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Issue: 2600

Dated: 17 Apr 2018

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Syria strike shows the callousness of our rulers

Missiles were launched against Syria as all the imperial powers jockey for their position in the carve up

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Keep up the fight after university workers vote to accept pensions deal

UCU union members have voted by 64 percent to accept a deal in a long running dispute over pensions. It follows 14 days of strikes at over 60 universities against a plan to turn workers’ defined benefit scheme into a defined contribution one.

British intervention in Syria could lead to a war between Iran and Israel

Donald Trump and his hangers on Theresa May and French president Emmanuel Macron have paused attacking Syria—for now. 

The attacks on Syria will only bring more horror

The US, Britain and France have launched missile strikes on Syrian targets.

Grenfell protesters prepare to take message to parliament

Over 1,000 joined the Silent Walk ten months after the fire. And the next one will coincide with a House of Commons debate

Privatisers hand shareholders millions, but ex-Carillion workers’ jobs are on the brink

Companies handed public services by successive governments have given increasing amounts of cash to shareholders, a new survey shows.

Big protests oppose airstrikes in Syria

Hundreds of people protested outside parliament and across Britain this evening after Theresa May attempted to justify bombing Syria.

Strikers on the front foot in anti-academies battle in east London

There was an exuberant mood on the picket line at Avenue primary school in Newham on Tuesday.

Leaked report shows how council ‘savings’ led to Grenfell Tower fire disaster

A shocking report into the immediate causes of the Grenfell Tower fire was leaked on Monday.

New Tory act won’t curb rise in homelessness or deaths

The number of recorded deaths of homeless people has doubled in the past five years.

Haringey Labour manifesto leaves the door open to future housing fights

The Labour Party in Haringey, north London, has promised it “will bring residents with us” in any future redevelopment projects

Keep up the fight to reject the NHS pay deal

Delegates at the Unison union health conference in Brighton this week voted by two to one for the leadership’s motion to recommend the government’s pay offer.

Reports round-up: Pay walkout hits Waltham Forest school

Plus: Pay walkout hits Waltham Forest school, Orion workers celebrate as they win all demands and Barnsley strikes against academy bosses

Anger that gripped universities is still there after UCU union vote on pensions deal

The fight is still on to beat bosses’ plans to gut workers’ pension schemes, says?Sadie Robinson

Mobilise against the racist far right in Manchester and London

Fascists and racists are planning to march in London and Manchester next month as they attempt to regroup the forces of the far right in Britain.

Reports round-up: Anger grows over pay and cuts in Scotland

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon was under pressure to stump up more money for public sector workers as she addressed the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) on Monday.

The modernist shock of the new US skyline is still cool

An exhibtion of the modernist visual art of the early 20th century shows how artists saw the contradictions of US capitalism, writes Kate Douglas

A Far Cry from a hard attack on Trump’s racist rule

The fifth instalment in the Far Cry series was initially billed as taking on Trump and the far right.


Day of massive strikes planned in France

The seven French trade union federations that called the massive day of public sector strikes and demonstrations on 22 March have called for another day of general action on 22 May.

Cops batter occupying students at the Sorbonne as French strikes escalate

Police attacked and evicted occupying students at the Sorbonne university in Paris last week.

Teachers stay out in Oklahoma after union leaders tell them to end their strikes

Teachers and other education workers in Oklahoma, US, are continuing strikes and protests for better pay—despite union leaders’ attempts to sell them out.


The Cold War rhetoric is inflated—but there are real risks

There have been claims on both sides that the Syrian crisis marks the most serious confrontation between Washington and Moscow since the Cuban missile crisis


‘We’ll reject the legacy of the racist Tory Powell’

Fifty years on, anti-racists will defy the message of Enoch Powell’s racist speech, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Stephen Lawrence’s killing exposed the cops’ racism

The racist murder of Stephen Lawrence and its aftermath changed Britain. A campaign led by his parents forced the state to hold an inquiry into Stephen’s death and the police investigation into it.

From Enoch Powell’s speech to Stephen Lawrence’s murder—how racism grows, and how it’s beaten back

This week marks the anniversaries of Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech and Stephen Lawrence’s murder. Both can tell us about how to fight racism

Battle on the docks—when workers marched for Enoch Powell

Support for racist Enoch Powell among some dockers showed how racism could take hold. But many fought against it


What we know, and what we mustn’t forget, about Stephen Lawrence’s murder

A new documentary about the death of Stephen Lawrence and the 25 year fight for justice airs on BBC1 this week. Hassan Mahamdallie watched it

Blackfish City is a gripping climate cliffhanger

This dystopian fable has been warmly received by science fiction and fantasy writers, and could be of interest to many socialists too.

What We Think

Fight for the rights of all migrants to stay

The treatment of “Windrush generation” migrants has exposed Britain’s immigration system has been exposed as a racist, bungling bureaucracy.

March—and then strike

The Trade Union Congress demonstration in London on 12 May could be a real boost to the resistance against Theresa May’s rotten government.

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LETTERS - Drill music panic is a ploy to distract from real issues

I’ve been frustrated to see headlines blame drill music for the recent rise in stabbings in London.

The Troublemaker - Hunt was so busy cutting he forgot how many flats he had

Jeremy Hunt, who is apparently still the health secretary, failed to declare his involvement in a scheme involving seven flats in Southampton.

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