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Issue: 2581

Dated: 21 Nov 2017

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Misery in Tory Britain as Universal Credit lands domestic violence survivor with eviction threat

Tory chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget will do nothing to end the regime of cuts, poverty and racism.

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March for Grenfell swells with silent anger as report condemns Tory council

Almost 2,000 people joined the latest monthly silent march on Tuesday night to commemorate the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire

New fears over PFI profits show how bosses see the prospect of a Labour government

A row over Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) shows how bosses are preparing for the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn walking into Downing Street.

Student demonstration calls for free education and an end to cuts

Hundreds of students marched through central London on Wednesday on a demonstration for free education and against university cuts.

Workers hold march and work-in to save jobs at offshore wind turbine factory

Workers fighting to save their jobs at Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab) marched through Edinburgh on Thursday. Union members launched a “work-in” at the offshore offshore energy manufacturer.

Report slams Yarl's Wood migrant prison as campaigners call for detention time limits

A damning official inspection into the Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire has added to the case against the barbaric practice of immigration detention.

‘Corbynism finally comes to Scotland’—new leader and new mood in Scottish Labour

Scottish Labour members have elected left wing candidate Richard Leonard as their party’s new leader.

No evidence for racist smears against Glasgow Roma people

A report by the Times newspaper last week claimed Roma people in Glasgow routinely sexually exploit children. The claims are completely unfounded, as Sadie Robinson reports

Work-in and march helps to keep the BiFab factory open

A new deal has given workers in Fife some breathing space, report Tomáš Tengely-Evans and Raymie Kiernan

Remembering the Holocaust and witnessing the Nazi death camps

The annual Unite Against Fascism (UAF) educational trip to Krakow and Auschwitz took place last week. For many involved it was the first opportunity to get a true sense of the scale of the atrocities carried out in the Holocaust.

Lecturers should vote for a pensions strike


West to blame for Libyan slave auctions

The slave auctions of the 21st century take place in Libya—but the biggest culprits are in the British, US and French governments and European Union

Reports round-up: Parcel workers demand bosses sort it out

Also: Timber workers, Charlton Park Academy, lorry drivers, Fujitsu and tank instructors.

Schools inspectors told to target Muslim girls

Muslim girls in primary schools will be questioned by school inspectors if they wear a hijab or headscarf

Labour MP - left wing party activists are ‘uncouth and sometimes very unsanitary’

A BBC documentary about Labour’s general election campaign that aired on Monday embarrassed Labour’s right wing MPs.

Anti-racists take refugee solidarity onto the streets

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) supporters plan days of action this Saturday for the SUTR Calais Winter Appeal

Strikes back on the cards at Royal Mail?

Postal workers’ union leaders have hinted that talks with bosses at Royal Mail could end with a major strike—originally planned for October this year—going ahead.

Bus drivers in North West shift pay fight up a gear

Bus workers in the north west of England are escalating their fight after bosses made a “final offer” of just 1p an hour more than the previous offer.

Fans say no to the Football Lads Alliance in Scotland

The racist Football Lads Alliance (FLA) is set to march alongside a group called Veterans Against Terrorism in Edinburgh

Fascist Robinson routed in Grimsby

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was forced to cancel a planned speech in Grimsby last week after being refused a venue.

Immigration detention centres slammed

campaigners protested outside the Dungavel immigration detention centre in Scotland on Saturday

Grenfell justice campaign rejects police’s official death toll

Cops say 71 people died in the Grenfell Tower fire in west London. They released the official figure last week.

Anger as jobcentre bosses hold sick Universal Credit ‘rollout parties’

As jobcentres switch to Universal Credit (UC), sick bosses are holding “rollout parties” to celebrate.


Zimbabwean socialist responds to ‘palace coup’ facing Mugabe’s regime

The Zimbabwean armed forces seized control of the capital Harare and detained president Robert Mugabe early on Wednesday morning. It is the result of a spiralling political crisis facing the regime, with rival factions of the ruling Zanu PF party jostling for power.

Australia’s vote for marriage equality is a victory, but not the end

Australians have voted overwhelmingly in favour of legalising marriage equality, sparking off celebration rallies of thousands around the country.

Endgame in Zimbabwe as army looks to replace Mugabe with neoliberal ‘hardman’

Pressure is mounting on Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe after a coup by the army last Wednesday.

Robert Mugabe—how an anti-colonialist hero became an authoritarian nationalist

Robert Mugabe has died. Here is his political obituary we wrote in 2017 when he was removed from office.

Robert Mugabe resigns: can ordinary people now win their own demands?

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe resigned on Tuesday after a coup by generals and mobilisations on the streets

Fears in Lebanon as its people ‘see war coming’

Ordinary people in Lebanon have begun stockpiling food and supplies, fearing that regional giant Saudi Arabia will push the country into civil war.

Sexual harassment at top level of US politics

The sexual harassment scandal at the top of US society has moved further into the political establishment.

International round up - Egyptian activists returned to jail

Egyptian human rights lawyer and socialist Mahienour el-Massry has been jailed again alongside co-defendant Moatasem Medhat.


Art auction paints a picture of capitalism's warped priorities

Some £340 million for a painting by Leonardo da Vinci—and possibly a fake one at that—may seem a touch steep. But it’s a small price to pay for billionaires keen to hide away their cash.

Fiddling the figures can’t end Tory crisis

Philip Hammond, the Tory chancellor, likes to present himself as a safe pair of hands. He’s nicknamed “spreadsheet Phil”. Boring maybe, but reliable. But he’s been responsible for two of the biggest media pratfalls of the present government, which is saying something.


Is Putin pulling the strings?

Politicians and commentators seem to think anything that goes wrong can be blamed on Russian spybots on Twitter. But the truth is scarier still, warns Tomáš Tengely-Evans

The Tories’ Brexit carry-on—a guide to the EU Withdrawal Bill

The big cheeses in the Tory party are in a pickle over their EU Withdrawal Bill. But what’s the fuss about—and what would the bill mean for workers and migrants? Dave Sewell investigates

Workers needed to seize power in 1917 or risk defeat

Some critics argue that the Russian Revolution was ‘premature’—but there was no time to lose


Murder, intrigue and politics make Peaky Blinders great

Hit series gets its dramatic power from looking at world events. It doesn’t sugar-coat politics and it takes its audience seriously, argues Hope Ryan

Tune in to Network for two hours of rage

Network is about an ageing news anchor getting mad.

The Life And Rhymes Of Benjamin Zephaniah

The “people’s laureate” Benjamin Zephaniah is taking his autobiography on tour this spring.

What We Think

A crisis of politics hounds the European ruling class

Until this week the Tories looked like the weakest government in the European Union. (EU). That’s impressive given the competition.

The state protects the cops

Within 70 minutes of coming into contact with the cops Rashan Charles was dead.

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Lois Hubbard 1929-2017


LETTERS: Conditions are dangerous inside 'grisly Risley' prison

There have been reports that an explosive device was found inside HM Prison Risley last week.

Tory cuts meant the ‘economic murder’ of 120,000 people

Tory NHS and social care cuts are “economic murder” and could cause 100 unnecessary deaths a day without emergency funds, a report has warned.

Workers need a pay rise the budget won’t deliver

Chancellor Philip Hammond will likely claim that he’s scrapped the 1 percent public sector pay cap when he delivers his budget this week.

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