Ludlam 1951-2017

Steve Ludlam died last Tuesday after suffering from cancer.

LETTERS: Labour and the unions should not give in to scapegoating of migrants

Freedom of movement gives migrants and workers from Britain the right to travel and work across the European Union (EU).

The things they say

I’m not advocating some mushy centralism.

Conflicts and climate change have caused a rise in hunger

War and climate change are key factors behind a rise in worldwide hunger—the first in over a decade, according to a new United Nations (UN) report

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