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Issue: 2593

Dated: 27 Feb 2018

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Universities strike wave for pensions has bosses on back foot

Solid strikes by UCU union members have panicked university bosses. Workers across 61 universities began a three-day strike on Monday.

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Strong support for universities strike as walkout begins

Around 40,000 university workers will strike today in the opening shot of a battle for education

School workers in London to strike and rally together against academy plans

Workers and parents are united in this battle for education

University workers hit the picket lines as 40,000 strike

Universities across Britain were covered with pickets today as UCU union members struck over pensions.

Why university workers are right to strike

Striking UCU member Josh Hollands explains what's behind the universities strike today.

University strikers boosted by solidarity

Marches, demonstrations and student walkouts marked the first day of a university workers’ strike today.

Three east London schools strike against academy plans

Workers at three east London schools struck together yesterday—with lively picket lines joined by parents, teachers, and support workers

Strikers feel strong on second day of universities walkout

Pickets were out in force today for the second day of a two-day university strike

Revealed—university bosses claim millions in expenses while workers face pensions cut

University vice chancellors are claiming millions in expenses to swan around in fancy hotels and posh restaurants while workers face savage attacks on their pensions

Corbyn must not give in to the right over Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has come under massive pressure from right wing Labour politicians to back staying in the European single market, which enforces austerity and privatisation.

Universities strike day three—workers take fight to university bosses

UCU union members are in buoyant mood, and suspicious of bosses’ motives

Strong school strikes against academies get a result in Newham

Newham council in east London has passed a motion opposing academies, following a series of strikes by school workers.

Refugees handcuffed on a burning bus

Security guards refused to let refugees facing deportation leave a burning bus until they were handcuffed

Cladding safety test results may be ‘doctored’, leak reveals

Leaked documents from cladding manufacturer Kingspan UK show that fire test results could have been doctored. It raises serious questions after the Grenfell fire, writes Alistair Farrow

Universal Credit linked to rent arrears

Nearly three quarters of all tenants on the Universal Credit (UC) benefit in East Lothian, Scotland, are in rent arrears.

Crime victim says ‘police damaged me the most’

A series of recent scandals have exposed how police mistreat vulnerable people

‘Tremendous’ mood on picket lines as more groups join action

Hundreds of striking university workers and students held a noisy rally outside Universities UK (UUK) offices in central London on Monday.

Fracking revolt grows stronger in Derbyshire

Hundreds of people marched on a noisy and colourful Not for Shale anti-fracking protest through the North Derbyshire countryside last Saturday.

Hundreds march to save stroke service in Kent

Around 300 people marched through Thanet, Kent, last Saturday to defend the area’s only stroke unit in Margate

Derby socialist jailed for 15 months in TUSC case

Socialist Chris Fernandez has been sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for charges of electoral fraud.

Reports round up - Turn Elephant and Castle into developers graveyard


Colleges join strikes for pay

 UCU union members across 14 colleges were set to start a 48-hour strike from Wednesday. Sunderland College workers will also strike on Wednesday.

Ben Drake, 1970-2018

Socialists and Unison union activists were greatly saddened to hear that our comrade and colleague Ben Drake passed away recently.

Matt Sprenger, 1954-2018

Long-time Socialist Workers Party member Matt Sprenger died in January.

Vote to reject Royal Mail deal, strikes can win more­

Reps from the postal workers’ CWU union began meeting for regional briefings last week to discuss a deal to end a national dispute

PCS union should fight like university strikers

Civil service workers in the PCS union were set to take part in “payday activities” on Wednesday of this week

Protesters square up to right wing Walthamstow Labour council

Hundreds of people protested against the redevelopment of the town square in Walthamstow, north east London, last Saturday.

Walthamstow teachers walk out for higher pay

Workers at Connaught School for Girls in east London held a lively walkout over pay on Tuesday.

‘Police spied on bereaved sister’ of Christoper Alder

A hearing into the surveillance of Christopher Alder’s family during a 2000 inquest into his death began on Monday.

Sean Rigg cops to face gross misconduct proceedings

The Independent Office for Police Conduct has said five cops should face gross misconduct charges over the death of Sean Rigg in 2008.

No charges from CPS for cops over Duncan Tomlin death

The Crown Prosecution Service announced last week its decision not to bring criminal charges against any police officers involved in events surrounding Duncan Tomlin’s death.

University strikers lobby bosses on fourth day of walkout

A noisy crowd of striking workers and students lobbied Universities UK (UUK) today

Opposition pushes back Salford nursery cuts plan

A controversial consultation on closing all five council-run nurseries in Salford, Greater Manchester, has been postponed following public opposition.

From inside Yarl’s Wood—‘We are on hunger strike to end psychological torture’

Women in Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre began an indefinite hunger strike on Monday to demand an end to the degrading treatment and limitless detention they face.


Crooks and racists vie for office in Italian elections

The failures of the Italian left have opened the door for right wing and racist forces

Striking teachers defy the law in the US

Around 20,000 teachers and school workers in all 55 districts of the US state of West Virginia struck on Thursday and Friday of last week over pay and healthcare costs

Austria’s fascists have had their ‘democratic mask’ ripped off

The new Austrian government of the Tories and the Freedom Party suffers from “Trumpism”


Guns, mass killings and a society soaked in violence

The horrific Parkland school shooting has raised questions about gun laws—and wider US society

Brexit talks show up tensions for Tories

AS negotiations over Britain’s departure from the European Union move towards a climax, the policy positions of the Tories and Labour register the balance of forces within each party


University workers say ‘We're taking back our colleges’

A wave of strikes by university workers over pensions has become a focus for people’s anger and discontent at the Tories’ and bosses’ attacks on education. A win for the strikers will be a boost to everyone who wants to fight back, reports Sadie Robinson

A legacy of spies’ lies

Intelligence services are neither intelligent nor a service. But the spooks are a dangerous force used to subvert opposition to our rulers


Art exhibition that shows how another world can be made possible

A collection from dozens of artists range from the inspiring to the baffling. Richard Rose explains how it seeks to look beyond the walls of the gallery

Reviews round-up: The Land We Live In, The Land We Left Behind exhibition

Plus British Socialism: The Grand Tour and WOW festival

What We Think

Resist Trump’s racism and warmongering

 President Donald Trump’s warmongering, racism and sexism seemingly know no bounds

The system risks lives

The number of street homeless people has risen for the seventh year in a row—as temperatures dropped below freezing.

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Terri Behrman 1942-2018

Terri Behrman, who died on 24 February, had a commitment to radical politics stretching back to the 1960s.

LETTERS: ‘I was made to go through interrogation by the state’

Plus, cuts to mental health services, South Africa after Zuma and more

The Troublemaker - Millions of workers cheated out of the minimum wage

Britain's lowest earners are being cheated out of the minimum wage, a new report has revealed.

How the crisis in Syria was caused by imperialist ambition

The Syrian regime’s horrific bombing in Ghouta is the legacy of a defeated revolution and a struggle for power over the Middle East

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