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Issue: 2583

Dated: 05 Dec 2017

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Britain out of Ireland, fight to shape Brexit

The leaders of the bigoted Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) relished their power over Theresa May’s government this week.

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Jeremy Hunt plans new NHS pay attack—time for unions to take a stand

Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt wants to steam roll through an assault on hundreds of thousands of NHS workers’ pay.

Fight to keep Scottish care homes open

Instead of looking forward to Christmas with their families, elderly residents of Scottish care charity Bield have been issued an eviction notice

Anti-fascists in the US and Britain condemn Donald Trump after Nazi retweets

Anti-fascists have responded by warning that the retweets will encourage racists and fascists

Protest outside McDonald’s after Muslim woman told to remove hijab

Chants of “Islamophobia no way—Muslim people here to stay” rang out in front of the McDonald's on Seven Sisters Road

Back the winter appeal for Calais refugees

Activists across Britain are organising in solidarity with refugees and migrants trapped in the cold by Britain’s border in northern France

Scrap the migrant detention system

The system of locking up migrants in detention centres must come to an end, doctors have warned

No to Football Lads Alliance in Newcastle

The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) is supporting a Veterans Against Terrorism march in Newcastle in February

Reports round-up: Get a move on over equal pay, Glasgow council

Also: Sellafield | Virgin trains | Kingsmill bakery | Quality Line buses | Kent buses | Medway Maritime Hospital | Picturehouse | Protest against Mariano Rajoy's visit | STUC takes on Scottish budget | Darlington Newsquest | Blacklisting

Driving examiners say Tories have failed

Driving examiners held a two-day national strike on Monday and Tuesday as bosses at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) implemented a new test.

Parents, children and teachers united against academies

The first strike day against academisation at Avenue School in Newham, east London, took place on Wednesday of last week. Also: Reports from Charlton Park Academy in Greenwich, the Village School in Brent and Westways Primary School in Sheffield

Strikes win jobs victory for Brighton lecturers

Strikes at the University of Brighton have forced bosses to withdraw plans for compulsory redundancies.

March against estate demolitions in Brixton

Some 200 people marched through Brixton against the demolition of six estates in the south London borough of Lambeth last Saturday.

Pickering protest says no to fracking in Ryedale

Families on their first ever demonstration were among the 200-strong crowd marching through the market town of Pickering in Ryedale, North Yorkshire, on Saturday against fracking.

Don’t let Royal Mail stop the fight

Postal workers’ union leaders looked set to announce at least parts of a possible agreement with Royal Mail bosses on Tuesday of this week. The CWU union has been in negotiation with bosses in a dispute over pensions, pay and conditions.

Bus drivers in north west of England fight bosses over safety, pay and cuts

Workers on strike at two north west bus companies are driving bosses round the bend, writes Sarah Bates

Poverty report finds millions suffer hardship

Tory rule has increased the number of children, pensioners and workers who live in poverty—reversing a long-term decline.

Estates campaign caused the Labour right’s woe in Haringey council

The battle between left and right in the Labour Party has come starkly into the open in Haringey, north London.

Grenfell fire survivors slam inquiry and plan to protest

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have launched a petition calling on Tory prime minister Theresa May to give them more input into the inquiry into the causes of the fire.


Workers set for new general strike in Greece as Syriza government plans more austerity

Trade unions in Greece have called a general strike on Thursday 14 December as parliament is set to discuss next year’s budget.

Gunfights and killing as Yemen rebels split

‘Treasonous leader’ assassinated as Saudi aggression fuels more chaos and carnage

Thousands march on AfD conference

Around 10,000 anti-racists marched on the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party conference in Hanover last Saturday.

Rich cheer Trump as he hands them a trillion in tax cuts

Tax cuts worth £1.1 trillion were passed in the US Senate last Saturday—and the rich cheered


Theresa May is in a bind over Brexit—struggle could bring her government down

Theresa May is being further squeezed by incompatible pressures over Brexit

South Africa needs a new workers’ party

The African National Congress is facing its biggest crisis since the end of apartheid


The Clerkenwell explosion, and why the Fenians mattered

One hundred and fifty years ago, Irish revolutionaries carried out the largest terrorist attack in 19th century Britain.

China on collision course?

China could be on the road to consolidating its rise into a world capitalist superpower. Dave Sewell looks at what its Belt and Road Initiative means for globalisation—and imperialism

The revolution didn’t have to lead to a new ruling class

The victory of Joseph Stalin’s counter revolution and the rise of a bureaucracy that exploited workers was not inevitable


How music helped beat back the fascists in 1950s London

Racist violence blew up on the streets of west London on 30 August 1958.

Why save capitalism? It should be put out of its misery

Former US president Bill Clinton’s secretary for labor Robert Reich thinks inequality is too high and that the rich should pay more tax. He endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

Dancehall—The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture

On the back of the huge commercial success of reggae in the 1970s, a new breed of producers and MCs sought to update the music for the 80s.

What We Think

It will take action to win on pay

Local government employers have offered a million council workers in England and Wales a 2 percent “rise” for each of the next two years

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LETTERS: The Chennai Six case is a story about capitalist wars

The “Chennai Six” are no doubt going to get a heroes welcome when they finally return.

The things they say

‘It takes great bravery to stand up to your enemies. It takes even more bravery to stand up to your friends’

‘Let her eat biscuits,’ Bath protest tells Dame Glynis

Students at the University of Bath sent a strong message to their hated vice chancellor last week

Theresa May’s visit solidifies friendship with Saudi Arabia

Britain has backed Saudi Arabia since the kingdom’s birth because it wanted to maintain its influence in the Middle East. But its rulers are running into difficulties, writes Nick Clark

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