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Issue: 2599

Dated: 10 Apr 2018

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Refugee children shut out of school by racist Tory law

Refugee children and young people are being shut out from schools and colleges because of the Tories’ immigration laws

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Solidarity with Muslims events across Britain

Anti-racists across Britain joined rallies in response to a racist letter calling for a 'Punish a Muslim Day'

Vote No in the UCU university pensions ballot

After 14 days of strikes, many UCU union members are organising to reject the latest offer

Angry protest in London against Israeli attacks on Palestinians

Cries of, “Free, free Palestine” rang out in front of Downing Street on Saturday as 2,000 people protested against Israel’s latest massacre of Palestinians.

London protest in solidarity with Gaza

2,000 people protested in central London today against Israel’s latest massacre of Palestinians.

Anti-Labour protest compares Jeremy Corbyn to Hitler

A protest outside Labour Party headquarters in central London on Sunday saw speakers label leader Jeremy Corbyn as antisemitic and compare him to Hitler.

Anger at UCU leadership - but action has created a union that can fight off attacks

UCU members at several universities were set to start a five-day strike on Monday 16 April if the latest offer on pensions is rejected.-

Organise against the FLA and DFLA protests to push back the racists

The Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) is trying to whip up racism against Muslims in Rochdale. 

Aberdeen bus workers back an indefinite strike

Bus drivers at First Aberdeen have voted to reject the company’s “final” offer and were set to begin an indefinite strike on Wednesday this week.

The City & The City—a Noir thriller set on a brutal border

What initially appears as a straightforward setting emerges as something stranger in this new cop drama

Health workers protest to reject rotten NHS pay deal

Health workers were set to protest outside the Department of Health in central London this Friday.

Universal Credit means Tories steal benefits from poorest to pay for debts

Thousands of Universal Credit (UC) benefit claimants are having 40 percent of their income snatched away to repay debts.

Reports round up: Trade unionists protest in Philip Hammond’s constituency

Bromley indefinite strike continues

Rail strikes over outsourcing and safety

Transport workers are fighting back against a host of bosses’ attacks.

Cladding firm linked to Grenfell Tower fire showed contempt for safety

A firm linked to the flammable cladding used on Grenfell Tower told its clients in 2015 that its Reynobond PE product achieved only a Euroclass E fire safety rating.

Marches in Margate and York show there is a mood to resist Tory attacks on NHS

Around 400 people marched to defend the NHS from privatisation in York on Saturday of last week.

Hunger for a second course at McDonald’s

Workers at six McDonald’s stores across Britain are balloting for strikes.


Eurostar workers organise to stop scabbing during French rail strikes

Workers in Britain have organised to stop a scabbing attempt by bosses during the French rail strikes. It’s an excellent show of solidarity with a crucial battle—and the best sort of European unity.

Far right antisemites win election in Hungary after vicious campaign

A party that believes in a world Jewish conspiracy won the Hungarian general election on Sunday. The Nazis came second.

Teachers’ pay rebellion spreads across Oklahoma with second week of strikes

Teachers in the US state of Oklahoma began their second week of walkouts on Monday. They are striking for more pay and better education funding.

As strikes spread across France - the fight can go much further to stop Macron

The struggle of rail workers in France has inspired workers in other sections of the economy and students on university campuses. Charlie Kimber argues the fight can go much further

Israeli state threatens more death in Gaza

Apartheid state justifies its violence after killing at least 29 Palestinians and injuring over a thousand


Our rulers’ sickening hypocrisy over Syria

The bluster and grandstanding of Western leaders over horrific deaths in Syria gets ever more hypocritical, ghoulish—and dangerous.


What’s behind gun and knife crime?

After several recent killings of young people in London, media and politicians have blamed “gangs” and to call for more resources for police. But, as Sarah Bates finds, the roots of the violence lie in deep social problems

Anti-Muslim racism has made France the Republic of Islamophobia

Emmanuel Macron managed to beat fascist Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election this time last year.


The Island and the Whales—a noble and melancholy tale of sea and whaling

The poisoned legacy of capitalism and pollution on the Faroe Islands is told in story-like fashion in new documentary film

Hope to Nope at the Design Museum—graphics overload without context

Hope to Nope looks at political graphics in the tumultuous decade since the crisis hit

What We Think

As Tories attack migrants - put them in a hostile environment, not refugees

Theresa May is fulfilling her 2013 promise to create a “hostile environment” for migrants.

Scottish National Party’s shift to Kiwi capitalism is a sharp turn to the right

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is poised for a sharp turn to the right.

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Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela 1936-2018

Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela represented some of the most courageous elements of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, but also its weaknesses.

LETTERS - Day of hate against Muslims became a day of anti-racist solidarity

The events last week to show solidarity with Muslims were very important and can be the basis for future campaigning work.

The Troublemaker - Cops ‘trying to hide as much as possible’ in spying inquiry

The inquiry into spy cops has finally confirmed that a joiner many campaigners knew as Mark Cassidy was undercover cop HN15, called Mark Jenner.

Local elections can shake the Tories - but Labour councils must fight cuts

The local elections in England are a chance to punish the Tories for decimating public services. But if Labour wins, it will have to do more than manage the cuts differently, argues Nick Clark

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