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Issue: 2602

Dated: 01 May 2018

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Windrush, Brexit and the elections—a triple crisis for Theresa May

One Tory racist down, many more to go

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Parents, children and striking teachers protest at academies show

Demonstrators chanted, “Education, not privatisation,” and, “Our schools are not for sale.”

Outsourced university workers demand equal pay and rights

Over 100 people joined striking workers outside the University of London on Wednesday as part of their fight against outsourcing.

East London schools strikers rally together against academisation

Strikers, parents and their supporters rallied in east London on Thursday as three-day strikes at two schools came to an end

Donald Trump to visit Britain—join mass protests against him

Donald Trump is coming to Britain, and he will face mass protest wherever he goes.

As Labour member expelled, activists pledge to reject false claims of antisemitism

The Labour Party has disgracefully expelled anti-racist activist Marc Wadsworth who was accused of making antisemitic comments in 2016

Anti-racists to march demanding justice for the Windrush Generation

Anti-racists are stepping up pressure on the Tories as revelations show ministers’ contempt for the Windrush Generation, and home secretary Amber Rudd’s lies are exposed

Deaths in custody point to ‘structural racism’ in Britain, says UN panel

The scale of deaths of black people after contact with the police is so high that even United Nations agencies have felt the need to speak out.

Will new contracts make firefighters clear the bins?

The fire service—overseen by Labour councillors—has introduced contracts that could make new firefighters take on extra duties

Amber Rudd resigns—now pile the pressure on Theresa May

Anti-racist outrage has brought down a lying home secretary

Protesters slam Tories as new home secretary Sajid Javid refuses to rule out deporting more migrants

Pressure on Theresa May and the Tories ratcheted up a notch on Monday evening

Victory at Avenue school as academy plan is pushed back - but the fight continues

Workers and parents at Avenue school in east London scored a victory this week after school bosses retreated on an academy plan.

A step forward on pensions for university workers - but further attacks loom

Bosses have withdrawn plans for a defined contribution (DC) pension scheme for workers in older universities.

Strike ballot over equal pay is on in Glasgow

Low-paid workers in Glasgow are to be consulted on strikes in their decade?long battle for equal pay.

McDonald’s is not all powerful, says striker as workers at five stores stage a walkout

A walkout over pay and contracts at McDonald’s won widespread support, reports Alistair Farrow

Abortion Rights campaigners to oppose March for Life bigots in London

Abortion rights activists will March for Choice in London this Saturday. They are taking action against the anti-choice bigots behind the “March for Life” conference and demonstration

Homes could be at risk after Grenfell report says safety tests are ‘inadequate’

A new study has exposed part of the decades of deregulation that allowed the Grenfell Tower fire to happen.

SNP warns of Tory devolution attack as independence campaigners march

Thousands of supporters of Scottish independence were set to march in Glasgow this Saturday, in a demo called by the All Under One Banner group.

Anti-racist mobilisations can push back the FLA and DFLA

Anti-racists are preparing to take to the streets against racists and fascists in London this week.

Protesters ratchet up pressure on Tories over Windrush

The resignation of home secretary Amber Rudd hasn’t ended the pressure on Theresa May and the Tories.

Reports round-up - new strikes over guards and against driver-only operation

A fresh wave of strikes is set to begin as workers continue the fight for guards on trains.

Sajid Javid is no friend of May—but he won’t stop deportations

All roads into the Windrush scandal lead back to Theresa May.


Greek strikers and protesters show anti-austerity fight goes on

Health workers, power workers, pensioners and mining workers were all on the streets. But coordination is lacking.


Windrush scandal shows how ‘Britishness’ stinks

The Windrush scandal has revealed a stinking, festering hypocrisy at the heart of “Britishness”.


Standing in the way of privatised education - the battle against academies in Newham

An inspiring battle in east London has breathed new life into the fight to stop academies. Two socialist activists, Carolyn McGrath and Miriam Scharf, spoke to Socialist Worker about how the campaign was built – and how others can take up the struggle elsewhere

Paris in spring 1968 - fifty years on from a working class revolt that shook the state

The story of what happened in France in May 1968 is a reminder to never despair about the potential of workers to resist. Fifty years ago this month workers in France waged a struggle that shook the government and the state.

Making a Marx on history—celebrating 200 years since Karl Marx's birth

Alex Callinicos looks at the lasting legacy of the great revolutionary

What to read by, and about, Karl Marx

A look at where socialists who are interested in Marx's ideas should start


Road movie of loneliness and loss in small town US

Great performances and a solid plot make Lean on Pete an enjoyable film that rotates on the myths of the American frontier

Ai Weiwei’s new book celebrates our shared humanity

“Allowing borders to determine your thinking is incompatible with the modern era.”

The Woman in White's narrow plot fails to deal with sexism properly

History to date has been the history of Great Men.

What We Think

Use Windrush fury to turn tide over racism

Theresa May and her cabinet of millionaires face a huge political crisis. We have to make sure that this moment becomes a turning point in the battle against the government and against all forms of racism.

Israel's stunt to stoke war

In a strange and dramatic speech on Monday, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed Iran’s evil plan.

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LETTERS: Tory benefit system creates more desperate situations

Food bank usage has shot up in areas where Universal Credit has been rolled out in full

The Troublemaker - Number of people going to hospital for hunger triples

The number of people who are so malnourished they have to go to hospital has more than tripled in the last ten years.

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