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Issue: 2574

Dated: 03 Oct 2017

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Theresa May leads a party of mayhem at Tory conference

The Tory conference in Manchester this week saw their party leadership in turmoil

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Jeremy Corbyn’s speech will inspire millions - but compromise could lose Labour support

Jeremy Corbyn has said the Labour Party is a “government in waiting”—and that under his leadership it will replace a “failed and broken system”.

London march for workers’ rights brings traffic to a standstill

Traffic came to a standstill in central London today, Wednesday, as up to 300 people marched through the city at rush hour.

Theresa May’s desperate free market lies expose Tory fears

Theresa May is trying to defend capitalism, a system that fails the majority of people on the planet. Speaking today, Thursday, she argued that the free market is the “greatest agent of collective human progress ever created”.

Ukip leadership contest deepens splits within the party

The racist Ukip party is set to announce its new leader today, Friday, as the party’s conference begins in Torquay.

Tests still refused over tainted blood as court rules victims can sue the government

Around 500 victims of the contaminated blood scandal will be able to sue the government for damages, a court ruled last week.

Thousands gather in Manchester to protest against the Tories and austerity

Thousands of demonstrators are gathering in Manchester today, Sunday, to protest against Tory austerity. The Tories are beginning their annual conference in the city.

Defiant mood on the streets of Manchester as marchers pledge to drive the Tories out

Chants of, “Tories out—Corbyn in” rang out in Manchester today, Sunday. Tens of thousands of protesters joined the People’s Assembly demonstration and festival outside the Tory party conference.

Stand Up To Racism conference is a key event to help take on the racist right

Participants range from shadow ministers to trade unionists, campaigners, students and grassroots anti-racist activists. Dave Sewell looks at some of the reasons people will be there

Uber drivers speak out after firm appeals tribunal ruling

Uber drivers in London spoke to Alistair Farrow about the reality of life working for the controversial firm

Anti-racists will be on the streets as the Football Lads Alliance plans to march

The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) plans to put “thirty to forty thousand” onto the streets of central London this Saturday.

New Ukip boss Henry Bolton rails against migrants in first speech as leader

New Ukip leader Henry Bolton kicked off his stint by attacking multiculturalism and immigration. Last week the former cop and soldier was elected Ukip’s fourth leader in just over a year.

New pay offer is not what the Durham teaching assistants deserve

Durham Council is hoping to end the Durham teaching assistants (TAs) dispute with a “new” pay offer.

Good response to the PCS union’s call for protests over the pay cap

Civil service workers at government department offices across Britain protested on Friday of last week demanding an end to the 1 percent public sector pay cap.

United rail strike to keep trains safe

Guards in the RMT union struck together on four rail networks on Tuesday. Also: Tube stoppage could shut down London | Bus walkouts in Manchester and south west | Train cleaners won’t be treated like dirt

Campaigners take to the streets of west London to defend key health services

Around 200 health campaigners marched to defend health services at Ealing Hospital last Saturday.

Reports round-up: Cleaners protest at Ferrari showroom

Also: Thomas Cook pilots’ strike grounded—for now | Gatwick baggage handlers ballot | Manchester Airport cleaners vote for action

Pro-choice demo in London demands abortion rights for women in Ireland

Hundreds of pro-choice protesters gathered outside the Irish embassy in London last Saturday to demand abortion rights for women in Ireland.

Council’s wrecking plan is a snub to Corbyn

Also: Callous Grenfell estate bosses finally get the boot

General strike in Catalonia exploits the tensions at the top of the Spanish state

Catalonia was shut down today, Tuesday, by a general strike of workers and a “stoppage of the nation” by civil society.


US repression and plunder lies behind the disaster unfolding in Puerto Rico

Two hurricanes have torn apart Puerto Rico. Some 15,000 people have had their homes destroyed or are living in shelters with little food or water.

Thousands join protests in Catalonia ahead of independence referendum

The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy its attempts to crush a referendum on independence due to take place on Sunday. 

Mass protests of students, workers and farmers defy repression in Catalonia

The Spanish government faces increasing defiance to its attempts to crush a referendum on independence in Catalonia.

Catalans say they will resist repression ahead of independence referendum

Millions of people in Catalonia are set to defy the police and the state to vote on independence from Spain today, Sunday.

Eyewitness from Barcelona - ‘We‘ve defied repression in Catalonia independence vote’

Catalonia’s independence referendum – outlawed by the Spanish state – took place on Sunday. As voting closed, activist David Karvala spoke to Socialist Worker from outside a polling station in Barcelona

Scenes from Barcelona on the day of the Catalan referendum

Sunday's independence referendum in Catalonia saw ordinary people organise to resist state repression - and protect the right to vote

Mass protests against police violence during the Catalan referendum hit Barcelona

Monster demonstrations involving tens of thousands in Barcelona took place in front of town halls around Catalonia today, Monday.

Hamas could give up control of Gaza after ten years of brutal Israeli siege

Palestinian resistance group Hamas could give up control of the government in the Gaza Strip after ten years under siege by Israel.

Troops shoot protesters in Cameroon

Soldiers shot dead at least eight people and wounded many in Cameroon on Sunday.

Workers stage a general strike in Catalonia

Workers staged a general strike in Catalonia on Tuesday of this week, following a huge vote for independence on Sunday.


New cycle laws won’t make the roads safer

You’d be forgiven for thinking that cyclists are irresponsible, reckless and potentially deadly if you believe the mainstream press and politicians.

Right’s ability to smear left as antisemitic weakened at Labour conference

In a high point of his speech to Labour conference last month, Jeremy Corbyn affirmed his solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech put Labour on the offensive - but also showed up its limits

Jeremy Corbyn was probably right to claim that Labour has become the “political mainstream” under his left wing leadership.


We will need sterling resistance to stop the bosses’ sabotage

It’s not a paranoid fantasy to argue that parts of the establishment want to derail the left wing Labour leadership’s plans.

How we posted a yes vote - Royal Mail workers discuss their ballot for strikes

Postal workers have delivered an 89.1 percent vote for strikes on a 73.7 percent turnout, smashing the thresholds under Tory anti-union laws. Nick Clark spoke to postal workers about how they built the ballot

The Russian Revolution was democratic. Holding it back was not

The October uprising had broad support from workers—unlike the parliamentary efforts to hold it back


‘Rhodes Must Fall’ movement comes from Fringe to London

The Fall tells the story of the occupation that sparked a movement which challenged the legacy of apartheid in South Africa, writes Bruce George

Reviews round-up: The Sparsholt Affair

Also: Prophets of Rage, The Fred Hampton Appreciation Society

What We Think

Bosses struggle to defend failing system

Leading Tories are fighting an open battle to defend capitalism. Last week Theresa May hailed the free market as the “greatest agent of collective human progress”.

Our rulers are violent hypocrites

 The Spanish state has responded to the Catalan independence referendum with violence.

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Obituary: Celia Hollingworth, 1954-2017

We are all shocked and saddened by Celia’s death after an animal attack in Greece.

LETTERS: The fight is on to repeal Ireland’s anti-abortion Eighth Amendment

Irish women are still denied autonomy over their bodies and the right to choose.

The things they say

‘Dry as dust, dull as ditchwater, charmless right wing Philip Hammond’

THE TROUBLEMAKER: Vultures circle to cash in on vulture capital’s failures

Up to 3,000 pilots, cabin crew, engineers and others woke up out of a job on Monday after Monarch airline entered insolvency

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