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Issue: 1926

Dated: 06 Nov 2004

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100,000 reasons to end the occupation of Iraq

Over 100,000 Iraqis have died because US and British troops invaded their country. The majority were civilians. The majority were women and children.

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Community pays for new numbers racket

A local community is being torn apart as private developers get the go-ahead from New Labour to build a Las Vegas style casino in Wembley, in the shadow of the new national stadium.

Prescott rips up homes promise

JOHN PRESCOTT, the deputy prime minister, is trying to back out of a commitment he made at the Labour Party conference.

Clear victory for airport workers

BAGGAGE handlers working for Servisair at Gatwick airport have won their dispute over the victimisation of their senior union rep and against the imposition of flexible working.

The new plagues

Epidemiologists have long warned that HIV/AIDS might be only the first of a new generation of hellish plagues. Now the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as Nature and Science magazines, are sounding the alarm about an imminent double peril that might surpass even HIV in lethality.

Where the toxic Texan leads, Blair follows

THE COMMON ground between Tony Blair and George Bush extends beyond the murderous war in Iraq. When he took office in 2000 Bush refused to sign up to the Kyoto agreement—the international deal to cut emissions of greenhouse gases and slow global warming.

Laing: contract revolt grows with new unity

OVER 50 workers from the King’s Cross Channel Tunnel site in central London met on Wednesday of last week to reaffirm their rejection of new contracts brought in by their employer, Laing O’Rourke.

All away to Liverpool this Saturday

UNISON UNION members from around Britain were set to show their support for social workers in Liverpool on all-out strike on Saturday of this week.

‘Modernisation’ does mean cuts

FIREFIGHTERS and emergency control staff are discussing an urgent campaign to stop the closure of one station and the loss of ten appliances across central London.

Offer is far from purrfect

OVER 300 TGWU union members working for the Lynx distribution company were set to strike on Friday of this week and Monday of next over pay.

Quick victories fuel mood

Last summer’s Heathrow check-in dispute of just 36 hours duration will not figure in any statistics, but it was no flash in the pan.


THE AMICUS general union is seeing a damaging fight on the left.

Nominate Jon Rogers

‘UNISON IS not delivering on its potential as a union. It has allowed the government to set the agenda.

Workers getting bitter

FORTY WORKERS at Boddingtons brewery in Manchester struck for 48 hours this week against brewing giant InBev, which wants to close the 227 year old site.

Defend Council Housing

SOME 350 council tenants, councillors, MPs and trade unionists attended the Defend Council Housing conference last week. The campaign has won some significant victories against the government’s plans to sell off council housing.

Postal workers

ROYAL MAIL is preparing to close or sell off up to half its high street post offices, according to press reports on Monday.

Their Battle is for everyone

CHRIS SMART lives in Springfield, a village in Fife on the east coast of Scotland. He suffers from chronic sciatica and is unable to work, and has lived on incapacity benefit for the past two years.

Movement and the resistance can beat Bush

The world woke up this morning to face the grim prospect of four more years of George Bush.

Armed police demand a licence to kill

POLICE OFFICERS have reacted swiftly and furiously to the unlawful killing verdict returned by an inquest into the death of Harry Stanley, who was shot in the back of the head by police in 1999.

Black and white families united in a fight for justice

THE UNITED Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC) held their sixth annual remembrance procession last Saturday.

After new inquest verdict, prosecute the police who gunned down Harry Stanley

AFTER A five-year battle Irene Stanley has finally won an unlawful killing verdict against the police who gunned down her husband.

Our kids sacrificed for people at the top

HUNDREDS OF local people and anti-war campaigners joined a "Bring the troops home by Christmas" march in Pollok, Glasgow, last Saturday. Rose Gentle, the mother of British soldier Gordon Gentle who was killed in Iraq, called the protest.

In brief

Diego Garcians demand rights DIEGO GARCIAN islanders and their supporters were set to lobby Downing Street on Wednesday of this week.


Celebrations on the streets of Uruguay

OVER 500,000 workers and students, young and old, filled the streets of the cities of Uruguay to celebrate the election victory of Frente Amplio (Broad Front) last weekend.


NIGERIA’S MAIN trade union body is planning a second general strike to protest at fuel price rises—and this time it will target oil production.

The new, young workers showed the way at Fiat

MELFI IS a Fiat car factory in the deep south of Italy. About 10,000 people work there.


US and Israel: an axis of evil

John Pilger once made an excellent documentary called Palestine is Still the Issue. The news that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is seriously ill, and has had to be flown for treatment to a Paris hospital, is a reminder that Pilger was right.


‘Everyone should get behind our strike’

Workers IN the PCS civil service workers’ union at the British Library in London and Boston Spa have reached the end of their tether.

You see the real people and the real problems working in these offices

Paul Williams, Driving Standards Agency, Nottingham

A strategy that can transform politics

RESPECTS’S FIRST national conference saw some 300 delegates and 100 observers gather in London last weekend.

Reject the criminalisation of young working class people

Respect councillor Michael Lavalette from Preston introduced a discussion on Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs).

Resisting imperialism and globalisation

Whenever women have organised successfully as part of a wider movement for change they have won democratic advances—the right to vote, to divorce, to control their sexuality, to work without being harassed, and so on.

Defending women’s right to choose

Angela Phillips played a key role in organising a 50,000-strong TUC demonstration against the Corrie Bill, the third attempt to restrict abortion rights, in 1979.

‘We went into workplaces to build for the demo’

‘The question of abortion threw itself at us. The law changed in 1967. But MPs who opposed abortion just would not let the issue lie. One after another, they tried to introduce amendments to the legislation.

The other America

Mary Elizabeth Lease Wall Street owns the country


A cultural encounter between East and West

A huge black screen, dated 1674 and made by skilled Chinese craftsmen, depicts the activities of an enclosed Chinese court. It is a lively scene, rich in decoration and colour, and shows a multitude of characters going about their daily tasks. In the extreme left of the screen are a small group of European merchants.

Ray Charles: remembering the man who had music in his blood


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Caesar’s Greatest Battle

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IDENTITY CARDS were abolished in this country because the then Tory government, led by Winston Churchill, described them as "draconian" and an "extreme measure".

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"You know where you stand with George and, in today’s world, that’s much better than rudderless leaders who drift with the prevailing wind." New Labour MP Gisela Stuart endorses Bush

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