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Issue: 2595

Dated: 13 Mar 2018

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Fresh Tory bill means new attacks on migrants

As top Tories ramp up scapegoating of migrants, Labour must oppose racism, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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600 workers occupy Hinkley Point site over unpaid wages

'We will sit here until we get what we deserve,' say workers

University strikes squeeze bosses and transform mood on campus

One striker said, 'It just keeps getting better and better. The picket lines today were bigger than yesterday.'

Hundreds of protesters greet Saudi Arabian crown prince’s arrival in Britain

Anti-war protesters greeted Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed bin Salman with chants of “Hands off Yemen” on Wednesday—the first day of his visit to Britain.

UCU union calls another 14 days of university strikes as action bites

More action is coming in 65 universities if bosses refuse to back down from attacking workers’ pensions.

Footage shows shocking racist abuse of student at Nottingham Trent University

A black student at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) posted evidence of racist abuse at her halls of residence on Monday night. And she said that management were slow to deal with the issue. 

Health workers furious with paltry pay proposals that slash annual leave

Health workers are angry that their union leaders are trying to stitch up a below-inflation pay deal that would also see them lose a day’s holiday.

Anti-fascists challenge gathering of Hungarian Nazi party Jobbik in London

Chants of “Never again” rang out in front of the Millennium Hotel in west London as around 100 anti-fascists protested against a Jobbik meeting on Friday night.

Big firms pay lower rate of tax than before the recession

Major multinationals are paying significantly lower tax rates than before the 2008 financial crisis. Yet taxes on workers have increased.

Yarl's Wood hunger striker Theresa calls on Theresa May to shut down migrant prison

A woman hunger striker at Yarl’s Wood has called on Theresa May’s government to shut down the detention centre—and stop criminalising migrants.

Reject new universities pensions deal—keep striking to win more

The UCU union has reached an agreement with UUK bosses that will have to be ratified at a key meeting of workers in London on Tuesday. The deal would mean a worse pension for workers—and they should keep striking and fight to win more.

Family of man who died after contact with cops say they won't be silenced

The family of a man who died after contact with the cops held a vigil in Catford on Monday night—and said they wouldn’t be silenced.  

Anger on picket lines against university pensions deal

Striking workers want a lot more than is offer now

Another black man dies after contact with police

A man has died after coming into contact with the police in Catford, south east London, last Friday.

University strikers force union leadership to reject shoddy deal—action is still on

University workers have rejected a rotten pensions deal put together by the UCU union leadership and Universities UK bosses.

Big march for the NHS in Newcastle

Over 1,000 people marched against the Tories’ assault on the NHS in Newcastle

Eleven days of bus strikes set for First in Aberdeen

Hundreds of bus drivers in Aberdeen look set to bring the city to a halt in a battle to defend their jobs.

Pay fight at school in Waltham Forest

Workers at Connaught School for Girls in north east London struck on Tuesday in an escalating dispute over pay

Reports round up: ‘Fracking ban is priority’, Labour says to activists

Over 200 campaigners gathered at the Jobs and Climate conference in central London last Saturday.

Support the fight to make privatisation history at the British Museum

Privatised workers at the British Museum are fighting to keep their jobs after the collapse of outsourcing giant Carillion earlier this year.

Blizzard of attacks from Royal Mail in Scotland

Postal workers in Fife, Scotland, are considering a strike after bosses threatened to dock their pay


Tens of thousands demand fall of Slovak government after journalist’s murder

People have taken to the streets of Slovakia demanding the fall of prime minister Robert Fico.

US pay fight spreads after West Virginia teachers’ strike wins

Powerful action by workers in West Virginia has inspired others to fight back

Turkey ready to assault besieged city of Afrin

Turkish soldiers looked set to launch an assault on the Kurdish-held city of Afrin in northern Syria this week


Corbyn antisemitism smears are unfounded

A relatively unknown Facebook group has become the focus of an effort to discredit critics of Israel—as well as Jeremy Corbyn and the left.

Theresa May is a faithful friend to corrupt Mohammed bin Salman

Only someone with Theresa May’s flair for public relations would have received Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, on International Women’s Day last Thursday.


Reclaim Martin Luther King the radical

Liberals have tried to sanitise Martin Luther King ever since his death 50 years ago. But, says Yuri Prasad, King was a radical who blamed capitalism for racism, poverty and war

‘How strikes have changed us’, university workers celebrate their action

Workers’ involvement in a wave of university walkouts by the UCU union has taken bosses by surprise. Strikers and students spoke to Sadie Robinson about how the action is changing the campuses—and themselves

A system of alienated labour means misery for workers

Alistair Farrow looks at how capitalism alienates workers from their labour, other workers and the world around us


Second season of Jessica Jones doesn’t pull punches

The first season of Jessica Jones was praised by critics for being a feminist story which faced the truths of surviving sexual assault.

Turmoil and foreboding on Picasso’s road to Guernica

The Tate Modern’s Picasso 1932 is a must-see exhibition that reflects the artist’s personal turmoil amidst growing storm cloud of fascism, writes?Andy Brown

What We Think

Ending racism means smashing capitalism

Thousands of people will die this year trying to cross borders in an effort to reach safety.

Britain’s licence to kill

Theresa May threatened Russia with retaliation if it didn’t respond to an ultimatum by Tuesday night.

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The things they say

‘The member of staff responsible has been reprimanded’

The Troublemaker: The Russians are coming and have bought the Tories

The level of confusion over what actually happened is matched by the level of bluster over the nerve agent attack on British spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter

What does justice mean for Grenfell campaigners?

Almost nine months on from the devastating Grenfell fire, Alistair Farrow looks at what activists are fighting for, and the challenges that they face

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