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Issue: 2582

Dated: 28 Nov 2017

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The royal wedding shows a divided Britain

As royal parasite Prince Harry prepares for a lavish wedding, just down the road from Kensington Palace a community lies in pieces.

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‘Mugabe’s gone, everyone is singing in the street,’ says Zimbabwean socialist

Celebrations broke out in the Zimbabwean capital Harare at the news of president Robert Mugabe’s resignation on Tuesday. But the process must go deeper.

Hammond’s budget—money for the bosses, more misery for the rest of us

Philip Hammond’s budget speech did even less than some expected to address the epidemic of poverty and low pay in Tory Britain

Anti-fracking activists promise to keep fighting as high court upholds injunction

The high court has decided to continue banning protests against the fracking plans of petrochemical baron Jim Ratcliffe’s company Ineos.

Family calls for justice after schoolboy ‘slammed into doorway by police’

Police officers in London are under investigation after a 15 year old school boy was “slammed” off his bike and into a doorway.

Football Lads Alliance fails to break through in Scotland

The racist Football Lads Alliance (FLA) held a rally in Edinburgh on Saturday in conjunction with Veterans against Terrorism (VAT)

Housing summit vows to fight against gentrification, and for safer homes

Some 200 housing campaigners, tenants and residents came together to discuss the way forward for the housing movement.

Anger as Labour council in Bradford plans huge ‘ideological’ cuts to children’s services

Bradford People’s Assembly says it has obtained documents revealing that the plans are not the result of funding cuts by central government

Nazis humiliated by counter protest in Durham

Hundreds of anti-fascists turned out to oppose a group called Bishop Auckland Against Islam (BAAI) in County Durham last Saturday.

‘Austerity is killing’ as funding for women’s refuges is cut

A change to benefit rules slashing funding for women’s refuges will put women and children at risk.

Fracking boss calls on Tories to overrule local council

Gas giant Ineos—owned by energy baron Jim Ratcliffe—called on the government to override Derbyshire County Council’s planning processes so it can start fracking.

Thousands of bus drivers strike across north west

Thousands of bus workers in the north west of England took their pay strikes up a gear with a strike on Monday

Lecturers in Brighton strike over jobs threat

Workers at the University of Brighton struck last week against compulsory redundancies.

Cleaners march to sweep away outsourcing bosses

A demonstration on Tuesday of last week drew attention to a new legal challenge against outsourcing firms.

Reports round-up

Driving Examiners in the PCS union are set to stage a 48-hour strike on Monday and Tuesday next week in a dispute over working hours.

Bus workers strike across north west England - and get Arriva bosses worried

Walkouts have got bosses worried at Arriva North West—and they’re lashing out, reports?Sarah Bates

Let Calais migrants into Britain, say anti-racists

Campaigners taking aid to refugees say the only solution is to open the border, reports Dave Sewell

Birmingham bin workers’ strikes win big concessions from Labour council

Birmingham bin workers have defeated the Labour-run council’s attack on their jobs—but at a cost.

Call for cops to be suspended over deaths of Edson Da Costa and Rashan Charles

Campaigners have launched a petition demanding that cops under investigation over the deaths of Edson Da Costa and Rashan Charles be suspended.

Strikers want better pay—and ‘an end to Mears’

Housing maintenance workers in Manchester are stepping up their fight for pay parity.

Could Unison ballot on pay?

Unison’s Local Government Service Group Executive met on Thursday of last week.

Reports round-up: Walkout at a delivery office

Also: lobby of Scottish parliament, nuclear strike and Universal Credit protest

Turkey: free Emin Sakir

Emin Sakir, a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (Dsip) in Turkey has been arrested.


Zimbabwe’s new president promises reforms that will hurt the working class

Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa pledged to open up the country to international capital.

Mass slaughter at Egyptian mosque follows repression by dictator el-Sisi

Egypt’s dictator General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi promised to respond with “brute force” after an appalling terror attack on a mosque


Why Universal Credit cannot be fixed

There is growing anger about the effects of Universal Credit (UC). So what’s to be done?

Europe’s centre ground is crumbling beneath Angela Merkel’s feet

In the endless discussions about Brexit, it’s commonly assumed that the British side is weak and confused and the European Union (EU) is strong and united. The first is true, the second not so much.


Civil War laid the basis for the end of the Russian Revolution

The bloodshed of the civil war shows that the ruling class will do anything to stop revolution

Britain's colonial crimes in Zimbabwe

How the crimes of imperialists shaped Zimbabwe's history

The great ‘Trojan Horse’ hoax

A new book uncovers how the Tories used the Birmingham schools Trojan Horse ‘scandal’ to push an Islamophobic agenda


Battle of the Sexes serves up a set of anti-sexism from 1973

New film Battle of the Sexes shows the sexism of the 1970s and one of the battles against it, but misses the broader context

Fight for homes finds artistic expression in Teesside

The Idea Home Show at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

What We Think

For a Brexit from Ireland

Jeremy Warner, an associate editor of the Daily Telegraph no less, wrote this week, “Ireland has poisoned UK politics and brought down governments for centuries.”

The rich want a fight, so Labour must be ready for one

Britain’s bosses are worried. They are fretting about Brexit, but their bigger concern is Jeremy Corbyn.

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LETTERS: We’re fighting Islamophobia and sexism at our university

Schools inspectorate Ofsted’s decision to question Muslim girls wearing a hijab is racist.

The things they say

‘I’ve read really boring things like Pilgrim’s Progress and even I think it’s fucking boring’

Payment after SAS secretly kills three men in Afghanistan

The family of three Afghan farmers allegedly killed by a team of SAS soldiers was paid “compensation” by the British government

Vicious housing attack is on the rocks in Haringey

Plans for a regeneration project by a Labour-run council has split the local party—and campaigning has pushed back the right, says Alistair Farrow

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