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Issue: 2591

Dated: 13 Feb 2018

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Theresa May’s Calais border deal has made suffering worse

Tomáš Tengely-Evans joined a solidarity delegation organised by Stand Up To Racism from Britain to Calais. He found police brutality and vicious treatment of refugees.

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Bosses welcome Tories' report into employment rights

A review that was supposed to improve workers’ rights has instead given approval to insecurity. One union leader said “It’s no good. It won’t work and it isn’t a plan.

A chance missed to bury HDV scheme but battle continues

Labour councillors in Haringey, north London, squandered the chance to bury a high-profile redevelopment deal but it's still on the rocks

Education workers out on strike in battle against academy plans

Workers at Cumberland School in Newham struck today against a plan to turn their school into an academy. Upbeat strikers chanted, “Our school is not for sale,” and, “Whose school? Our school,” on the picket line.

Cuts, closures and outsourcing show councils in chaos

More than half of councils in England are planning to slash costs by closing children’s centres, reducing support for disabled children and cutting child protection teams.

What's behind the row about George Soros and the EU?

 Right wingers were shocked to find out that a billionaire financier is using his money to influence politics in favour of the rich.

Trade unionists vow to take the anti racist struggle into the workplace

Around 350 trade unionists from across Britain rallied against racism in central London on Saturday. 

Glasgow council workers demand ‘equal pay or we walk away’

Around 500 low paid women council workers marched through the city centre of Glasgow. They demanded that city council chiefs settle a 12-year equal pay dispute.

UCU pension strikes - who’s on strike and when?

UCU union members are fighting attacks on their USS pension scheme that would slash its value and give workers no guaranteed income in retirement.

DPD drivers are unionising to deliver better conditions

At the DPD delivery firm where a driver died recently workers are organising to win change.

Schools suffer from Tories’ cuts

Tory cuts to school funding have caused thousands of job cuts across England.

Picturehouse workers call a week-long strike in London

Workers at the Picturehouse cinema chain were set to strike continuously for one week from 5am on Saturday 17 February.

Labour nationalisation plan will pit party against bosses

The Labour Party’s left wing leadership promised an assault on private energy and water firms last weekend.

Round-up - strikes at Balfour, Fujitsu, EDF, DLR, South Western and Tarmac

Around 76 Balfour Beatty electricians on the Woolwich Crossrail station in south London site struck last week.

Post workers have pushed Royal Mail bosses back - now they deserve more

Postal workers’ union leaders are set to hold meetings with reps in locations across Britain over the next few weeks.

Immigration rules mean Grenfell fire family risk being ‘shut out’ of public inquiry

The eighth Silent Walk to commemorate those who died in the Grenfell Tower fire was set to take place on Wednesday.

Taxi drivers protest in Oxford to defend sacked GMB union rep

Around 100 GMB union members joined a lively protest on Saturday calling for the reinstatement of Oxford taxi driver Mohammed Fadllalla.

University workers get ready for pensions fight

Workers are rushing to join the UCU union ahead of a series of escalating strikes set to begin in dozens of universities next Thursday.

Health workers in north west England resist outsourcing threat to hospitals

Former Labour MP Neil Turner has brushed aside low-paid hospital workers’ concerns over outsourcing.

Five schools set to strike in fight to beat academies

Workers at Cumberland School in Newham, east London, struck on Thursday of last week against a plan to turn their school into an academy.

Reports round-up: Stop demolition of Aylesbury estate


Anger grows against the Turkish invasion of Afrin

Opponents of Turkey’s invasion of Afrin were set to protest in London on Sunday

Victory after case thrown out of court for final two Rotherham 12 defendants

The last two defendants in the Rotherham 12 case walked free on Tuesday—after a police chief was unfit to give evidence.

Oxfam scandal—another Western crime against Haiti

Real concerns about the appalling behaviour of Oxfam charity staff—accused of sexual misconduct—are being used to cut foreign aid

Strikes to spread across education

Tens of thousands of education workers are gearing up for strikes.

Tree campaigners united with the union branches

Trees campaign protesters stormed into Sheffield council chamber on Wednesday of last week calling for a £2.2 billion PFI contract to be scrapped.


Marching to stem rise of fascism in Poland

A new law has been passed in Poland which could mean three years in prison for anyone who suggests Polish people committed war crimes during the Second World War.

South Africa: getting rid of corrupt president isn’t enough

Zuma has gone, but a new face at the top won’t deliver real change for the people, argues Charlie Kimber

Imperialist tensions lie behind North and South Korean peace negotiations

Many Koreans were delighted to see North and South Korean athletes marching as part of one delegation at the Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony last Friday.


Coalition deal opens the door to the German right

Germany under chancellor Angela Merkel was meant to be the bastion of the neoliberal centre in Europe.


Games of the stock market

Last week's fall in financial markets shows up the volatility of the system and Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at how investors will treat anything as a commodity to be gambled

Haringey—the people against the developers

A battle by ordinary people against estate demolitions in north London could be on the edge of victory. Alistair Farrow spoke to residents about the fight, and explains why it matters to everyone facing cuts and selloffs

Haringey residents fight the HDV

Haringey residents fight to keep their homes

Marx’s explanation of why capitalism goes into crisis

This year marks 200 years since Karl Marx’s birth. Sadie Robinson looks at his analysis of what lies behind economic crises.


Paintings that are a monument to regal vanity and excess

The Royal Academy has reunited some of Charles I’s art collection. There is lots to admire but it’s not enough to lose your head over

BBC drama Collateral has an interesting focus, but doesn’t convince

It may ask some of the right questions but offers little in the way of answers so far

All is not hopeless—an interview with poet Leyla Josephine

The acclaimed Glasgow poet spoke to Socialist Worker

What We Think

The Middle East is on the brink of a major imperial clash

Israel took the Middle East one step closer to a major war last weekend

Bosses drive us to death

DPD driver Don Lane’s death shows the human cost of bosses’ decisions.

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LETTERS: They won’t stop us fighting for solidarity with Palestine

Plus We must defend the NHS, keep cash for the councils and cop spies

The Troublemaker - Access to Tory ministers goes to the highest bidders at ball

It was the strongest endorsement of her premiership yet. Unfortunately for Theresa May it did not come from any cabinet minister.

Have energy companies been forced onto the frack foot?

Councils have blocked frackers’ plans and investors are losing interest. With resistance from environmental campaigners, Sarah Bates asks if this could this be a turning point in the fight

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