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Issue: 2585

Dated: 02 Jan 2018

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Don’t wait until 2022 to fight against Tory rule

We can’t wait until the next general election—which might not come until 2022—to get the Tories out.

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Workers refuse to cross picket line in solidarity with sparks sacked at Crossrail

Workers on London’s CrossRail project who were laid off in the run-up to Christmas protested on Wednesday.

Solid strike by east London teachers over academisation

NEU union members at Royal Docks Community School in Newham, east London, struck on Wednesday. They are fighting plans to turn the school into an academy.

Super rich grab over quarter of wealth created since 1980

A tiny group of the super rich have seized vast portions of new wealth created in the last 35 years, fuelling a big increase in inequality.

Thousands march for justice on six month anniversary of Grenfell murder

More than 3,000 people marched through west London to demand justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Fujitsu dispute reignites over sackings and attacks on union reps

Unite union members at IT firm Fujitsu could return to the picket lines in their long-running fight against sacking workers including union reps.

Vicious government policy revealed as deportations of rough sleepers ruled unlawful

The Home Office removed rough sleepers even if they were working or had permanent right of residence

The murder of Sean McParland—Loyalist death squads were run by the British state

Sean McParland's killer was working as a paid Special Branch agent when he pulled the trigger.

Don't let the corporations and the government censor the internet

Government authorities in both the US and Britain are moving to restrict access to the internet, and it will be oppositional voices that lose out.

Unions must resist Tory plan for longer working hours

The Tories are planning to use Brexit as an excuse to push through attacks on workers’ rights.

New leader for the ANC in South Africa, but political rot runs deep

Delegates at the African National Congress conference have elected Cyril Ramaphosa as the party’s new leader.

What’s at stake in Catalonia’s election?

Elections are set to take place for Catalonia’s parliament on 21 December.

Austrian anti-fascists resist new Tory-Nazi coalition government

Anti-fascists in Austria have vowed to resist the new right wing coalition government of the Tories and fascists.

Shocking staff shortage figures reveal scale of NHS crisis

The NHS is short of more than 100,000 workers as the health service goes into its busiest period during the holidays and new year. It is another sign of the devastating impact of Tory cuts and privatisation.

Trump visit to Britain will be announced ‘soon’ as he showers money on the rich

Prepare for mass protest, workplace action, student walkouts and occupations.

Mass picket boosts Manchester bus strikers’ confidence

Around 70 bus drivers and their supporters held a mass picket outside First Bus’ Rushholme depot in Manchester on Wednesday. It lifted strikers' spirits in what has been a long-running dispute—and worried management. 

Damian Green becomes third Tory minister to resign—fight to get rid of the rest

Deputy prime minister Damian Green's resignation shatters the claim that Theresa May’s government had regained the initiative. 

Reports show the greed of the bosses

Three reports underline how the decline of union membership and militancy is allowing many bosses to grab more from workers.

Victory as anti-Trump inauguration protesters walk free

Six people arrested during protests on Donald Trump’s inauguration day have been acquitted of rioting and destruction of property.

Elections in Catalonia: a bittersweet victory for independence

The headline result of the elections to the Catalan parliament is that pro-independence parties retained an overall parliamentary majority.

Civil service workers strike against redundancies and for claimants

Civil service workers at a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefit centre in Plymouth ended their second day of a 48-hour strike on Friday.

Killed by mental health service cuts - Becky Romero’s mother speaks out

The mother of Becky Romero, a teenager who died because of mental health cuts, has called a protest to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Anger after Tories fail to appoint chair for contaminated blood inquiry

The Tories have failed to appoint a chair for an upcoming inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal – again.

Labour members target domestic violence worker Louise Harrison in Doncaster

Louise Harrison, a domestic violence worker and campaigner in South Yorkshire, could be dismissed from her job because Labour members want to protect their party.

A colonial massacre in Africa fully revealed for the first time

Eighty years ago a colonial massacre of over 20,000 people was carried out by Italian fascist forces in Ethiopia

Rail bosses get a wave of strikes for Christmas

Workers on five rail networks have taken action in separate disputes,

Uproar in Peru after dictator Alberto Fujimori pardoned

Thousands of people are raging through the streets of Peru's capital, Lima

Workers face worst year for pay in decades

Pay will continue to fall for millions of workers in 2018

Tim’s view - Ahed Tamimi

A military court in Israel has extended the detention of a Palestinian teenager who was filmed slapping Israeli soldiers.

PFI firms in the NHS set for £190 million windfall due to Tory corporation tax cuts

Corporations profiting from Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes have creamed millions from the NHS and Tory tax cuts are handing them even more.

Many National Archives files are ‘lost’ - but release still reveals British state brutality

Every six months the National Archives release previously classified documents. In among the trivia lies long forgotten information about the workings of the British state.

Tory policies mean a Universal Credit nightmare over Christmas

Christmas has been bitterly hard for people on the new Universal Credit (UC) regime. It means delays in payments, yet more brutal sanctions, and spiralling rent arrears for many.

Grenfell survivors spurned again, as housing bosses grab millions

About 100 households that survived the fire spent Christmas Day in hotels, and some did not receive money they had been promised

We say no to Tories’ vigilante border plan

The Tories are considering using “volunteers” to guard Britain’s borders and keep out those deemed illegal

Tory benefit ‘reforms’ mean people can’t access the support they’re entitled to

Hundreds of thousands of unemployed people are not receiving financial support that they are entitled to.

Grenfell fire survivors angry at delays and obstructions


Labour must promise ballots over regeneration

The Labour Party has launched an online survey about the state of social housing in Britain.

Strikers mass picket in Rusholme drives point home to First bus bosses

Unite union members at the First Manchester bus depot in Rusholme are fighting on for pay parity. They are set to strike on Monday, Wednesday and Friday—their 13th strike week.

Unofficial walkouts by CWU union members hit mail centres

Postal workers walked out unofficially last month in Inverclyde in Scotland and St Austell in Cornwall to defend workers targeted by management.

Bosses' mean time change sees a strike in Greenwich

Workers at the Royal Museums Greenwich struck on New Year’s Day over changes to their conracts.

Strikes on six lines as train guards fight on


Strike as Newsquest slashes pay and jobs

Journalists working on regional newspapers in Swindon and Darlington are fighting against a raft of job cuts by bosses at publisher Newsquest.

Workers in Britain set for biggest pay cuts of 32 most advanced economies

Workers in Britain will suffer the biggest pay cuts of the world’s 32 most advanced economies in 2018, according to the TUC union federation.

McDonnell calls for rethink on the HDV

The battle in Haringey, north London, over the HDV social cleansing deal continues.

Schools round up: Newham against academies

NEU union members at Royal Docks Community School in Newham, east London, struck on Wednesday 13 December. They are fighting plans to turn the school into an academy.

Reports round-up: Campaign defends fire safety and jobs

Fire bosses in North Yorkshire have been forced to abandon planned cuts. North Yorkshire fire authority wanted to reduce the number of firefighters on board Tactical Response Vehicles.

Resist the rise of racism and the threat from the right in 2018

Racist attacks, border controls, Islamophobia and the threat of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) underline the importance of fighting racism in all its forms in 2018.

FE lecturers should vote for coordinated pay strikes

UCU union members in 19 further education (FE) colleges are set to ballot for strikes over pay. The ballots will begin around 12 January.

Ruling in case of Tahir Alam relating to the Trojan Horse hoax to be withheld

A tribunal ruling relating to a man embroiled in the Trojan Horse hoax in Birmingham will not be published—even though the hearing was public.

Worker at posh BBB restaurant gets no pay for waiting on princes William and Harry

Royal scroungers, princes Harry and William, feasted on food served by unpaid workers.


Greece brought to a standstill as workers go on general strike

A general strike across both the public and private sectors brought Greece to a standstill on Thursday. It was called by the ADEDY and GSEE union federations against austerity and the Syriza government’s attack on the right to strike.

Austrian anti-fascists win court case against Freedom Party leader

Austrian revolutionary socialist organisation Left Turn Now has won a court case against fascist Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache. The judge called Strache “snivelling”. 

UN votes down US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

The US has failed to defeat a United Nations (UN) vote condemning Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The vote was held last night at the request of Arab states.

Protests in Iran show ‘anger and a huge desire for freedom’

Large protests against unemployment, poverty, corruption and the political elite that have swept Iran face a brutal crackdown by government forces.

Palestinians face brutal crackdown on resistance

Israel’s crackdown on the Palestinian resistance has continued since it was launched late last year following a speech by US president Donald Trump.


Bitcoins—a very capitalist currency

A virtual currency called bitcoin has captured the public imagination—and the attention of get-rich-quick speculators.

As Labour draws closer to office—beware the soft left

Nick Clark looks at the history of how the soft left in Labour has sold out struggle as a warning for today


1968—when the world caught fire

The year 1968 was a watershed in world history. Mass movements shook governments to their foundations. People on opposite sides of the globe took inspiration from each other’s struggles.

Symptom of a sick society

If you’re experiencing mental distress, the problem might be capitalism. A new book by Iain Ferguson looks at the struggles around mental health, writes Sarah Bates

Alexander Hamilton—an enemy of the working class

As the hit musical gets rave reviews in the West End, Anthony Hamilton looks at the truth behind the other Hamilton—a racist and a capitalist class fighter


Theatre highlights for 2018

The Manifesto for an Independent Revolutionary Art, signed by French writer André Breton and Mexican painter Diego Rivera was published in 1938.

What We Think

Tory Toby Young’s free speech lies

Free school fanatic Toby Young will be in charge of policing who is allowed to speak on university campuses.

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LETTERS: Universal Credit nightmare has made me more political

My mother sadly passed away last May and the tenancy of our flat was transferred to me. I was told to move onto Universal Credit.

Troublemaker: MP told of ‘jam on the cake’ to frame Birmingham Six

Evidence against the Birmingham Six was “enhanced”, a police chief told a Tory MP years before their eventual release.

Equalities report shows the institutional racism facing workers in the NHS

The latest equalities figures show that black workers in the NHS aren’t reaching the highest pay rates—and are more likely to be disciplined, explains Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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