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Issue: 2573

Dated: 26 Sep 2017

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Left confident ahead of Labour conference

Labour Party conference gets underway today, Sunday—and the left is feeling confident.

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Trump's chilling speech at UN makes threats of nuclear war

Warmonger in chief Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroy North Korea” at the United Nations (UN) on Tuesday.

Pay strikes could ‘break the government’ says John McDonnell

Labour's shadow chancellor urged unions to coordinate industrial action to break the Tories' public sector pay cap last night, Wednesday.

Hundreds-strong housing demo piles pressure onto Haringey Labour council

An up to 500-strong housing demonstration increased the pressure on Haringey council today, Saturday. 

Jeremy Corbyn inspires supporters to fight for a different society

Vindicated by the general election result, thousands of Jeremy Corbyn's supporters at the Labour Party conference feel confident, enthusiastic and raring to chuck out the Tories.

‘We have to make sure Marxism never succeeds’ —inside the Labour right rally in Brighton

After a huge crowd gathered for Jeremy Corbyn in Brighton on Saturday, the Labour right held their own rally in a hotel basement last night, Sunday.

The revolt to smash the Tories’ public sector pay cap is growing - join the fight

The revolt against the public sector pay cap is growing.

Royal Mail workers on course to deliver huge yes vote in national strike ballot

There are strong signs that Royal Mail workers are voting massively in favour of strikes to protect their pensions, conditions and to win a pay rise above inflation. The ballot closes next Tuesday.

Radical mood among students on campuses as the new university year begins

As students begin a new university year many are looking at the upheaval in politics—and the possibility of change.

Barts hospital deal has left strikers frustrated

Outsourced cleaners at Barts Health NHS Trust have accepted a pay offer from multinational Serco after a long-running dispute.

Reports round up: 2,000 march through Brighton to stop NHS cuts

Hundreds of people joined a march against the Tories’ assault on the NHS in Brighton last Sunday.

Rail workers plan strikes across four networks to derail bosses' plans

Rail workers across four networks plan to walk out to defend safety next Tuesday and Thursday.

Support for Jeremy Corbyn and the left dominates Labour Party conference

For the first time since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader, the left was in complete control of Labour’s conference.

Birmingham bin workers shouldn’t take any rubbish from council during pause

Birmingham bin workers suspended their programme of industrial action after the High Court ruled against council bosses last week.

Parsons Green arrests prompt racist backlash

 A bucket filled with explosives partially detonated on a tube train at Parsons Green, west London, on 15 September

Walking the path of least resistance will lead to trouble down the road for Labour

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told a fringe meeting that a radical left Labour government would be ready to face attempts to undermine it by bankers and big businesses.

TfL Uber ruling should have gone further

Transport for London (TfL) has not renewed taxi firm Uber’s licence to operate in London.

Cage director found guilty for refusing cops’ ‘digital strip search’

The international director of Cage, a human rights group, was found guilty this week of an offence under the Terrorism Act.

Anti-racism round up

An imam was stabbed in the neck outside a mosque in Greater Manchester last Sunday. Police are treating the attack as a hate crime and have arrested two men.

In brief - stripping state school funding

Over a third of state schools in England are operating with a cash deficit. The figure was revealed in an answer to a parliamentary question on school finances.


What's behind the call for a general strike in South Africa?

The Cosatu trade union federation in South Africa has called a general strike for next Wednesday, 27 September.

Protests against Catalan clampdown plunge Spanish state into crisis

The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy attempts to crush a referendum on independence.

Germany shifts to the right, but thousands protest against AfD gains

Demonstrators took to the streets in response to the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party’s general election breakthrough.

Catalan movement rocks the Spanish state to its core

The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy its attempts to crush a referendum on independence.

International round up: Donald Trump adds three more countries to travel ban

US president Donald Trump has ramped up his racist assault.


Theresa May’s Brexit blues make the Tories weaker

Theresa May’s woes deepened after she returned from giving a speech about Brexit in Italy last week. The Sunday Times claimed her “loyal” chancellor Philip Hammond had planned to give her the boot after the Tories’ disastrous general election performance.


Who’s on the march? We investigate the Football Lads Alliance

The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) attracts people with a range of views, But fascists and racists joined its previous march, and it provides a platform around which Islamophobes organise.

Capitalism's nuclear fallout

We can’t rely on another Henry Kissinger stopping a drunk US president pressing the button, writes Simon Basketter. Removing the nuclear threat requires changing the system

Was there a parliamentary alternative to revolution?

Workers in revolt lost faith in the capitalist parliament—and looked towards a better system


Vietnam—a graveyard for the US’s imperial ambitions

A new ten-part documentary sets itself up as the definitive account of the Vietnam War. It brings out new voices and footage, but obscures the truth

Art exhibition makes an attempt to go beyond the binary

One of my favourite things about London is that there’s lots of creative people finding new and interesting ways to express themselves and their political views. An example of this can be found at the (X) A FANTASY exhibition at the David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF) in Camden.

What We Think

Don’t just savour the Tories’ crisis - organise to make them fall

After decades of right wing ideas dominating political debate in Britain, the left feels more confident.

As refugee crisis grows in Europe, we say - let them in

The refugee crisis has not gone away—if anything it is getting worse.

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LETTERS - We need more solidarity in sport to drive out racism

The news that a large section of the England Women’s football team have rallied around manager Mark Sampson after allegations of racism is no surprise.

The things they say

‘The invasion of Europe’

Troublemaker - Tories refuse to pay for work to stop another Grenfell Tower fire

The Tories are hampering efforts to prevent a similar tragedy to the Grenfell Tower fire from happening in the future.

Ticking debt ‘time bomb’ may blast holes in weak recovery

Millions of people are scraping by in badly paid jobs and are being forced to take out loans. Ten years after the ‘credit crunch’, Sarah Bates looks at what’s behind the debt explosion

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