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Issue: 2580

Dated: 14 Nov 2017

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Universal discredit—the Tories wreck our lives

The Tories’ Universal Credit (UC) benefit regime is wrecking lives.

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‘No Trump, No war’ protests greet US president in South Korea

Donald Trump had to slink away from protesters who are building an anti-war movement

Bus and rail strikes hit back at bosses

Workers on six rail networks and a major bus company created widespread disruption with a coordinated strike today, Wednesday.

The scandal of Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights is bigger than Priti Patel

Priti Patel, the Tory international development minister, is expected to be sacked over secret deals to fund Israel’s army in the occupied Golan Heights.

Fall of Priti Patel brings vile Tory government one step closer to the brink

Two cabinet ministers have now resigned from their posts in the space of a week. Disgracefully both remain as MPs. The government is in an even deeper crisis.

Protesters keep up the resistance to fracking at Preston New Road

Up to 200 trade unionists and environmental campaigners joined an anti-fracking solidarity rally and march at the Preston New Road fracking site near Blackpool, Lancashire, on Saturday.

A shift to the left for Labour in Scotland?

The new leader of the Scottish Labour Party is set to be named on Saturday—with left-backed candidate Richard Leonard hoping to win the election.

May hangs by a thread as Tory Brexit fallout gets nasty

Theresa May was losing her grip over her own party as MPs prepared to debate the European Union (EU) Withdrawal Bill on Tuesday.

More people died in Grenfell Tower fire than the Tories will admit

New figures suggest that some 99 people died in the Grenfell Tower fire—and Kensington and Chelsea council is still dragging its feet on rehousing survivors, says Alistair Farrow

Cuts and privatisation are to blame for NHS winter crisis

Theresa May lashed out at NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens last week in a desperate attempt to deflect blame from Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Calls to take back Yorkshire schools

There are growing demands for schools abandoned by a multi?academy trust in Yorkshire to be taken back under local authority control.

School strikers at Charlton Park Academy are sick of penny-pinching bosses

 GMB and NEU union members struck at Charlton Park Academy in Greenwich, south east London, last Tuesday and Thursday, to defend their sick pay.

Royal Mail workers could stage national walkout if talks over pension attack fail

Talks between Royal Mail bosses and CWU union leaders were set to continue this week in a major dispute that looks likely to lead to a national strike.

Judge rejects Uber appeal against employment rights

Uber taxi drivers celebrated the latest legal ruling against the firm last week.

Lecturers to ballot over pensions


Reports round-up: Clampdown on Palestine solidarity meeting at Cambridge University


London bus workers are being driven around the bend

Bus drivers in London are being encouraged to work in unsafe conditions and are putting passengers at risk, says the Unite union.

Stop the Football Lads Alliance in Scotland

Anti-racists in Scotland will take to the streets of Edinburgh at the same time as the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) marches in Glasgow on 25 November.

More ministers are under pressure after two resign in just eight days

After the departures of Priti Patel and Michael Fallon, Damian Green and Boris Johnson are in the spotlight

Strikes rock bus and train services

Workers at two bus companies in the North West of England struck on Monday, following a coordinated bus and train strike on Wednesday of last week

Civil service walkouts can put the brakes on new test

And some 3,000 civil service workers joined the PCS union during its recent ballot over ending the one percent pay cap.

Reports round-up: Pro-choice activists set to take on anti-abortionists

Plus, Kingsmill strike, Pentonville Five celebration and boiler maintenance workers


Polish anti-fascists plan counter demo against mass march in Warsaw

Poland’s Independence Day this Saturday will be marked by one of the biggest demonstrations led fascists in Europe. The “Independence March”, held annually in the capital Warsaw, has attracted tens of thousands in recent years.

Polish anti-fascists make brave stand against mass march

A tens of thousands-strong fascist-led march took place in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day last Saturday. At the same time anti-fascists organised a thousands-strong counter demonstration. 

South Korea: 30,000 workers join protest and march to demand real change

Workers gathered in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, last Sunday to express their dissatisfaction with the government led by president Moon Jae-in.

Socialist candidates have election success as voters turn against Trump

Donald Trump was elected US president one year ago. In a fitting act of defiance, voters brought in the most left wing candidates on offer in many city and state elections last week.


Saudi-Iran rivalry is behind new turmoil

Saudi Arabia has mostly been a stable pillar of the imperialist order in the Middle East.


Brest-Litovsk peace talks showed the generals' thirst for war

Ending the First World War was a major priority for the new soviet government after the October Revolution in Russia—but not everyone wanted peace

Offshore Treasure Island

The latest leak of dodgy offshore tax documents from a company called Appleby, the Paradise Papers, isn’t just about celebrities dodging taxes—it’s about how capitalism survives, writes Simon Basketter

Has the fight against sexual harassment reached a tipping point?

Women are speaking out over sexual harassment and a discrimination. Sarah Bates argues it is capitalism’s failure to deliver on its promises of equality, and resistance by women, that lies behind this recharged fightback


Posters and photos reignite the visions of Russia’s revolt in Red Star Over Russia

A new design exhibition in London gives a graphic illustration of the impact of revolution and counter-revolution in Russia after 1917, writes?Nadia Sayed

In La Belle Sauvage Philip Pullman revisits the world of His Dark Materials

As the twentieth century wore to a close, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy offered a vastly superior alternative to the interminable adventures of Harry Potter.

What We Think

Stop the drive to a new war in Middle East

The prospect of another war hangs over the Middle East—this time in Lebanon.

Take academies back into public hands

The scandal over Wakefield City Academies Trust has exposed the realities of privatisation. Many people want the schools abandoned by the trust to be run by the council.

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LETTERS: Unions get behind fight to save Women’s Aid service

A campaign to defend South Yorkshire Women’s Aid has been receiving an absolutely fabulous response from the trade unions.

Police had ‘no malice’ when they hoped a boy was raped

Two cops were dismissed from the Avon and Somerset force last week after they were recorded saying they hoped a teenage boy “got raped”.

What kind of society could solve the climate crisis?

United Nations talks this month are the latest chapter in our rulers’ failure to deal with climate change. But there are still solutions, argues Dave Sewell

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