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Issue: 2596

Dated: 20 Mar 2018

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Thousands of university strikers march in London after rejecting rotten deal

Thousands of strikers, students and supporters marched through central London on Wednesday to defend education, pensions and workers’ action.

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Opposition grows after revelations of Sheffield’s plans to cut down half its trees

Sheffield Labour council plans to cut down half of its 36,000 street trees. This is under a £2.2 billion PFI deal with multinational Amey.

Three Newham schools strike against academies - and win huge support

NEU union members in east London, are showing their determination not to let more of our schools become academies

University strikers march after rejecting shoddy deal

Striking university workers marched in central London today—a day after stunning votes to reject a rotten pensions deal

Marchers demand justice for Grenfell victims nine months after the blaze

People marched and rallied in Bristol, Liverpool and London on Wednesday night to demand justice for the people who died in the Grenfell Tower fire. 

Parents and teachers slam governors’ drive to make schools academies in east London

Strikers, parents and supporters rallied in east London on Thursday as NEU union members at three schools struck against academies.

Students occupy in solidarity with university strikes

University strikes have inspired students on several campuses across Britain to occupy in solidarity—and raise their own demands for education.

Reject the Tories’ warmongering over Russia

The Tories, the press and Labour right are all going for Jeremy Corbyn because he didn’t join in with their warmongering rhetoric over Russia.

Join the anti-racist marches in London, Glasgow and Cardiff today

The 17 March anti-racist demonstrations are an opportunity to build a movement that can push back against Theresa May, Donald Trump and all the racist bigots

M17: Report 1: Protesters gather across Britain to stand up to racism

Protesters from across Britain are congregating in London, Glasgow and Cardiff for today’s Stand Up To Racism demonstrations.

M17: Report 2: Thousands join marches against racism

Chants of “Tories out, migrants in” rang out as thousands marched against racism in central London on Saturday.

Big marches as anti-racist fightback takes to the streets

Anti-racism marches sent a message of defiance and unity on Saturday.

20,000 on London anti-racism march

The Stand Up To Racism demonstration was a defiant and united response to all the racists and bigots.

Stand Up To Racism march in London

A short video of some of those who braved the cold to march in London today. You can read our full round up from the demonstrations in London, Glasgow and Cardiff here

University workers force union into action

Solid strikes by the UCU have given workers the confidence to fight for more, argues Sadie Robinson

University strikers say - keep fighting and demand no changes to our pension scheme

Workers are fighting to push forward the battle to defend pensions as the first wave of university strikes comes to an end this week.

Far right threat as Football Lads Alliance plans to march in Birmingham

Anti-racists will take to the streets to oppose a planned march by the racist Football Lads Alliance (FLA) in Birmingham on Saturday.

No to rotten pay deal in local government


The Newham struggle against academisation is winning

School workers in east London have the council on the run

Protest at Yarl’s Wood in support of hunger strike

Detained migrant women are demanding the Home Office be “held to account for their actions” as they begin the fourth week of a hunger strike.

Reports round up: Water workers walk out against torrent of attacks

Around 1,000 Unite and Unison union members at United Utilities water treatment plants and offices in the North West of England struck last Friday and this Monday.

New pay strikes to hit a dozen colleges

Workers at 12 colleges are set to strike next Tuesday in a row over pay.

Aberdeen bus strikes show mood to win on contracts

Aberdeen bus drivers struck on Monday of this week and planned to strike on Wednesday and Friday over the imposition of new contracts

Big march planned to save Salford nurseries

We’re expecting an important protest this Saturday in the battle to save five nurseries in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Outsourced British Museum workers protest in wake of Carillion collapse

Privatised workers at the British Museum protested on Tuesday to demand bosses bring them back in house after the collapse of outsourcing giant Carillion.

Are Royal Mail workers voting for a pension scheme that won’t exist?

The government could block attempts to introduce a new Royal Mail pension scheme that postal workers’ union leaders are promoting to their members


Protests in Brazil after councillor is murdered

The killing of socialist Marielle Franco has fed into wider anger at the state, says Charlie Kimber

Slovak prime minister's resignation fails to quell protest movement

Mass protests against corruption forced Slovakia’s social democratic prime minister Robert Fico to resign last Wednesday.


The universities struggle is changing workers

The strike has infused new life into semi-moribund UCU branches


Heading for a collision on France’s railways

French president Emmanuel Macron has picked a fight with the historic stronghold of the French working class—the railway workers. Charlie Kimber argues that unions must fight now

Fighting back because we care - Birmingham home care workers speak out

Women workers in Birmingham spoke to Sarah Bates about their battle to stop a Labour council attacking a key service in the city


Ruben Ostlund's latest film squares off against cultural elite

The Square is both hilarious and deeply unsettling.

Hackney’s Hamlet seeks to answer questions of today

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s current production of Hamlet breathes fresh air into the play.

The Cherry Orchard’s 21st century comedic update

Chekhov’s classic tragedy gets a fresh reworking for modern audiences in Bristol.Sophia Beach says the quality performances make it one to see

What We Think

The real scandal behind Cambridge Analytica

Politicians and big business will try every method to shape people’s views. And at the same time they will seek to make money from doing it.

A Brexit deal for bosses

Theresa May’s deal with the European Union over Brexit will see a 21 month “transition period” after Brexit on 29 March 2019.

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LETTERS - Tories have some nerve over Skripal poisoning hypocrisy

The hypocrisy around the gruesome attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal is sickening. As if the Russian secret service dreamt up the practice of poisoning civilians all on its own.

The things they say

‘Scepticism of politicians is healthy. But too many people, fuelled by social media, indulge in knee-jerk cynicism ’

The Troublemaker - US spy in charge of torture means Brit secrets stay safe

When the US spy Gina Haspel was presented to the queen at Buckingham Palace, she introduced herself as “minister-counsellor for co-ordination affairs” at the US embassy in London.

Putin’s gamble pays off, but he’s playing Russian roulette

Former KGB spook Vladimir Putin has ruled Russia through force and fraud for the last 18 years. He will firm up his rule for another six years after the Russian presidential elections on Sunday.

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