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Issue: 2575

Dated: 10 Oct 2017

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Put Theresa May out of her misery - then sack all the Tories

Theresa May narrowly survived an internal Tory party coup attempt last week in one of the worst weeks of her leadership so far.

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Theresa May’s empty speech at the Tory conference shows her days are numbered

The stability and strength of the Tories was on display for all to see as Theresa May delivered her keynote speech to the Tory party conference on Wednesday.

Picturehouse strikes kick off in London to demand the Living Wage - and more

Workers at five sites of the Picturehouse cinema chain walked out on Wednesday to begin their latest round of strikes. They protested outside the opening of the London Film Festival.

Upbeat mood as rail guards strike across four networks to stop attack on safety

Train guards struck on four networks this week over the implementation of driver only operation (DOO) trains.

Post workers’ union calls two-day strike - as Royal Mail bosses threaten legal action

Postal workers in Royal Mail will strike for two days from 19 October—their first national walkout since 2009.

Diane Abbott and trade unionists raise concerns about the Football Lads Alliance

Labour’s shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and leading trade unionists have raised concerns about the Football Lads Alliance (FLA).

Racism was at the heart of Football Lads Alliance march

The FLA claims that its marches are to oppose “extremism”. But it has attracted known racists and fascists—and Saturday’s protest showed its true colours.

Video from the Football Lads Alliance march in London

Thousands of demonstrators joined a march called by the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) in London on Saturday. Stand Up To Racism supporters gathered at Downing Street as the FLA marched, The march heard speeches calling for deportations of terror suspects, attacks on shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and declarations of "war". 

Tory-led Kensington and Chelsea council in fresh bid to sideline Grenfell survivors

The Tory-led council that ignored safety warnings ahead of the Grenfell Tower fire is still trying to sideline residents’ voices.

Another death in detention centre - as judge rules hundreds have been wrongly detained

A Jamaican man detained at Morton Hall immigration removal centre in Lincolnshire died in hospital on Tuesday of last week.

Mobilise against dangerous new racist movement after FLA protest in London

Several thousand people joined a march in central London on Saturday of last week called by the Football Lads Alliance (FLA).

Protest as Labour Party expels anti-Zionist

The Labour Party expelled a prominent Israeli anti-Zionist academic and campaigner last week, citing antisemitism.

Family demands answers over Yassar Yaqub’s death at London protest

A coachload of protesters rallied at Downing Street last Saturday demanding justice for Yassar Yaqub, who was killed by police in West Yorkshire on 2 January.

Reports round-up - say no to council offer to TAs in Durham

Durham teaching assistants (TAs) began voting this week on the latest pay deal offered to them by the Labour-run council.

Royal Mail bosses are running scared of planned post strike as court hearing looms

Royal Mail bosses ran to the courts this week in a desperate bid to stop ­workers from striking.

Unions launch ballots to fight the Tories’ pay cap

Up to 2,000 people marched against the public sector pay cap in Edinburgh last Saturday.

Scottish National Party licks its wounds in a subdued party conference

The Scottish National Party (SNP) conference in Glasgow this week met in a subdued mood. It follows a general election where the SNP fell from 56 MPs to 35.

Strikes to defend jobs and conditions at universities of Leeds and Manchester


Threshold-busting action vote drives battle forward


Birmingham bin workers solidarity campaign launched

Up to 60 people—including ten bin workers—attended a meeting in support of the Birmingham bin workers on Tuesday of last week.


Workers’ mobilisation can help to win the next crucial test for Catalan independence

The government of Catalonia is days away from a decisive test. It has a clear mandate from voters to declare independence from Spain—and a threat from the Spanish government to shut it down if it doesn’t drop the idea.

Trump’s threats over Iran deal can plunge him into new crisis

Trump is ratcheting up tensions against Iran

Tories’ racist agenda in Austria has boosted the fascist Freedom Party

Austrian parliamentary elections on Sunday could see the fascist Freedom Party return to government as part of a right wing coalition.

Fighting for LGBT+ rights in Egypt

A vicious homophobic campaign is underway in Egypt.

Catalan movement needs to stay on streets to beat right

The Spanish state is fighting tooth and nail to undermine any declaration of independence by the Catalan government. It will take the power of the working class to win


Mariano Rajoy’s repression in Spain props up the European Union too

“When one joins the civil guard, one declares civil war,” wrote the novelist Ramon Sender in 1936, the year his native Spain disintegrated into war.


After Catalonia’s independence referendum - national struggles, Marxism and class

Some on the left see battles for independence as dividing workers, while others back them as fights for liberation. Dave Sewell looks at how to judge national struggles

Corbyn’s fight to end ‘social cleansing’ - and the Labour councils at war with him

Labour councils and Labour’s leadership seem to be on opposite sides of the fight for better housing.

Three Bolshevik heroes you may never have heard of

Many people will be familiar with prominent figures of the Russian Revolution such as Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Alexandra Kollontai.


New Blade Runner film takes on ethics of artificial intelligence

With stunning cinematography and a powerful plot, Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel with everything that fans will want, writes Gabby Thorpe

Electrical Gaza—the hope and terror in a siege city

If Rosalind Nashashibi doesn’t win the Turner arts prize, then something’s gone wrong.

What We Think

Fighting racism means fighting the Tories

Theresa May has presided over vicious racist assaults both as prime minister and home secretary.

Services on the brink

Public services are at breaking point after seven years of Tory austerity.

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LETTERS: Boris Johnson’s Libya insult exposes warmonger Tories

Boris Johnson’s latest comments on Libya have rightly provoked anger.

Murdoch’s newspapers paid for spook on spook crime

Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers apologised in court and agreed to pay damages to a former army officer whose computer and emails were hacked.

Cutting post workers’ conditions - the real costs of privatising Royal Mail

As 110,000 postal workers prepare for a national strike for 48 hours from 19 October, Nick Clark rifles through the bosses’ mail to expose the excuses for worsening conditions

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